Coriander Miso Ramen With A Good Feel Cause! Shinbu Sakiya in Shibuya

(pan sizzling) (Asian music) – So we’re in Shibuya,
Japan’s most busiest station. We’re going to check
out a ramen place today called Shinbusakiya. It’s just up on Dogenzaka
Street, about a five minute walk. Let’s go check it out. Here it is. I just ordered my ethnic coriander ramen. Never had this type of ramen before, but looking forward to it. They give you aprons here, because when you’re slurping the noodles, it actually sprays on your shirt. If you’re feeling like a
bit of a rookie like myself, tuck an apron on and save your shirt. Ready. (pan sizzling) The moment it comes, you can smell the
coriander and the garlic. Definitely kind of an inviting dish. Definitely reminds me of the smells and flavors of Southeast Asia. (mumbles) Let’s try the soup first. Mmm. That is really good. Really strong flavors of miso. Nice kind of saltiness to it
and a little bit of spice. Let’s try the noodles. Mmm. Those noodles are super nice. They have a nice firmness to them and really go well with
the flavor of the soup. So I’m just gonna load up
on coriander right here. I’ve mixed in some of the chili to get a nice punch of spice. I’m gonna take my bite. Mmm. Gonna try out this chashu. That’s so tender. It really goes well with
everything in the bowl here. I know why they call it ethnic ramen. It definitely reminds me
of Cambodia, Thailand, Southeast Asia countries. I’m going to be a little more adventurous. I’ve taken off my apron. I’m gonna get down and
dig into this thing. Make sure you mix it in and get all the flavors all around it. Mmm. This is so delicious. Definitely hits the spot. In Japan it’s actually
good to slurp your noodles. Unlike at home, don’t
listen to what mom said. Slurp here. Another great thing
about this restaurant is they’re actually supporting
children over in Cambodia. For every dish that you order here, they give two yen to the organization and supporting children in need. We just had some amazing
miso coriander ramen. I’m heading home. I’m going to attack the
scramble here in Shubiya. And, I’ll catch you later guys. (upbeat rock music)

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