Conveyor Belt Sushi in Osaka Japan

Good evening! Hello! We are now at Conveyor Belt Sushi shop So, let’s go! (About two teaspoon of Matcha) Oh that’s probably enough right? (You can take it) I always wanted to try this one. (what is this?) Avocado Do you want to try one? No, I don’t like that (English or chinese?) Oh there’s kids menu. That’s so cute! Do you want this? Yes, Thank you! (With soy sauce and wasabi?) (Wasabi?) (Wasabi no!) That’s too spicy! I thought you like spicy? (You already added some soy sauce?) yes Let’s eat! (Kristin enjoys sweet sauce a lot) It’s shrimp This is tuna It’s Tamagoyaki (Unagi, yay!) It’s got cheese on it though, so maybe it tastes away from the spiciness a little bit. (Is it good?) Yep A little bit grilled? (Grilled) It taste good Well, we have the same thing in Taiwan But we eat it hot, and this is cold So is it kind of funky? Yeah How to eat it? Roll it and take it up, okay Send it into your mouth, okay It’s kind of big You got to have a big mouth Frozen mango sounds good Frozen mango It’s like Mochi? Ah, Dango It’s good (It’s a lot) I wish we have this in America We had a great meal (Is it?) See you next time Bye

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  1. 日本人ですけど何か質問ある? says:

    Thank you for a lot of plain comments from all around the world.

    I'll edit them and upload in Japanese.

    Please take sure your nationality.

    Japanese love this kind of thing!

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