Deep FRIED WAGYU STEAK Experiment!

what are you setting up for I thought we
were just here cleaning knives no, no, don’t worry ok Alright guys, so look me and Evan are
just here cleaning the knives like we always end up I’m hungry you hungry, You hungry? I can eat! let’s eat I’m gonna go find something in the fridge you be the camera man, yeah? Wait we can do that? yes we can do that! Lets go! alright Hit Record! I think I already did! Ok! Alright guys you haven’t seen
this before this is gonna be Guga’s collection so get ready! You ready?
I’m ready! Open that up! Jesus! You all eat meat? yeah we eat meat Ok, but have you know, but we have beer! yeah, yeah, for sure, for sure we have soda So check it out guys Prime ribeye Wagyu marbling score 7 Japanese wagyu A5 Export Ribeye and the queen Picanha! should we call him and see
like which one we’re allowed to cook that’s not a bad idea let’s go call him right now yea Yo Angel I am in a meeting everything ok? Yeah everything’s good um we’re here
cleaning your knives and we got a little hungry so I was wondering if we could
cook something up Who’s we? It’s me and Evan Oh, ok go ahead and cook what ever you want there, there is something in the fridge I am kind of hungry too I will be home very soon go ahead and cook something for me as well Alright! So, what do you want me to cook, what do I cook? Cook what ever you want But what specifically do I cook I have to go! Okay so cook whatever we want! clicked on me.. alright alright so this is what we have, right? This is what I am I’m thinking here I think if I grab this one and I record this one today I think
Guga will just straight-up kill me I’m gonna put it back I’m gonna be nice nephew. We got wagyu and we got prime. How are we gonna cook this man? Would they hate me if I ask you to fry a wagyu? Ha ha I think they’ll hate you but I think it will be funny! I don’t like that laugh I think this will be the last time I come here. This is a fried wagyu! No yeah lets to it man, deep fried wagyu, whatever. Depp fried stakes! Deep fried wagyu! Woah! I’m putting this on you. Guys dont hate me hate Evan. Alright, so. we gotta find a fryer. Fryer check, check. Then what are we gonna cook it in? Corn oil, olive oil, expensive olive oil, more corn oil? Beef tallow? I don’t know what that is. That’s like beef fat why don’t we
cook it in this. You think it tastes better that way? Maybe I don’t know. Is that expensive? Who cares. okay I never seen this before so I wanna open it up and see
what’s going on our case here we. Awwww It looks like vanilla pudding. I was going to say it looks like melted ice cream! It’s
like watery. That’s what we are gonna use. I’m gonna use this thermometer to keep the internal
temperature because if not I’ll be lost forever I’m not gonna season them right
now because I think if I do they’ll get burnt so I’ll season them after. I’m gonna grab the beef tallow, I’m gonna put in the fryer, put the fryer at 350 and I’m gonna
wait till it it’s at 120 degrees Fahrenheit internally all right guys
enough talking it’s time to cook it Let’s do it, ha ha All right guys so Guga is not here but
I just called him he said he’s around the block so we’re just gonna start
going now he’ll probably come in eventually
as you can see this one’s a little bit overcooked. I deep-fried this one for
about seven minutes so this one came out a little bit overcooked which is fine
because I’d rather do that to this one then that one cuz Guga will murder me if
I would have overcooked this one this one was two minutes and it was just
right right on the money Guga is gonna be here soon so whatever we’ll just start now
yeah? We are not gonna let it get cold! You can go ahead and get that one. yeah Cheers! That beef flavor really comes through. To me that was awesome I just wish it was a
little bit less cooked if it would have been perfectly cooked I would have been
so happy because that tasted awesome. I’m not gonna lie to you it was a really
really strong beefy flavor and I’m pretty sure that was from the way we
fried it with with the tallow, but otherwise yeah it was a really good
piece of steak I enjoyed it I do agree with you a little bit overcooked yeah
but we learned oh we go for the big one now? I’m ready! Lets go! Cheers Man! You know it’s good when you fist bump
and you hit that spot the sea salt perfect touch
like like the the other steak extremely beefy but very very tender basically
falls apart in your mouth oh my god. Cut another one. That one was awesome! I can’t believe it’s deep-fried! I cant believe you cooked it! Yeah you learn a a few things from Guga sometimes you
know. That’s really good! I think I just heard Guga yeah yeah that’s
the man of the hour. What are you guys doing? Whats this? Good stuff! Are you doing a video? Grab my chair. oh whoa I thought it was just lunch for
us I mean not lunch dinner what do we got here. Look look. Is it recording? yeah its recording. Grab a fork right there. Well thank you. Sit down Evan.
Grab a chair over there. I’m right here no worries.
You’re good? yeah have a seat did you frame it nicely is it… really? I was
behind the camera. He is the camera man today. My head might be a little bit out of frame. Go make sure. Enough talking man try it! Hold on, ah what? Come over here Evan. Don’t worry about what it is just
eat it. But we have to explain. Wow you over cooked that steak. Yeah I know a little bit but that one is good. We are over that already. What did you… what is that? It looks Worry about it after you eat. The Webber is not… what did you… mmm-hmm ? I mean it’s good. it’s good right. Try this one.This is good. it’s overcook though of course I used that one first cuz
I knew this… Mmm. I wanted this… that’s good. Right here man.
How’d you cook? don’t worry just go You done with that one? Go. know I think I know what this
is yeah yeah I think I know it I mean whatever you want what ever we want. yeah
you were quick. Holy bleep that was good! It’s good! I told you why do you doubt
me? – Im gonna snipe this from the end. Wow! I mean this is wagyu obviously.
Which one? is seven right? Yes. Wagyu 7? I didn’t get the five cuz you probably kill me. I can recognize the steak by the shape mmm its good! yeah I had a really big piece of
fat. you like them huh that’s good! Yeah like it. You want to tell him how we made it? Deep fry! What do you mean? deep fried! we fried them. you fried the Wagyu? you like it! I fired the wagyu and you liked it! You already said you liked it. Really? this one was… how did you… both of of them When you say deep fry, like you made it in the pan? You really did that? seven minutes two
minutes. It’s good though right I use the beef tallow. really? that’s why it doesn’t
taste like oil yeah it doesn’t taste like oily I think it’s
good. It came out better. I’m surprised This one is a little bit undercooked. Did you
take the temperature? yeah what was it? 120. Right one money 120? really! I do this! I really do! Wow angel Ithink this is the first video that you did and you didn’t ask me permission for
it that we might actually post. He has done some crazy things everybody
I cannot post those videos. let me try this one again this one…. Wow That was pretty good Wow it was grey all the way haha
it’s not bad it’s just you know Its like medium well. Its like a chancleta/flip flop No, no its not. Its like… Well guys I have no idea about this video yet . oh you’re gonna
edit the video? I thought you’re gonna edit. Ah! I left some funny stuff. There’s a note in there there’s a little message in there for you. Really? like always I’m have to edit .-Its a present! I have to edit the video Lets see it’s gonna be a good one
I mean you finish the video I don’t know thanks so much for watching the video if
you liked the video please like and subscribe
is that is that my doing right okay yeah remember all the ingredients are in the
description down below thanks for watching
have a good one! Did I get it? Kind of. Alright your turn. go! I hope you enjoyed this video if you did enjoy this
video let him know in the comments below if he did a terrible job please let him
know in the comments down below again I have no idea what this is gonna look
like that’s what cooking is all about if you’re having fun it’s all good. Anyway guys I’m gonna go have my dinner there’s nothing left but I hope you enjoy it and
we’ll see you guys on the next one take care bye bye. let me know if the camera angles are alright!

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