Cucumber SUSHI!?! 🍣 Your School Lunch Ideas

– [Jennifer] Hey guys, Jennifer here with The Family Fudge and welcome to subscriber lunch Sunday. Today I’m gonna be making some
really delicious sandwiches with some really fun characters. I love making fun lunches for my kids and I love inspiring others
to make fun lunches too. If you’d like to send in your lunch idea make sure you’re
subscribed to this channel, and then a follow the link
in the description box below to send in your lunch idea. And now let’s get on to the lunches. First up I have a lunch
idea sent in by Madison. She is 14-years-old
and is from New Jersey. And, as you can probably
guess, for Madison’s lunch I’ve pulled out all of my Peppa Pig accessories and decorations because that’s what Madison requested. My first step for Madison’s lunch is to create an awesome sandwich. Now basically I’m going
to be building a BLT. So I have my bread with mayo,
lettuce, bacon of course. A few slices of tomato, seasoned with a little
bit of salt and pepper. Next I’m adding one more piece of bread, this one gets mayo too. And now this looks pretty
good just like it is, but I’m not quite done yet. For Madison’s lunch today I’m gonna be making a triple-decker BLT. So that means that on top of this bread I’m also gonna be adding
a little bit of mayo, and then I’m gonna repeat the process. So a little bit of lettuce,
followed by some bacon, followed by another layer of tomatoes, with seasoning of course. And then I’m gonna top it all off with one more piece of bread that I’ve spread with mayonnaise. Check it out you guys,
this sandwich turned out a little bit bigger than I had envisioned. I definitely think that this
sandwich could feed Madison and probably her friends, as well. Now to get this to fit into the lunchbox, I’m gonna start by cutting it in half. Check out all those layers you guys, it kinda looks like a club sandwich. Then I’m actually gonna cut
this one more time into quarters and then I can add it into the lunchbox. Now that our sandwich is done it’s time to move on to the fruit. For Madison’s lunch today she
requested Cotton Candy grapes. Now at my store they didn’t have Cotton Candy specific grapes, but they did have these Carnival grapes that are basically the same thing. So I’m adding a bunch of these grapes into this front section. Now moving on to this back section, Madison also requested some
tomatoes for her lunch. But instead of just
adding regular tomatoes I thought it’d be really fun
to use this medley of tomatoes. So if you look closely here you’ll see they’re several different sizes and shapes and colors of tomatoes. So I’m gonna go ahead and add
just a few of each of these into Madison’s lunch box. These almost look like little jewels. I’ll go ahead and add a pink
food pick in here as well, and then it’s time to
move on to the snack. In this back section here I’m going to be adding some potato chips, and I thought it would be
really fun to put in these bacon a flavor of Pringles. Now apparently these are
a limited time only snack, and I’ve only ever seen these at a store called Dollar General. I just think bacon is a really fun choice to go along with a BLT. Next up I’m going to be
adding Madison’s treat. She requested cookies. And I know these don’t
necessarily look like cookies, but, you guys, they totally are. These are miniature Chips Ahoy cookies. But even though they are so small they really just has like a
regular chocolate chip cookie. I’m going to use this
Peppa Pig snack holder. Whoops. Now I can go ahead and pop
that lid back on there. And then finally, I’m also
gonna be adding in a drink. For her lunch Madison requested juice, so I decided to go with
good old apple juice, and of course, I had to pick
the Peppa Pig topper for this. And there you have it guys, that is everything that Madison
chose for her lunch today. Next up I’m going to be
making Sylvie’s lunch, and Sylvie is from New Hampshire. For Sylvie’s lunch today I’m going with a lot of pastel colors. Now for Sylvie’s main
course I’m going to be trying to make something
I’ve never made before, it’s called cucumber sushi. But actually, you guys,
this doesn’t involve any raw fish at all. To make this cucumber sushi
the first thing I’m going to do is cut this too cumber in thirds. But I’m not actually gonna
be using the middle part, I’ll go ahead and save
that for another lunch. And you guys, as you can see, I didn’t chop off the
