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Hello, I’m Simon, and together we will discover all the flavors of raw food. Ah, do not you know what ‘ raw food? Do not worry! In this case, you can go to my website and them ‘see everything, so you’ll understand what I’m talking about, exactly I am referring to raw food vegan, you will see the following recipes, any article which subsequently publish ‘and you say? You just have to go put on my apron and start with the first recipe. Well, let’s start with the first recipe. I preferred to choose a recipe classic in the raw food and ‘the more’ known, the basic fact: I’m talking about crackers raw foodists. In this case, given the various versions, I’ve already created by me ‘for several years, I have optimized and, in fact those that today we are going to see are my crackers with spices. Let’s start with the ingredients. Regarding the flour we have 25 gr sesame seed powder, 25 g of sunflower seed powder, 15 grams of seeds pumpkin powder, and finally we have 75 grams of flaxseed, in this case I have favorites dark but you can also choose gold. We spices: 1 teaspoon good curry powder, 1 teaspoon turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon ginger powder, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon dried oregano, 1 teaspoon chives, 1/4 teaspoon pepper ground black pepper, half a teaspoon full of salt, 1/4 red onion, 500 grams of ripe tomatoes and 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, preferably organic. Well, let’s start! We’re gonna need ‘a large bowl and pour the sesame seeds powder, as sunflower, than those of flax and pumpkin, mix well and let’s go ‘to get the flour. I love these type movements when I mix or amalgamate the various components or mixtures because ‘ I relax a lot, so I’m often in the kitchen part of the passion. We have obtained the flour. Now on to the second phase, ie, 500 grams of red tomatoes, ripe and not very soft. This and ‘the most’ important because it ‘s the aqueous ‘re going to add the flour to make the dough. I end to cut them into small pieces so ‘to facilitate the blender. Let’s put it in the blender, add the spices, 1/2 teaspoon salt or pink salt, however, a full marine and 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper. You can choose to increase or decrease the spices or change them, according to your tastes. Maybe you do not choose the spice taste too heavy could cover all the rest; choose the spices that have the same degree of flavor of what I’m using. Tritiamo frulliamo but otherwise it’s all pink Tritiamo leaving the tomato into small pieces while keeping the blender to a minimum. Perfect! So ‘may’ be enough. Pour slowly and incorporate the flour. You see, it ‘s easy! More ‘or less runs’ classic cuisine, traditional, but’ flour and not ‘made of wheat or another but simply of seeds and the liquid is not’ made of milk or water, but tomato juice. We have created a bell’impasto not too hard as it may be to the bread, but nice and soft. Now tritiamo onion. I chopped the onion coarsely, you can chop it as you prefer. Consider well the whole onion. I have not washed the blender ’cause it was just wet tomato and there is’ no problem. Cut this piece always in large pieces. We mix and incorporate the onion. Add 1 teaspoon of oil so that the crackers will not dry out becoming entirely too hard to not understand then if you break the cracker in his mouth or a tooth. Typically uses oil to maintain soft. The oil does not dry; not ‘like the water that evaporates in the dryer. As you can see we have already ‘got the dough and now we go to spread it on a baking tray dryer. With these quantities’ we can do about two trays of crackers. I help with a tarot deck, you can ‘do well with a spatula or maybe with a spoon, and the important ‘level the mixture. I recommend you roll it out to about half a centimeter ’cause, evaporating the liquid during the drying process, it will reduce the thickness’. The liquid will evaporate and the flavor of the tomatoes and all his property ‘. I abound with the mixture so ‘that it can be spread more’ easily. You have to make a picture level as best you can. They are quick to make. Perfect! You have to make an abstract painting. As you can see raw food and ‘full of color here and there are so many, but also beneficial ownership’ dates from the seeds from the tomato and onion, even over his taste. Flavor and color go hand in hand. Now we mark the dough as best you prefer. I make traditional crackers. With the tarot go directly to divide them. It ‘s all ready! Now we have to put them in the dryer at a maximum temperature of 45 ° C, even though I dried up at 42 ° C, for about 24 hours. The time depends on moisture ‘in the house. In general, more ‘or less, in both summer and in winter, although with the heating on, always need a full day of drying. Even if the dryer does not consume a lot, I recommend you do the crackers over the weekend since in Italy on Friday from 19 ’till 8 Monday’ is calculated in all low price guarantee, always the price that you have with the two bands. Come out to dry! Perfect! It has been 24 hours! In the meantime I’ve done other crackers, so I get them all together ‘ for a week or two I use them by adding them to my favorite dinners. This is’ the result. It ‘s all dehydrated and crisp, but not overly. And not ‘type cookie but retains a little’ softness thanks to that we have added a little oil. We divide them with your hands, maybe paying attention. I’ll show you the other. I sbizzarrisco to get them in various formats. In this case, these will be used for canapés or perhaps little sandwiches. If we make a sandwich with this big, inserting the filling and putting another cracker above, crushing everything comes out and it ‘a shame, however small this will not cause crushes’ and ‘just a small bite in the mouth and enters easily. I’ll show you how to dress them. Here, too, you can pick whichever you prefer according to your tastes. I have prepared a sort of guacamole made with avocado, lemon juice and a pinch of salt, all shake: and ‘delicious! The avocado and ‘delicious! I use the cream as a base ’cause I is the glue. Take a sprig of alfalfa sprouts or alfalfa and a tomato cut into small pieces in this way. We put them on. We did kind of canapes. They are really beautiful! We also always the big one with a creamy substance for paste salad, perhaps broken by hand. In this case there is no ‘need put salt because it ‘already’ salt is the cream crackers. Using the excellent tomatoes will hear all the flavor along with the rest. Salting the tomatoes would change a little ‘flavor. In the summer you could do for example with the Based pesto: yummy! They are really great! I recommend them. The video ends here, I hope you enjoyed. It ‘s my first video and I hope it came good. See you at the next video then! That good! Hello 🙂

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    Ho una domanda ma perché nn si può polverizzare il grano e usare quello? Che farine sono consentite nel crudismo?

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    So yummy!

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