Conveyor Belt Sushi Japanese Food at Hama Sushi in Japan! Buddhist vacation

I came to Hama Sushi during the long holiday holiday is sushi zanmai Obon(Summer vacation) is 100 yen Regular price I will receive Medium Toro 2 dishes Looks delicious I was in the fridge It’s true I put the dishes in the refrigerator and let them cool Looks delicious Middle Toro? Is n’t it a big Toro? Big Toro Big Toro Sea urchin is delicious Sea urchin is delicious Delicious sea urchin Which sea urchin is delicious? Most delicious the most delicious Another cup of sea urchin Sea urchin once The seaweed is also delicious The seaweed is also delicious the seaweed delicious This is a medium fatty tuna in the bluefin tuna really Rather than medium fatty tuna It’s a big Toro(fattiest portion of tuna) Great service Do you eat this tuna? Do you eat this tuna? delicious Is it delicious Hidaka kelp soy sauce Do you eat That’s a good Toro I ’ll take the fat. it is delicious Delicious from the previous fair Toro From the time of the big Toro 100 yen It’s a good Toro If it is 150 yen This is more profitable than anywhere else Do you eat salmon roe Anago( Conger eel) is also a great service Big Form squid That’s awesome Something is attached to the tip How nice Freshness is good Freshness is good salmon roe is delicious It ’s always delicious The seasoning is amazing This salmon roe The last kura sushi salmon rotten on the verge of rotting It was quite old You buy cheaper It was terrible It’s a salmon that licks historical figures When the Chinese king is a slave I lick my gall Is that so It ’s a great treat I wonder if I eat squid There is a ginger that’s right Leek ginger is delicious Good for snacks The freshness is the best It ’s very soft among the squid Right The squid here is delicious It ’s a little different Today tuna is also different from this tuna Vinegar mackerel Looks delicious Shimaji Looks delicious Here and kappa are the best sea urchin Steamed clams Did you order two? a cup of Eating sea urchins will give you energy Really The clam steamed taste was normal You can easily add sake and sweet sake Do you eat tuna The usual tuna Slightly delicious tuna Delicately delicious Good tuna The big Toro was just delicious Middle Toro is best delicious Eel delicious Really Eel eel I got pork soup I’m happy It contains fat Miso soup with pork and vegetables it is delicious Retort pork soup No Same pork soup with Sukiya Clam steamed clams are always delicious Don’t get bored Since ancient times Tapioca latte I was doing TV news yesterday It looks delicious Apparently I bought tapioca from a specialty store in Taiwan It looks delicious The tapioca in the news had a great viscosity I thought it was worth eating If it ’s soaked in delicious sugar Mochimochi texture has sweetness It’s real Genuine In the news, I have Good Texture. I was saying It ’s also sweet. It’s real Tapioca was popular when I was young Sweet This tapioca is delicious The texture is good and sweet It ’s sweet It tastes even inside tapioca Cold Dandan noodles Do you eat looks tasty Noodles are special Noodles that are not family restaurants Boiled meat It looks spicy It doesn’t look spicy How about? Understand This is good! Eating a lot of spicy will make you sick I only eat occasionally Hot and Boiled noodles Okay It ’s boiled hard The taste is rich With the taste of sesame With the taste of vinegar Recommended for people who like chilled Chinese noodles It was good Salt is also working Delicious noodles with soup It goes well with boiled noodles It ’s worth 400 yen 400 yen is natural With elaborate ramen sounds delisious That’s awesome Japanese black beef nigiri(sushi) sounds delisious It ’s as red as a lion ’s bait I wonder what to put on Do you eat as it is? This is Hidaka kelp soy sauce Do you want to add Hidaka kelp soy sauce? Is delicious Do you need wasabi? I don’t need it Hidaka kelp soy sauce delicious? I did n’t need soy sauce. Meat is salty So you can taste a lot of meat really? It was very delicious If you swallow it quickly Chew a lot A lot of juice comes out The taste of the meat I forgot to put the yam Together, together Together Forget to take yam Watch the taste of yam Is it together? It ’s better to not apply It does n’t change It ’s really yam. You can add yam Also put chocolate Same It can be a yam or chocolate If you put yam strawberry? Strawberry Is it delicious to melt in your mouth? Something on a rare cheesecake Rare cheesecake and ice cream It’s frozen It tastes like a frozen rare cheesecake It ’s delicious outside Something on the outside There’s a cream It’s delicious with fresh cream Yeah, yes Super delicious cream I applied fresh cream Garlic, mayonnaise squid tempura Tempura Eat squid first delicious? Just fried I don’t taste garlic Understand a little The taste is delicious It was good It was delicious no matter what you ate It was delicious, it was delicious This is the most delicious 130 out of 100 I was surprised that a great Toro came out That’s awesome I’m full Thanks for the meal I received a lot Really Feast I ate a full stomach

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