ends of the cucumbers, for right now I’m leaving them on there. Now the next thing I’m going to need to do is hollow out these pieces of cucumbers, and for this I’m using an apple corer. If you don’t have one of
these you could probably use a paring knife and a spoon, but the apple corer definitely
makes this a lot easier. Now pretty much I’m using the apple corer to cut the inside of the cucumber, but then to get that cucumber out I actually found that it was a lot easier to use the back of a spoon for this part. So now that I have two pretty much, hollow pieces of cucumber, it’s time to start stuffing them. So the first thing I’m
going to add in here is some cooked rice, this
is cooled down a little bit so it’s not very hot. And basically I’m gonna try to put as much rice in here as I can
and then using a small spatula I’m gonna try to pack that
rice down as tightly as I can onto one side of a cucumber. Just like this. So as you can see I
still have plenty of room to add other things into my cucumber. Now there’s actually a
lot of different options when it comes to filling the cucumber. You could add slices of bell pepper, you could add cheese. You could even add some slices of avocado, that would be really good. But for today I’m gonna
be adding in some carrots. For this I’m starting with a whole carrot and basically just gonna
cut it up into sticks. Then I’m taking these carrot sticks and I’m shoving them
down inside the cucumber, and I’m gonna try to
add in as many as I can so that they’re packed
nice and tight in there. That way when I cut the cucumber the stuffing inside shouldn’t fall out. Okay guys, now these
are looking really good, but now it’s time to give it a test. But as you can see this actually did work. The rice and the carrots are definitely staying inside the cucumber and it really does look like sushi. I think these turned out pretty awesome. Now to go along with these
cucumber sushi rolls, I’m also gonna be throwing
in a little container of sesame sauce, this is gonna go so well with that rice and the cucumbers. So now that the main course is done, it’s time to be to some fruit. For Sylvie’s lunch I’m
adding a combination of mangoes and blueberries. And then, since there’s so many
veggies in the main course, I’m actually not gonna be
adding any more into here, but instead I’m adding a sweet treat. For Sylvie’s lunch today she requested chocolate-covered pomegranates. So I’ll go ahead and put
some right into here. And for Sylvie’s snack
today I’m adding in this Nutella to go. And for her drink she
requested fruit punch. And there you have it guys. Now let me know in the
comments down below, if you’ve ever tried
making a cucumber sushi. (relaxed music) This next lunch idea
was sent in by Carlee, she is from West Virginia. And I actually got to meet
Carlee at Disney World a couple weeks back,
so that was super nice. Now for Carlee’s lunch today
I’m going with a soccer theme, I know Carlee loves soccer. And for her lunch today I’m
starting with a sandwich. For this I’m actually gonna
be using some white bread, but before I start filling the sandwich I actually wanna cut out the bread first. I am gonna try my best, you guys, to make this sandwich kind
of look like a soccer ball. So, now to my bread I’m gonna
add a little bit of mayo, on both sides. Next I’m adding a slice of baloney, followed by a slice of American cheese. This is like the classic
combination, you guys. And then before I close up this sandwich, I’m also gonna be adding
in a little bit of mustard. Then I can go ahead and close
up this happy little sandwich. Now to decorate the top of this sandwich I’m just gonna cut out
some different shapes that kinda look like a soccer ball. Yeah, definitely just the
idea of a soccer ball. So now that I have the sandwich in the box it’s time to move on to the fruit. For Carlee’s lunch today
I’m adding a combination of mango chunks and strawberries. Now to these of course, I’m gonna be adding my little
soccer pick right in there. That’s perfect for today’s lunch. And then in this back section I’m adding two different kinds of veggies. First I’m adding some cucumber. And I did go ahead and cut
these with my crinkle cutter, that way they kinda
look like French fries. And then to go along with these I’m also adding in some carrot sticks. Now in this separately container I’m also going to throw in some ranch, I know that Carlee is a huge
fan of dipping her carrots and cucumbers in ranch. And then next to the ranch, I’m also going to be
throwing in Carlee’s snack. Now she requested Fig Newtons. And if you’re not
