Coronavirus: Quarantined British passenger worried about food on cruise

We are on a quarantined ship the Diamond
Princess in Yokohama Bay it’s anticipated we will be on board tonight
now our flight back to the UK is in less than two hours time so there’s no way we
are going to be off the ship so we’ve had to cancel a flight now we’ve just
had the medical guys come into our stateroom and it’s taken all night from
midnight to what are we now ten o’clock in the morning here so 10 hours for them
to do four of the decks and there are 14 decks in total the medical check took no
more than 45 seconds one of the passengers on the ship who disembarked
in Hong Kong he’d been on board here for a week and he felt ill when he was in
Hong Kong was checked and lo and behold he was found to have the coronavirus
this guy 80 year old gentleman he’s been found to have the virus so that put the
ship into a different situation looks like they’re bringing some supplies on
board you see this I’m not sure what it is we
have just been awakened 10 15 minutes ago by the captain and told all
passengers who might be on deck or anywhere on the ship have to return to
their staterooms um I just wish the ship would let us know what’s happening on
the worldwide media I’m reading that there are some passengers who are being
taken to a medical facility off the ship it really is now confirmed 10 passengers
have proved samples were taken and they have proved positive to the corona virus
we are officially quarantined for 14 days in Japan it appears that our
quarantine is on board the ship that we will not be taken out to a hospital and
if I have the captain correctly we will be leaving the port of Yokohama and
going out to sea so we’re going to get a two-week cruise so come on it’s not as
bad as it could be we don’t have a choice in what we can eat they’re just
delivering food to the cabins apparently and the announcement was very recently
they are starting on the bottom deck and working their way up there I’m on ninth
deck so this is not a good situation for me as a diabetic and we are now out on
the open seas not sure where we are going but the purpose of being out on
the open sea is so that the ship can make fresh water I am not kidding the
ocean is the roughest we have experienced the whole time we’ve been
away really is rocking and rolling us yet but we paid for a cruise and by
golly that’s what we’re getting

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