Country Challenge: Redneck Ramen Noodle Challenge

let me share the wealth here. pip is gonna
puke in his mouth. oh yeah thats a good one. thats a good one. i still got chocolate pudding
in my nose. it smells like buttered popcorn. i got pudding in my nose i cant smell anything,
its pretty bad dude. its smells like buttery rotten egg. hehe he is fixing to throw up.
whats up everybody this is country challenge were here to do a fan challenge somebody on
youtube asked us to do this so were going to do it its called the redneck ramen challenge
. thats not part of it. his nipple is getting really hard. whats gonna happen were going
to boil the water in the meantime while the water is boiling were going to eat the ramen
drink the water, then snort the seasoning packet. but since he loves ramen so much he
decided to do this as a solo challenge. so were gonna get everything ready and well be
right back.. redneck ramen challenge. hey buttercup. hey buttercup, buttercup. ohhhhhhh.,
ewwwwww. look at pip hahaha oh thats a good one.. alright so we mentioned im gonna open
up this ramen here while Chris gets my water boiling and i guess ill consume this. and
then snort the packet. alright. heres your water sweet heart. you gotta finish that first.
id really like some of that water to help this go down. ah everybody is gassy tonight.
almost done. sounds like your momma. raw egg. ah its so dry. alright so gotta drink this
water here. ah its so hot. can i get like a tea packet or something? ill teabag your
mom. ooo ever heard that one before. i feel like i should have like some cracker or something.
or biscuits thats what they call them. you just ate a ramen noodle cracker. youre a cracker.
your momma. shes a nice lady.oh my God. its hot. thats so hot. alright. now for the best
part. snorting the flavoring. got this crips 100 dollar bill here. its not mine but. gotta
roll a fat one. its got in my nose. i can almost taste it. 15 more snorts to go. no well my nose is. my eye my eye. my eye wont
stop watering. its mine now. i popped
my ear. get that fatty line. i cant do no more. i cant do no more. my nose is gonna
explode. i gotta shoot this out of my nose. its going its going. alight this has.. this
has. this has been the redneck ramen challenge if you like what you see like it anyways and
if you didnt like it anyways. like share subscribe thanks for watching.

5 comments on “Country Challenge: Redneck Ramen Noodle Challenge”

  1. Phillip Thompson says:

    I had Niagara Falls coming from my eye!

  2. Chris Galloway says:

    All the farts lol..

  3. Bradley Thomas says:

    lol they were very nice

  4. The Life of Burnt Brian says:

    I can clear a room with my farts, so I can relate to how gross those must have been, LMAO. I always enjoy some sexy music during a challenge too =) Dude, I can't believe you snorted that shit!! Bahahaha

  5. Jonathon Brock says:

    love you guys!

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