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Cheap Thrills. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>What’s up family? It’s your boy Nate aka Tabasko Sweet. And you’re watching Cheap Thrills,
you already know what it is. Damn family, I gotta say I love New York,
but your boy is very happy to be back in LA where the weed doesn’t cost $60 for
an eighth. No offence New York, but
your boy is keeping the Chanel West Coast, RIP Big Black, true OG. Speaking of cush,
your boy’s vaping days are over. I’m keeping the analog family, so your
boys formally resigning from vape naysh. I’m back with my [BLEEP] family,
thanks for always sliding in with those very
clean requests in the comments. And your boy is always
skeptical about sequels. But today, I’m shuffling up a very
rare Pizza Hut Pie Tops two. Now you might have noticed there’s
an extra chair in the studio today. That’s because I’m gonna
be joined by culinary wiz, a guy who knows his way
around a slice of pizza. I’m talking bout my boy,
Victor Pope Junior. Come on in my guy.>>[SOUND] Hey, what up man,
thanks for having me. How are you doing?>>Good man, of course. Who else am I gonna have on the show? After that Little Caesars
experience we had together? We go way back.>>So what are we gonna be making today?>>You already know what it is.>>Yeah.
>>Another day, another DIY. Today, we’re making some $7,500 shoes.>>[SOUND] My God. So what makes them $7,500?>>Well, the thing about the Pie Top II’s, there was only 50 of them made by
legendary LA customize, The Shoe Surgeon.>>Okay, that’s real wonderful, but
I still don’t see why they $7,500.>>Well the thing about sneaker heads
is if you build it, they will come. Also, I heard there’s a button
that orders you a pizza, and another button that pauses your TV.>>That’s beautiful.>>Yeah.
>>I love that.>>So you can pause your show
when your pizza gets there.>>That’s what’s up. So included in the cost,
is there a lifetime of free pizza?>>It better, you’re paying $7,500 for a shoe and it doesn’t come with
a free lifetime of Pizza Hut? That’s a dead giveaway. Now to be fair,
they didn’t always cost $7,500. Yeah, these things
originally retailed at $150, which is still too expensive for your boy.>>That’s hot, yeah. They taxing.>>But it’s all good,
we’re gonna make some. So have you ever worn a $7500 shoe before?>>No,
I don’t think I’ve ever even had $7500.>>Well you’re in luck, because
we’re only making you a pair today, cuz it’s pretty much impossible
to find shoes in my size.>>What’s your size?>>14, my guy.>>Man, you got baby feet.>>Baby feet?
>>That means like the size of a baby.>>[LAUGH] All right, so
these shoes come in two color ways. There’s red and bleed,
which one you feeling my guy?>>Red all the way, I love red.>>Damn, all right, keeping it saucy.>>Yeah, you know me.>>So enough [BLEEP] around. You’re ready to get cracking on this DIY?>>Yeah, let’s get it popping.>>Here’s what you’re gonna need, family. Red and white foam, and
a pair of scissors. Red fleece, mylar, and your trusty blade. Black, white, and red paint pens. Generic red high tops, red pleather,
I’m talking matte and glossy. Now the first thing to turn this
$10 shoe into a $7,500 rig slammer, we’re gonna need to cut our accents
in our red fleece and our pleather. I hope you know your way
around some scissors, my guy. It’s time to get cutty. [MUSIC] So Victor, what’s the tightest
pair of kicks you’ve ever owned?>>Some Yeezy’s. I won them off my roommate. It was a dice game.>>Damn, talk about a come up, my guy. Wait, so if you were playing dice for
Yeezy’s, what was on the line for you?>>I was going to pay his rent.>>Damn. So what kind of Yeezy’s did you won?>>I don’t know. I don’t really keep up with shoes. I just wanted them.>>Damn, you hearing this? Man doesn’t even know about Yeezy’s. And he’s still flexing a pair. That’s called living lavvy. Now speaking of an opulent lifestyle,
if you had unlimited racks, what would you blow it on?>>NHL team, probably.>>So what team would you buy?>>Hey,
I’m gonna cash out on the Mighty Ducks.>>I can already envision it, man. See you rolling on the ice,
you’ve got your lowered custom Zamboni. Talk about a slamboni, family.>>So what would you buy if you
had an unlimited amount of money?>>Well, first thing,
a house for my mom’s. And then, pretty much just be
on my God’s plan [BLEEP] family. Giving back to the community, just straight throwing out
