Day with the Dealer: Truffles

[MUSIC]>>Hey what’s up? How much white
do you need? So how many grams do
you think you’ll need? Yeah that’s still it’s, it’s still 2500
a pound so, I think I’ve got like
a 80 gram piece for you. All right, cool. I’ll see you soon.>>I don’t want
the boss seeing me buying this much
stuff on one trip.>>I know, she’s
sitting right there.>>I know right. She’ll be like, what
the fuck are you doing?>>They smell
really good. Try a piece.>>How much
are these again?>>Two-fifty. [SOUND] So my name is
Ian Purkayastha and I own Regalis Foods. So Regalis is a specialty
foods company that primarily sells fresh
truffles, wild mushrooms, foraged edibles, caviar,
Japanese wagyu beef. I think the list is
like always expanding. Here’s some pawpaw fruit
that I forged for, which they look kind of like an
over ripped green mango, but they have a custardy
interior, like the flavor profile’s kind of like a
cross between a mango and a banana. Here’s some my truffle
products that I, we make. Here’s honey comb, it’s like a honey with
black Tennessee truffle. I also have it in
this square form. This Autovacuna extra
virgin white truffle oil. We’ve got truffle
carpaccio over here. Truffles are an
underground fungus that have a mycorrhizal
relationship with the host tree that
it’s growing on. They grow on the tree
roots of different trees. No one has really
successfully been able to cultivate truffles on
a commercial scale. And so, truffles
are extremely rare, and they’re
extremely expensive. And due to their
perishability, I mean, you know, a truffle may
last seven days and then, you know, it rots. So this piece
right here is probably like 700,
800 bucks. This little nugget. You can smell it,
it’s pretty aromatic. My family relocated
from Houston to Arkansas when I was 15. I spent a lot of
times outdoors. My uncle was actually
living in Arkansas at the time, and showed
me how to forage for wild mushrooms. So that kind of became,
you know, a passion for me. And so I would forage for
lots of morels, and chanterelles, and black trumpets, in the
hills of, of Arkansas. It’s said to cure cancer
but, anyway I dried it out and you can make teas
and stuff out of it, but->>Where did you find it?>>In Westchester just
growing out of a log. But this stuff sells for
a lot of money in like medicinal shops and
stuff. I decided why not move to
New York in pursuit of you know, selling
truffles full time.>>Hey, what’s up?>>What is.
>>What’s up?>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Yeah, I know, right?>>Whatta got? Whatta got?>>Yeah, competition
is extremely ruthless. It’s extremely
competitive. I would say there’s only,
probably around three main truffle
companies in New York. With Regalis, my company
being one of the three.>>Why doesn’t your
truck say Regalis?>>So my competitors
don’t slash my tires.>>[LAUGH]>>I don’t put my logo on
the van because I don’t want my competitors,
first of all, saying who we’re
selling to. And then second of all,
I mean during truffle season I get lots of
different threats and like there’s lot
of like you know, illicit activity that
like, takes place. And front, oh look, here’s a competitor
right here. Oh my God. Mother fuckers. Those are like,
oh my God, I hate those people so
much. They I can’t believe
I just saw them. they, talk about
smugglers. These are the people that
smuggle truffles back and forth from Italy, and completely
fuck things up. Because they avoid going
through USDA, through, you know, agriculture,
through FDA. And they just bring them
in, in their suitcase and go to basically different
restaurant accounts. And when they
realize they, they can’t sell
the truffles, they basically slash
the prices and sell them, like, at below costs. And it ends up screwing
up the entire market. Oh my God it was just
like, so retarded. How are you? Especially since they are
paying so much money for truffles they want to
pick out, you know, the truffles that
they’re gonna be buying. Which makes my life super
difficult because I have to go to each and
every restaurant and bring a ton of selection
for them to look at. And they each go through
each truffle and, you know,
smell each truffle and squeeze each truffle. And then we weigh
them up and, and then we do the deal. All right,
that’s 1500 grams.>>Okay, mm-hm.>>So when I first
started Regalis, I mean truffles were, of
course, the main focus. We now import
from more than seven different
countries. Yeah, like every morning
I’m either at Newark, or I’m at LaGuardia, or JFK. It’s pretty much, I’d
say 90% of the time I’m at Newark picking
up stuff. So we are here at
the cargo area. Hello. How are you? So, I’ve got a pick up. Yeah. Yeah, now we’re going to
my warehouse to sort some of the mushrooms and
pick up the delivery van, and start our day
on the deliveries. Let’s carry these in. Heavy. Oh, yeah. Okay. Some awesome
cauliflower mushrooms. Super nice. They look like a brain. Super lemony. This is an awesome
mushroom, this is a coral mushroom. Holy shit,
this is a huge piece. It looks like coral it has like little
hairs all over it. So I am always bringing
stuff in to cater to what my shops are asking for. This are just some
beautiful Mushiltake. These are the Japanese,
the ceremonial ones. They kind of look
like a penis. Because in Japan it’s
considered like, the mushroom of like,
fertility. Here’s some really
nice porcini. They, they cut ’em in
half to check for worms. But porcini tastes
great like, even raw. All right. We’re almost
loaded up here. For Regalis.>>Hey, how are ya?>>Hey, good.
