Today we’re going to try two of Hiroshima’s most
famous foods- Hiroshima style okonomiyaki and spicy dipping ramen or tsukemen. First up okonomiyaki! Oh my gosh the chef has popped the okonomiyaki in front of us and it
looks absolutely amazing I’m going to get into it because I don’t want it to
get cold and then we’ll talk more about the origins of the dish and what it’s
made up of if you can try and get a seat at the
counter at an okonomiyaki restaurant so you can see all the action in front of you and you
can eat directly off the main grill so you’re given a spatula
and you basically carve up the okonomiyaki into squares and you eat it with the spatula oh wow that is so good- so okonomiyaki
directly translates to ‘as you like it’ ‘grill’. And it was a dish that was born out of the war so after the bomb was hit in Hiroshima all the restaurants in the city were flattened so people became
makeshift chefs they put grills out on the side of the street and created this dish from whatever scraps that they had and it evolved into basically one of Hiroshima’s most beloved dishes or Japan’s most beloved dishes, it’s the ultimate comfort food. It’s made up of a mixture of cabbage noodles, bean sprouts and it varies from
restaurant to restaurant this one has got tempura crisps as well, spring onion, pork
I’ve added shrimp and squid to mine and then they drizzle it with this sticky, sweet, beautiful
okonomiyaki sauce which tastes a bit like sweetened
Worcestershire sauce and then I’ve added mayo to mine. Oh it is just Heaven. There’s also a load of cabbage in there as well which makes it really nice and light, the noodles have a lot of bite oh and that sauce, it is I cannot tell you it is incredible. I’ve gone with a really simple simple
version but I did add shrimp and Japanese rice cake which I think is pretty interesting. Like how could it not look good although when it’s
cooking it’s really interesting because it doesn’t look that good it’s kind of
insipid looking it’s, not in a bad way that’s a bad word but I don’t think in a
bad way but it’s not very like bursting with color or anything it’s kind of dull
looking on the grill once they add that sweet sauce oh my god
it just takes on a life of its own and then you add the mayonnaise on top and
things just just skyrocket in their beauty oh wow
there’s like, I’m covered in it aren’t I? I’m think covered in it there’s like chewiness from the rice cake and this really sort of rice-y edge underneath, the noodles
are quite bouncy still so they’re really nice in the mouth, there’s freshness
but crunch from the cabbage the mayo coats your mouth and then there’s the sweet sauce it’s
really quite sweet which I think that’s all over my face right now but there’s
no tissues so I’ll stick with it. That is an incredible dish and it’s so fun sitting
here at the grill watching it being prepared and then you just get to dig in with
your little spatula this is so fun. I talk about it being a Hiroshima style okonomiyaki not just because we’re in Hiroshima eating it but because Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is layered, so they layer the ingredients as
they cook it. Okonomyiyaki is also really really popular in Osaka and there they
mix all the ingredients together before they put it on the grill so that’s why
it’s called Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. That was Tekka a neighborhood
okonomiyaki restaurant in Hiroshima and it was fantastic, highly recommended. If
you’re hungry that’s what you should be eating because I am stuffed. I’m dying.
It was amazing though such an experience and so tasty. We are going to have a
lie-down after that because extreme levels of fullness but so happy for it
not a bad way in such a good way that was incredible.
