Cooking Segment with Dr. Marc Leduc, MD – Seafood

– [News Anchor] First though,
in our Outdoor Kitchen. – Yes, we’ve got friends
from Desert Springs Hospital. Dr. Mark Leduc, how are you doing? – I’m great. How are you? – Good. And then of course our
friend, who’s like family, from South Point, Chef Keith. We’re talking about great healthy food, delicious food, that has
so many health benefits. And we’re talking scallops and seafood. So you’re preparing a special
dish right now, right? – Yes. Oh, you want me to tell
you about the dish, huh? (laughs) Well no, it’s a real good recipe. So scallops, and then it
has a nice citrus sauce. Lemon, lime, orange, a little
bit of soy sauce in there. A little garlic, to give it some love. And then I’m going to put
it on a plate for you, put the sauce on it, and away you go. – [Rachel] And away we go – [Chef Keith] You bet. – [Rachel] And doctor,
scallops, white fish, why is seafood so important
to a really healthy diet? – Yeah, we talked a little
bit about salmon earlier, but seafood in general, again,
is a great source of protein. And scallops is no exception
to that rule, right? So for three ounces of scallops, you can get a whole ton
of protein that’s lean. It’s 95 calories for
three ounces of scallops. – [Rachel] Whoo! – [Dr. Mark Leduc] And it’s
packed full with flavor, it’s packed full with
nutrients that your body needs. And you know, we’ve
actually looked at people that eat seafood as a replacement for other types of protein. Such as meat, and red meat and white meat, and turkey, and stuff like that. And people can actually lose weight by just switching to seafood. – [Rachel] Do you think
seafood is even healthier than maybe some of the
lean chickens and turkeys? – Absolutely. – Wow. – Lean turkey and
chicken, ounce for ounce, has more calories than
something like scallops or whitefish, or something like that. So it’s overall healthier
source of protein for you. It’s a great way to lose weight. And it still tastes amazing as I’m sure– – [Rachel] Look at that sauce. And that sauce looks like
a low-fat sauce, right? – [Chef Keith] Oh, absolutely. – [Rachel] Is that just
kind of like a marinade? – [Chef Keith] Well, first I
marinated it for five minutes: lemon, lime, garlic, soy sauce. – [Rachel] Ooh, there we go,
the Asian Marinated Scallops. Yum! – [Chef Keith] And I
use the same marinade, reduced it a little bit. And you’re about to have some love. – [Dr. Mark Leduc] I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering. – [Rachel] Well, don’t
we have like two forks? Well listen, we’ll just, you know what? I can use my hands. So doctor you said 93
calories for three ounces. Is three ounces like one scallop? – [Dr. Mark Leduc]
Three ounces is probably about two and a half to three scallops. – [Rachel] What? So basically, like this much right here and that little half a
guy, is about 100 calories. – [Dr. Mark Leduc] So if
you think of four ounces as about the size of a deck of cards. – [Rachel] Okay. – [Dr. Mark Leduc] So three ounces is a little bit less than that. – [Rachel] Wow! So this whole meal is probably
like 300 calories, maybe? – [Dr. Mark Leduc] Yeah. – [Rachel] That’s great. – [Dr. Mark Leduc] Yeah,
no this is a great meal. – [Rachel] And you guys
have so many resources too, for losing weight too,
at Desert Springs, right? – [Dr. Mark Leduc] Yeah. So you know, the best way to learn about this stuff is to come see us. Come check us out, Come in, make an appointment, learn about weight loss surgery, and learn about being healthier. – [Rachel] And I think
this would be a great meal for the Knights. I like how you Knight it up, doctor. – [Dr. Mark Leduc] Yes, I
did knight up for tonight. – [Rachel] All right, hook up
for the team anytime, right? – [Chef Keith] 100%,
I’m gonna hold onto you while you taste. – [Rachel] Okay. All right guys, I’m
gonna toss it back over. And then I’m gonna just dig in here. I need to have one little bite, okay? – [Chef Keith] Just in
case your knees get weak. – [Rachel] You’re gonna hold
on ’cause this is so good. – [Chef Keith] I got you. Just in case your knees
(high five slap) get weak, I’m just saying.

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