Desafio de velocidade #6 – Pizza Média Domino’s (Recorde Mundial??)

Hello everybody! Welcome to Corbucci Eats! Today I’m at Domino’s pizza, one more time here! But today will be a super special video. I want you to pay attention in what I’m about to say! I’m doing this video because of Notorious Bob! Who doesn’t remember, I did a colab with him He is a competitive eater from the US, he’s insane! He eats a lot more than me and he is faster too He did the Domino’s Medium pizza challenge and broke the world record that was hold by Matt Stonie Stonie ate in 56 seconds and he crushed it by doing it in 43 seconds I want to do this challenge to see where i’m at to see if i’m too far behind, I’ll try my best! I’ll leave in the description box below our collab and also his Domino’s pizza challenge, that he did in 43 seconds! So insane! I’m here at domino’s, already ordered my pizza. It will be ready very soon. It’s not a lot of food, it’s a medium pizza. It will be a speed challenge, so let’s see how it will be Who doesn’t visited yet Loja Corbucci Eats, go to and grant your shirt, mug and hat to wear with your eating challenges! And if you don’t the channel, subscribe, like the video, follow me on instagram @CorbucciEats and let’s go ’cause I’m hungry!! Something very important I forgot to mention! Notorious Bob is coming to Brazil!! I thank everybody that went to his channel and subscribed and commented in out collab! If you didn’t, go there and subscribe! He’s a monster! He enjoyed your support so much that he will come to Brazil in may, about 20th – 25th! We’ll do a lot of challenges here! Big ones with prizes and contests! It will be super fun! Save these dates! I’ll announce a lot in instagram and the next videos! Bob, I’m waiting you here! Let’s go! I’ll start the challenge. Domino’s medium pizza is almost a large pizza in a regular restaurant. I didn’t bring the scale but I guess there’s about 1.7 pounds of food here, easily When I start the timer it will countdown to zero and then it will start the regular timer, so I’ll have time to prepare Let’s go everybody! Domino’s medium pizza challenge in 3, 2, 1, go! It’s SO hot, not possible to eat. I’ll have to buy another one. Was it hot? It was, a lot I want another one, this one I’ll take home. I failed the first try because it was so hot, but I’ll take this home and I’ll eat later. Would you wrap it, please? I waited for almost 10 minutes but it was still hot. It is here now, the next one is almost ready. I’ll leave in the description box below the Domino’s Asa Norte instagram, because the said the next one will be for free, so I can try to break the record I thank you so much, this pizza is delicious. After I eat the next one fast, I guess i’ll enjoy this one here, because I’m so hungry. This smells so good. Torture! Yeah! Second round! Second try. This is it! This is it! This it it! Yeahhh! Real deal for domino’s pizza challenge. It already cooled down Domino’s medium pizza challenge in 3, 2, 1, go! F***, if I didn’t choke… Damn! That’s it, everybody! Wait a moment, let me get my other pizza Thank you Domino’s Asa Norte, Brasília! Check out in the description box below it’s address! Who lives nearby, come here and check it out! I want to say some stuff to you. This was the pizza that was so hot. First thing, I’m very happy with my time, even if I didn’t break Bob’s time, I did 49 seconds and he did it in 43 seconds But I choked half way through the challenge. I thought my time would be super bad It is dangerous speed challenges, you must take care not to choke. I knew what I was doing, when I felt that I was about to choke, I coughed so I could breathe again. And I started eating again after that. Even with that it was a good time, so I was happy with it! Bob is a monster, I’m happy that he holds this record. Remember he’ll come to Brazil in may! Maybe we do this challenge side by side, leave a comment if you want us to! This pizza is so good! Want a slice, Zeka? I’m very happy to enjoy a pizza right now. That’s it, guys! Thank you for watching! If you don’t know the channel, subscribe, like the video, follow me on instagram @CorbucciEats and see you next time! Should I take some to Ivna?

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