I’m trying to locate a package. Hopefully it registered
in your system yesterday.>>Yeah.>>It’s coming to 130
Leroy. It’s a, a hold for pick up package from, I
believe Portland, Oregon. [NOISE] He asked what was
in the box today, and I told him like fish
placenta sacs and like, it was
pretty funny. I had gotten in
a shipment of coho trout roe from the
Spokane Indian Tribe in Washington State. And they’ve been sending
it to me, and it’s like the roe is still in
the placenta sac, and so different restaurants
can cure it. Last week they sent me
something special and it was milt. Which is basically
like salmon sperm sacs. I gave some to Morimoto. So this is Erik. He’s one of my most
beloved customers. Erik Battes,
he used to be the chef at Jean George, and he
opened Perry Street, and he was the corporate chef
for BLT for a long time. And he’s, the brand new
chef at Morimoto, and I feel like the, the cuisine is like,
awesome now. Are people buying
this from you? Like the-
>>Yeah, Mo, Momofuku bought it.>>The Sperm?>>The Sperm, too.>>Really?
>>Yeah, and Oscar. So.
>>That’s awesome. It’s actually
surprisingly delicious.>>Yeah, I know. It’s like a sweetbread.>>I probably fed
it to six people in this restaurant that had
no idea what it was.>>And
then you told them and then they threw
up afterward?>>No, no. I mean, so, it’s like obviously like a,
a shock. Like a shocking emotional
experience to realize it is a sperm, unknowingly.>>So yeah, he seared
up this piece of like, salmon sperm made like
a brown butter thyme. He mixed in like a soy
mirin sauce that he, that he had made, that
he like emulsified and then he poured it over
the sperm sac over rice. He sprinkled it with like the Japanese
cilantro called mitsuba. So like little
mitsuba greens on it. Damn, looks amazing.>>Japanese
Sperm Meuniere.>>Spoon, sperm what?>>Meuniere.>>Sperm mounier,
all right. Well let’s taste it.>>All right.>>Holy shit. Wow. It’s like super creamy.>>Yeah.
[LAUGH].>>Wow. So here’s the wagyu,
and then mastaki. And the white truffle. Boom. Cool.>>All right,
I’ll take it.>>All right, cool. So, how’s the day
going so far?>>It’s going
pretty well. I hope I hope you’re
not hungry anymore cuz that was our lunch. [LAUGH]
yeah, we’ve got quite a few
more deliveries, though. This is Ian.>>Ian, hi. This is Josh Thomsen, Executive Chef of the
Agricola in Princeton.>>Oh, yeah. With with, with Christof.>>Exactly,
what’s going on?>>How are you?>>I’m good,
I’m good, you know.>>Yeah.
>>A lot has changed, you were like
19 last year, now you’re like
20 this year.>>Exact,
well I just turned 21. But yeah.>>You’re older and
wiser now.>>Exactly. I don’t think age was
really, you know, a big factor. I mean, I knew the
product really well and I was super competitive
with pricing. And my customer service
was always like, really nice. I mean, when chefs
were in a bind, they would call me
last minute and I would always
deliver product. Hi chef!>>How are you?>>Good.
I’ve got, I got the porcini. I, I have some
nice cauliflower. Yeah, and coral mushroom, if you want to see,
in the van. Yeah, so
here’s the black trumpet.>>Very nice.>>Very nice. Here’s the coral
mushroom, which it, it’s like cauliflower. I over pack my delivery
van with tons of product, in hopes that when I’m
selling to a restaurant that’s already
ordered something, they’ll come out to
the van and they’ll look through all of my stuff
and impulse buy something that looks really
amazing in the truck. And nine times out of ten
that’s always the case. When a restaurant hasn’t
ordered or anything, and I have tons of products
I have to move, I’ll basically just
drive around to all of our accounts and say,
you know, come out to the van I’ve got some
like really cool stuff. And that’s how I, you know, sell out of
everything I have.>>So is this a typical
day for you or is it. [CROSSTALK].
>>This is pretty, this is pretty typical. Like going to
different restaurants, unloading product, seeing if they need
anything else for the remainder
of the week. I mean it’s,
it’s late season so a lot of the stuff is
getting really large so we sorted these. My girlfriend doesn’t
even like mushrooms. And which, you know,
is is ironic cuz I’ve always got mushrooms
in the fridge. I mean she, she’s grown
to like truffles. When I first met her,
she was, you know, kind of obsessed eating
like, fast food, and like McDonald’s and
stuff. So, [LAUGH] I think we’ve come a long
ways since then. People that
are interested in food or learning more about food,
I think it’s super interesting to to truly
understand you know, where that one
mushroom on your plate is actually
coming from. And not just
the labor but how it gets from
forest to plate I think is an interesting
experience that I wish more people could,
could learn about. This is a good
phone call. Not a bad phone call. [LAUGH] Hello. Hey, how’s it going? Yeah.
How much did you need? You said the white right? It’s 3,000 a pound for
the white. It works out to
around $7 a gram. [MUSIC]

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