familiar with Fig Newtons, they’re kind of like a cookie,
they’re very soft and chewy and there’s a sweet fig
filling in the center. Now moving on to Carlee’s treat. In half the container
I went ahead and added some chopped up strawberries,
and in this other section I’m gonna be adding some whipped cream. But not just a regular whipped cream, for her lunch today Carlee requested chocolate whipped cream. Now I’ve never actually
bought this before, or even tried it, but
it sounds really good. I ended up finding this stuff at Walmart, and right next to the chocolate flavor they also had a Reese’s flavor, so I bet that one is really good too. Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve ever tried either one of those. You guys, this kinda
looks like the grey stuff from “Beauty and the Beast”. And then to complete Carlee’s lunch, I’m also gonna be adding in some lemonade. And there you have it, I think Carlee’s lunch turned out awesome. And now that brings us to Amanda’s lunch. She is 16-years-old and is from the U.S. Now for her lunch today I’m going with a “Monsters, Inc.” theme. Now if you’ve never seen the
“Monsters, Inc.” movie before you definitely should check
it out, it is so cute. And the main characters are Mike Wazowski, that’s the green guy. And the other monsters name is Sulley, which is Amanda’s favorite. Now for Amanda’s lunch
I think I’ll start with the main course first. The first thing I’m going
to do is use my egg slicer. I’m gonna go ahead and chop
up two hard-boiled eggs. I like to set the egg in my egg slicer and chop it going one direction. Then I’ll actually pick up that egg, turn it the other direction,
and cut it one more time. That way I’m left with
nice little pieces of egg for this egg salad. Next I’m going to be adding
a little bit of mayo, followed by some salt and some pepper. And then I’m not quite sure
how Amanda likes her egg salad, I know there’s lots of different
ways to make egg salad, but I went ahead and just added a little bit of mustard, as well. And then I mashed and mixed it all up. Now to build this sandwich I’m gonna start with two
pieces of wheat bread, and then I’m gonna cut
this bread into egg shapes. Next I’m going to fill the sandwich with that delicious egg salad mixture. And then, of course, this
would be awesome just as is, but I have a few more
things I want to add. On the top of the sandwich
I’m going to decorate it with one big slice of egg, then I’m gonna take two
little pieces of crust, this came from the bread
that I cut out, I saved that, and I’m gonna stick it right
into the sides of the sandwich. Next, on top of the egg slice,
I’m adding a slice of olive. And then for the little mouth
I’m using a sugar snap pea pod that I’ve cut in half. So check it out you guys, this is my version of a
Mike Wazowski sandwich. I think he turned out really cute. Now to go along with this I’m
also adding in some pineapple, I know that Amanda loves pineapple. And I don’t actually have any
“Monsters, Inc.” food picks, so instead I’ll go ahead and add this little pineapple topper. I think that works really well with pineapple chunks, of course. And then in this back
section I’m gonna be adding lots of sugar snap peas. To go along with these peas I’m also throwing in a
container of ranch for dipping. And then for Amanda’s sweet
treats something really special, she requested jelly beans. But specifically she asked for
the Dr Pepper flavored ones. So this bag actually has 40
different flavors in there and I know that there’s
Dr Pepper ones in there, so I’m gonna try to pick
those out, as many as I can. Now guys let me know in
the comments down below what your favorite
flavor of jelly bean is. Personally, I’m a huge fan of
the buttered popcorn flavor, I know that sounds really weird, but it’s actually really
good, definitely my favorite. And then you guys, the very last thing I’m adding into Amanda’s lunch is some Country Time pink lemonade. And I did go ahead and
recycle this good2grow bottle with the Sulley topper on top. Okay guys, now let me know
in the comments down below out of all of the
lunches I made this week, which one was your favorite? Now if you’d like to check
out the lunches I make for my kids to take to school you can click on the link right here. And if you’re looking for
some easy dinner ideas you can click on the link right there. Thank you so much for watching
and we’ll see you next time.

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