We’re going to go back this work and we’ll pick this up at dinner time. We’re at Bakudanya to try Hiroshima’s famous spicy tsukemen and tsukemen is
dipping ramen I have ordered the cold tsukemen so the dipping sauce is cold, cold noodles, cabbage, spring onion, cucumber, pork. I’ve only ever had tsukemen twice so here goes. Ohhh look at that spicy dipping sauce that’s coated the
noodles Hmmm, the sauce is made up of chili oil, sesame oil and I don’t know what else that it’s really good and on the menu you can choose
the spiciness level, so you can go from one to a hundred! I’ve only gone up to
twelve and it’s pretty perfect for me This is really good. It’s really fresh and
really light it’s perfect while it being hot outside to have cold noodles. So good. I ordered the hot version and I have never had this style of ramen so I’m super
excited So mine has some funghi, some spring onions on top and some pork, egg and the noodles I’m just going
to dive straight in. I think it’s bamboo. Bamboo? Oh yea it is too! Oh yea bamboo, good spotting. I’m going to dive straight in and try the noodles. Is the broth hot as well? Yeah the broth’s hot as well. So this is just noodles and
broth. Wow the coating’s amazing but not as clingy as Sheena’s was. It’s left a finer film on the noodle The spice is so perfect, I went with spice level 10 so a little bit less than Sheena the sesame seeds are really strong
tasting in that and the sesame oil- such a strong flavor I guess but it I love that sesame oil
flavor. That’s amazing that’s so different to a ramen when it’s in a broth. That dipping style so they’ve got this stunning coating on the noodles. Wow this is like
a real revelation what an awesome awesome dish.
But after that first mouthful I’ve realised I’m going to get messy so I found some bibs, I’m gonna pop a bib on for the rest of my eating this evening. Okay I’m going to try the pork look at it it’s a
beautiful thin piece of pork must be pork belly that’s been slow cooked because it’s pull apart tender. Oh wow it’s almost sweet, it’s like eating a
lolly, that is beautiful this is such a cool combo, hey didn’t I have two eggs before oh maybe that was the picture on the menu- I thought I’d lost an egg
beautiful egg, this is a very very exciting meal I love it it’s really tasty, the flavor just builds and builds and the heat in that build and builds. 12 I think was the perfect amount
of spice I can feel it really tingling on my tongue and I’m loving the fresh, crisp vegetables. It’s great! And it’s very lucky you popped that bib on. Thank god! I’ve worn some sauce too so great decision. One thing I’m finding with this
style I don’t know if it’s just here if it’s because we’re filming a bit so I was a bit slow in starting to eat my hot noodles but they’re all kind of clumping together so
when I try to pick some up I pick them all up and I really have to fight to separate them out but it’s probably just because we’re filming for quite long a
time so the hot noodles kind of stuck together.
Oh and exciting times I found my second half of my egg it was hiding under
my noodles because the egg in ramen for me is like it’s not ramen without that egg and it is so, so good, look at it, you can just see it breaking apart from me holding it
perfectly cooked the egg is so special in ramen and
these bamboo shoots are really nice they’re really crunchy often I find that bamboo shoots like this can be a bit soft and a bit flavorless but they’ve got a really good
bit of bite, they’re really nice. This is really good I’m loving it. That was great
getting to try two of Hiroshima’s most famous dishes okonomiyaki and tsukemen-
spicy style. So much good food here it’s such a cool place to come to eat. There’s
some amazing history I wouldn’t say amazing but there’s so
much history here that you have to come here for- see our last video all
about that -but stay a bit longer, eat some of the food it’s incredible. It is
very very good we’re hoping that we will be able to tick off some more of Hiroshima’s famous dishes in our upcoming vlogs so remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out. Thank you so much for watching, we’ll see you next time we hope we’ve inspired you to eat and explore
like a traveler, not a tourist. Sayonara oh wait that ramen or more like
traditional soup ramen? Ahhhh. What do you think? I think I’m gonna have to
say a more traditional style ramen so hot, in a bowl for me, slurping it up- it’s unbeatable. I agree so the more traditional
style for me too but I would definitely have that again and I loved it. Alrighty,

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    Mmm, love okonomiyaki. I never use the spatula to eat though…I'm much better with chopsticks. Prefer Hiroshima style over Osaka btw. As for tsukemen vs. ramen, that's tough. I think I'd pick tsukemen because the few times I had it, it was really top notch so my perception is probably skewed a bit. Another excellent day. ๐Ÿ‘

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    glad u found your second egg Thomas! love the bibs! ok you know I'm not a fan of Japanese food (okomomiyaki is literally everything I hate lol) but it's great to see how much you enjoy it. those dipping ramen look STUNNING (Love ramen) I'll deffo be trying it when I'm back. thanks for the food education guys…you may just convert me to enjoying jappo food one day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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