Cute Pig & Fox Mug Instant Udon Ramen – Whatcha Eating? #206

Greetings, my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another “Whatcha Eating?” Today, I have this for you: And this is… Nissin’s Mug Udon. So, it’s like an instant ramen; but it’s udon noodles instead, which are a little bit wider than ramen noodles. There’s two different styles: there’s “Kizami kitsune” — “Kitsune” is fox; there’s also this one which is “buta kare” — so this is gonna be curry flavor. So what’s cute about these are these little fishcakes — I think they’re fishcakes — that are in the shape of little pigs and foxes. So, I found these the last time I was in Japan… There’s another flavor which I didn’t see which had this little puppy dog and panda. I’ve eaten mug ramen once before, but it didn’t have cute little animals in it and I’ve eaten a few different types of Korean ramen; so I’ll make a little playlist and if you’re interested in more ramen eating I shall put the link down in the description box where you can find it there. Here we go! Ok, so there are four little ramen packs…. and then in the bottom are two seasoning pairs. So there’s the “Buta” and the “Kitsune.” So it looks like the noodles are the same — it’s the seasoning packets that are a little bit different. And, as I had mentioned before, there’s also a panda and a dog version: “Consommé Shyō” — so that’s consommé soy sauce flavor; “shīfūdo”: so this is Seafood flavor for the Panda. 150 mls of water, which is 2/3 of a cup…. So we’ll add that to our mug… Next, I’ll add my little puck of noodles. So, cover that up, and let that steep. Oh, so cute! And cover that as well. So, we’ll let those cook. [Music] So, let’s try our “kare” one first… And there it is. And there are the sweet little pigs! Aren’t they adorable? They’re so stinking cute. So the pigs themselves are called “kamaboko,” which is like a fish cake, and it’s made in a bit of a log. They come in lots of patterns, lots of whimsical stuff like animals for kids of course — and then a really popular one is the “naruto” one which is the kind of swirl fish cake. They also come in a half moon that’s really popular — it’s white in the middle and has a bright pink on the outside, so.. These ones are super cute! And there’s a little winking pig — totally adorable — and there’s some vegetables in there as well: I see some carrots and some green onions; and some nice, fat, wide noodles… and it smells great — nice and “karried” — and there are little bits of pork in there as well…. Smells great: it smells like “kare” If you’ve never had Japanese “kare,” it’s like a stew but it’s flavored with curry flavor — it’s very different than Indian curry. I should also mention, if you don’t know already, it’s totally perfectly polite to slurp your noodles in Japan — that mean you like them, so.. Here we go! “Itadakimasu!” [Slurp..] Mmm! Wow! it’s quite salty, and probably could use a little bit more water for my taste, but, it’s delicious! The noodles have a little bit of chew to them; they’re nice and wide — a little bit wider than a typical ramen noodle — but scrumptious! Nice curry flavour, quite salty, and the broth tastes like a pork-flavoured Cup-A-Noodle, with a bit of “kare” flavour in it. All right, let’s give a little pig a taste and see what he’s like… Here we go! [The sound of someone chewing a tiny winking pig] Wow! It’s definitely “kamaboko;” it has a fishy flavour to it — but I’m surprised about it, it has a pretty rubbery texture to it; not unpleasant, it’s good. Next, let’s have the “kitsune,” which is the little fox. Aw! Super cute! This one is equally cute — it has little floating foxes on top. And little bits of deep fried tofu, I think. This smells a lot more like “bonito” or “dashi.” So, it smells smoked, and a little bit fishy; smells great! “Itadakimasu!” [Slurp!] Hmm! That one is great as well! Completely different flavour — that tastes more like a typical kind of udon because it has more of a “dashi” flavour to it… And “dashi” is the kind of broth that’s the basis of a lot of Japanese soups. It’s full of “bonito” flavour which is a skipjack tuna or a tunafish that has been dried and smoked, and it’s also shaved — and that is used to make “bonito” stock. Let’s give one of the fried tofu bits a taste: [Chew, chew, chew…] Mm! And that basically tastes like the broth — it’s absorbed all that flavour. And has a slight, kind of spongy texture to it — pretty good. Here’s a little “kitsune”– let’s give him a taste… [Chew, chew…] Exactly the same as the pig: Slightly rubbery, kind of eraser texture to it — not unpleasant, though — And a great flavor, just tastes like “kamaboko.” All right, so that was called “Mug Udon” You can find this, I’m sure, online, it’s made by the company Nissin, which makes Cup Noodles. All right, so I hope you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite flavor of ramen is because, yeah, we’ve all had it, we all love it, even though we don’t want to admit it. I should also mention that YouTube has enabled a new function that allows you guys to help if you’d like to contribute to subtitles, so, I’ll put that link down below if you’d like to help! I hope you guys enjoyed that, I hope you guys learned something, and I shall see you in my next video! Too-da-loo! Take care! Bye! Welcome back to [Emmy is singing now] the second day of bug eating.[Singing stops here] Today I have this one for ya! And it’s ‘Two Bug Kebab’ Two Bug Kebab, yes! [The sound of sipping from a very small bottle.]

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