money in the hood like Drake.>>I think I’ll buy my mom a house too. But like a smaller one,
just to keep her humble.>>Yeah, yeah, keep it economical. I’ll probably buy my
mom a small house too. One bedroom,
a dog house in the back, for Gary.>>Who’s Gary?>>[SOUND] My step dad. He doesn’t even blaze, he’s such a NARC.>>Man.>>So you got any step dads?>>No,
I’m thinking about getting one though.>>[LAUGH] Yeah,
I do not recommend it man. All right, we got all our shapes cut out. We’ve got our marinara splashes, we got our back, our front,
the tops, and our sides.>>So
how we gonna put all these on the shoe?>>It’s time to call in the guns my guy. You know I keep that MF thing on me. [SOUND] It’s all right dude,
I got you want too.>>Tooca gang.>>Two things about this shoe,
these lines here are not very clean and this little pull tab, it’s got to go.>>Yeah.>>So let’s cut that thing off.>>Bye.>>Now, we take these strips and
glue them over here to cover up the lines. So we’re gonna start by putting
some glue over the top, covering it with a matte pleather. In the words of a literary genius by
the name of Lil Pump, let’s get it. [MUSIC] We’re gonna put this part
in the back here, and then we got our own custom pull pad. Make sure to line this up with the bottom
edge when you glue in, my guy. [MUSIC] Damn, these piece of shoes
is making me hell hungry. What’s you favorite Pizza topping?>>Pepperoni.>>A classic man, respect.>>Yeah.>>And I can’t wait to get
over this gluing part and get to that part where we have that
button that orders an MF pizza.>>Yeah, we need that button. The streets need that button.>>All right, next step put the sides.>>I ain’t even gonna lie to you dog. Yeah, I’m not doing the best
in going through it over here.>>You know what? Understandable, my guy. Here’s a little secret for you. I always design one first as
like an emergency tester.>>[SOUND]
>>So like don’t even worry about that. We can even just double team on this one,
man.>>That’s how it is. Yeah, let’s flip it.>>This is gonna be the left shoe. Spin the right one up to speed.>>All right, so
how can I help you on this one?>>I’ll line it up,
you hit it with the glue.>>Yeah, I’m really good at gluing.>>Thanks for
helping with all the gluing, man.>>Yeah, I know, I’ve got a little talent. A little gift with gluing.>>Now next, we’re gonna turn this mylar
into our signature cheese grater design on the side. Now if you don’t have any mylar
just use a shower curtain. Pro tip, cut from the bottom so
your mom doesn’t notice.>>I’m not gonna lie to you,
that looks like it’s gonna take a minute.>>Well, I thought you might say that. So your boy clocked some real DIY hours
over the weekend before you got here.>>I love your work ethic, that’s hot.>>Your boy does what he can for the
culture, but while I’m cutting this out to insert in the shoe,
you mind taking the laces out of this one.>>I got you. [MUSIC]>>So like,
what’s the grill piece in your closet?>>I got this orange coat that’s like the
same color as a Star Wars fighter pilots. It’s dumb.>>So what do you wear with
your orange coat anyway? You’re like on this high visibility swag.>>Yeah, I want everybody to see me. I got my cross course swag going on, damn.>>Hell yeah, that’s what’s up. On that Virgil [BLEEP]
>>Yeah, you know.>>So what do you think about
him taking over Louis V? Do you think it’s gonna be good for
the culture or do you think he’s just gonna crash it?>>I just hope he has fun.>>You know what? Me too.
I just whipped this [BLEEP] up again. You get your Pizza Hut tags, cut it out,
then you get your Pizza Hut on the sides. [MUSIC]>>Choosing a font like that it’s
like they want us to rip it off.>>Yeah it’s funny, a lot of the street wear brands just
choose the most basic ass fonts. All right, so now we take our text. We’re gonna slide it in and
trim it down in size. Pizza goes on the outside and
the Hut goes on the inside. [MUSIC] All right, looking pretty good. Now we’re ready to slide in our cheese
grater mesh, and include down the edges. Now we’re gonna use our text as a size
reference for our cheese grater mesh. So you got any like dope
projects you’re working on? You know, besides this one.>>Yeah, I’m working on maybe
a standup special coming soon. Trying to orchestrate another dice
game for me and my roommates.>>Damn, you stay busy.>>I try, I try.>>All right, now you just hit
it with some glue, my guy.>>Okay.
