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Hello, this week I’m going to show you how to make my sweet chili salmon skin roll. What
you’re going to need for this is half a sheet of Nori, 150g of cooked sushi rice, sweet
chili salmon skin, you can learn how to make this on my website — — half
an avocado, cut and sliced, paprika, a sushi rolling mat inside a plastic bag like so,
and another one just on its own, cling film and a very-very sharp knife.
We begin by wetting our hands, this is so the sushi rice doesn’t stick to your hands.
Now you grab your 150g of sushi rice and you lightly spread it out. You want to get a nice
even coverage, don’t squish it down, what you want to do is just fluff it out, later
it gets compressed when you roll the roll. Add some sesame seeds over it, it will give
it a nice extra taste, and it adds a nice feature of not sticking to the mat that easily.
Now, you want to use your mat inside the plastic bag and just flip the Nori sheet upside down
with the rice and place it on top of the mat. Next you want to add your sweet chili glazed
salmon skin, about 40-50 grams should do. You don’t want to over-stuff the roll because
otherwise what happens is you won’t be able to close it. So you add two pieces of paprika
— okay, now for the rolling. I roll it towards myself normally but for the video I’m doing
it towards the camera. Keep it all inside and together, okay, now
you want to have a lip like this so that you can seal it and you want to just push forward
and then compress and then re-push forward and compress again just to get a good seal
on it — and there you go, one sushi roll, and you can always use the mat again just
to get the right shape — there we go. Now to finish this roll off, you want to top
it with some avocado. You’re going to want to sever the edges just to get a straight
piece, and then cut slicing very thin, about 1mm thick slices.
We take the sliced avocado and you spread it out over your hand to about the same length
of the roll and then once you have the required length just simply transfer it over to the
roll, and then you might want to spread it out a little more depending on if you got
the right length or not. Okay now you want to add the cling film over
it and use a standard rolling mat and just fix the avocado on top of the roll so it doesn’t
move. Now you want to take your sharpest knife and
keep it slightly damp blade so the rice doesn’t stick to it. Now I like to cut off the edges
just to get a nice neat cut, so cut off the edges that way every roll is beautiful — we
can just discard these. Alright, simple method to get eight pieces
you just simply cut in half then you cut the halves in half and then you cut the four quarter
pieces in half again. Now after you’re done cutting it might have moved around a little
bit, so you just want to put the mat over it to fix it back, get the roll nice and even
again and it’s ready to go. There you have it, the perfect sushi roll,
every single one — beautiful. END

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  1. Christopher Badaoui says:

    My god this looks amazing, can't wait to try this out, great video dude, so subscribing!

  2. D Richie says:

    nice work chef.. btw the knife really sharp

  3. Kappa says:

    Very nice video, keep on the good work sir 😀

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  5. piposanchez says:

    Nice one Davy. Could you do spicy tuna roll next?

  6. Angela Parada says:

    Muy buenos videos 🙂

  7. kengster says:

    I rather buy sushi but I enjoy watching you make it lol. Thanks very good video!

  8. ninais DobleR says:

    Magnific!!!!! I Love sushi. Great!!!!

  9. grabotte says:

    Paprika, paprika… never cucumber ?…

  10. Sidnei dos Santos says:

    gostei muito, e estou aprendendo e colocando em prática no meu trabalho! trabalho como sushiman no Hiper Extra de Sorocaba SP. obrigado pelos seus vídeos!

  11. Steven says:

    im sooo hungry 🙁

  12. Elaine L Chen says:

    pleases tell me you eat the end pieces *_*

  13. sahil vidi says:

    amazing 🙂

  14. Midnight7762 says:

    Very well. I like how its done!

  15. Relax CreatorM says:

    you must be mean and bitter to your relations i can tell…

  16. 1234ODR says:

    su  shi 
    not shushi

  17. How To Make Sushi says:

    This was the very first Sushi Roll Video I made, and there was a reason why I chose to make the Crispy Salmon Skin sushi roll recipe first, It's AMAZING! If you have been making my recipes at home and have not attempted this recipe I urge you to give it a try, you will not be disappointed. If I was had to choose one dish as my signature dish it would be this one!
    Soon I will probably remake this video because I love this recipe so much and since I made it when I first started out the video and myself are not at their best… Crispy salmon skin sushi roll – how to make sushi

  18. Channel FooD says:

    Auchan NF Tu et Français ??? ^^

  19. Arnold Advincula says:

    Wow amazing a like it!!!!

  20. Payton Wasemiller says:

    you really have a talent for this art. I can't stop watching these videos

  21. laeti tia says:

    wow you are amazing !!!! i'm french and i watched all your videos  .

  22. welshgem welshgem?? says:

    Wow your techniques have improved a lot since this video! Keep up the good work!

  23. Duke of Italy says:

    I like that salmon skin crunch in hand rolls its nice but seems to be good with cucumber

  24. Idk man Why I gotta put my name? says:

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  25. How To Make Sushi says:

    Find the full recipe for this crispy salmon skin roll here:
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  26. Amanda Byrd says:

    Wow, your pre-Miyabi days!

  27. Osias Sicklas says:

    I do not get it do you cut the Sushi with the warp on so that it does not mush the avocado or is it so that it is easier when you use the mat to roll the avocado back in place?

  28. Florinda Ilona says:

    so unique I love it… how does you know how to make this sushi ?

  29. Elizabeth Jones says:

    make that and deliver it to our house please

  30. Olen Soifer says:

    I'll bet no one person in 10,000 refers to fresh red pepper as "paprika".

  31. Fabiola Mejia-Acosta says:

    I want to know where you get your avocados from. They look soo green and soooo healthy. Well… since I'm from Dominican Republic, I mostly eat avocados with every meal, like lunch and dinner. Sometimes breakfast.

  32. DerpSpY05 says:

    Aaaah, Unagi! – Ross Geller

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  34. Noel Vega says:

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  35. Noel Vega says:

    Hahaha hell no …we were drinking and watching food.

  36. modernamente-antiquato says:

    you attended a sushi school?

  37. kalo93406 says:

    Are you sure that is 150 grams? In Hiroyiki Terada videos he says 2 oz which is 57 gm. Something doesn't make sense. Both of you "look" to be using about the same amount of rice though. I wonder if you are estimating high and he estimating low. Hmmm

  38. Vanessa Soriano says:

    I don't understand his english. Lol

  39. anslhey says:

    just watching how you cut the roll gave me an anxiety attack and then an existential crisis

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