Democrat Sushi!! (Ft. Scoliosisman) [TTAC]

attention to all you haters out there I
want to let you know now you’re messing with a Jedi Knight who’s not afraid that
kills some good times so you better watch out
red turrets or I’m gonna slice you up into some Democrat I got this
and otamatone oh I probably am screaming too loud
okey Gator tell me yeah attention to all you haters out there I
want to let you know now you’re messing with a Jedi Knight who’s not afraid to
kill some lip tars so you better watch out
live tards but I’m gonna slice you up into some Democrats sushi he just hit himself at the very end yes
perfect comedy I made that comment oh my gosh it’s hi hey Turner shout out the
Turner he’s so cool you know trying to turn I’m gonna turn you into the
Democrat sushi Super Cup sushi so stupid chase it’s great of this good go for him
this is the best out this was a great video first heard that Zack was making a
video on me I thought the kid was a steak for thinking that putting my
retarded videos in a video on his channel was a good idea but I mean no
thanks anyway my Democrat Staci army can continue to grow as I hope yours does
now that you’re showing it to what is it 300 now congratulations by the way but
in all seriousness thank you that version yeah or didn’t dance if you’re
already tracer that’s my quality content stuff right
there Sendak time to review some tick-tock where people like get themselves ready
and then they go make a face and then they cuts to the it cuts to uh like a
cartoon character or some guy person that they look like it’s very funny I keep doing a high-pitched super laughs
that’s what’s up with my high pitch black like most I’ve been just uploading
like like – every week I mean – every month like I got I gotta get that grind
on I gotta get more videos out if you don’t know I already I have a
collection of like glasses over here boom like I have a little unused pop
filter thing that’s hanging up off of my ring light and it’s just heard a bunch
of glasses on it like boom Oh boom gangster I got two
glasses on hey guys what’s going on bro um have you seen unity of the latest
meme service anything I like memes wasn’t that that’s so cool broken whatever lights well I got one up
here hello there we go so it’s red right now but I don’t feel like moving the
camera just show that’s red so imagine it being red I got it for making videos
and stuff but yeah music video so I had to get the lights because somebody
caught me a par cynical clone I had to get the full effect accept the fact that
he doesn’t have him anymore so so I guess you could say I’m not chopping him
since he doesn’t do it anymore so I got this new microphone for recording
it’s called a shure sm7b it’s really nice microphone waiting for the parts to
come in like a cord this cord is not it’s not worked with this one I’m
waiting for a cord that plugs into a thing over there that makes a cool thing
work thank you for the three dollar donation from I I’m gay guys I’m not gay
I’m not now that is funny that’s that’s quality right there
donation by I’m gay oh no no I gone I’m video saying that I’m gonna I’m gonna be
leaving this in cuz um I’m gangster oh oh
such gangster I got one hat signed boom you know you got your hat side I don’t
dick toe been we roasted stupid mister pretty stupid oh you read my okay no that’s that is
officially no my favorite tik-tok actually no my favorite tik-tok is the
one i just saw with the dance if you’re already tracer I was dude the best meow
I’ve ever heard that hurt my ears it’s how you know big magnet oh my gosh oh my
gosh here is the funniest thing I’ve ever
seen like nice I’m over-exaggerating okay this is funny right here they’re
just they just run and joist and jewelry stores just running to go look at it here Democrat sushi we need to make this
a mean everybody share this everybody shared this post by Chase shared around
get make him a meme make hashtag hashtag Democrat sushi yes make the ricotta
sushi me I’m – dang cheeks are like cherries now then that’s
my shirt Wow thanks for watching and remember I’m
gonna so I see up into the Democrat sushi Democrat sushi

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