>>Do the honor. We’re almost ready to coming with that
marrow narrow on that, splish splash.>>I’ll be ready for that, yeah.>>As the Italians call it,
[FOREIGN] been watching a lot of Sopranos.>>Man I love the Sopranos.>>Yeah.>>[SOUND]
>>Now it’s time to bring in the splash. [MUSIC] Next, we just line this up with the toe. [MUSIC] Now if you had a shoe that
could order any kind of food, what kind of food would you order?>>Broccoli and cheese casserole. I love casserole.>>You don’t need to order that. Don’t your moms make that?>>[SOUND]
>>Well, what’s your mom’s signature dish?>>She really likes hot plates.>>No, no, like what food is
she really good at cooking?>>Meatloaf.>>Damn, meatloaf? [SOUND] I’m on my way,
I’m inviting myself over for dinner.>>I mean, you’re welcome anytime
to try my mama’s meatloaf.>>Okay.>>On the plate. [MUSIC]>>Next,
we need to make our pizza ordering button, our TV pausing button, and
our charm for the shoe laces. So I’m going to cut that out of my foam. Do you want to poke some holes for
the laces while I’m doing this?>>Yeah, I’m gonna stab this up.>>I bet you guys are wondering how
a piece of foam is gonna order a pizza, but you’ll just have to stay tuned and
find out. Now it’s time for our paint pens. So why don’t we divide and conquer? Can you hit the logos on the sides,
while I fill in the button?>>Yeah, I can draw the logo.>>There you go. [MUSIC] Now our TV pausing button is black, so we’re gonna use our black paint
pen to fill in the edges. [MUSIC] All right,
well the TV pausing button is drying, so let’s glue in our pizza ordering
button on the top of the tongue. All right, just dab it with
some glue right in the center. [MUSIC] All right, as you can see we got our
marinara splashes, accents in front. Victor did a great job
on these lace charms.>>Appreciate that.>>So we got our pizza ordering button. We got our TV pausing button. Our mesh, everything,
shoes are looking great.>>Yeah, I still don’t know how it’s
gonna order a pizza though, dog.>>You see, I hacked this button so every time I press it, it sends my
mom a text that says I’m hungry. And then, she knows to pop a pizza in
the oven because mom’s got frozen pizzas>>What a lovely woman.>>So we’re gonna shove this button inside
the tongue, right behind our row button. But we’re gonna have to do a little
surgery, so have at it my guy.>>Scalpel. [MUSIC]>>And you wanna make sure the button
falls right behind our phone button too. Very clean, fuego alert. Damn, these MFs are hot and ready, family. All right, well since I can’t flex these,
I’m gonna need you to do it for the team.>>Man, I ain’t gonna let you down. I got so
many places I wanna take these to. My grandmother baby shower coming up.>>So
I’m definitely wearing these to them.>>[LAUGH] Wait,
your grandmother’s baby shower?>>[SOUND]
>>All right.>>And my grandfather’s.>>Damn, look at that. Just a couple of family mans about to
flex this shit on the gram, family.>>Okay, yeah,
these shoes look pretty dope. They look magnificent, but I been
pressing the button, is the pizza coming? Damn, you been blowing my mom’s phone up. All right,
the pizza’s ready I’ll be right back.>>Light’s out. [MUSIC]>>Check it out my guy.>>[LAUGH]
>>You said pepperoni is your favorite, right?>>Your mom’s did her thing man.>>Thanks mom. Anyway, let’s flex this shit for the gram. [MUSIC] Thanks for watching, Cheap Thrills fam. Make sure you tune in every Tuesday for
some more heat. Smash that like,
hit me with those comments, and if you’re not subscribed by now,
what are you doing? Also, make sure you check out my
guy Fat Tony’s show Thrift Haul. He knows a thing or
two about balling on a budget. Until next time, gang gang.

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