Dining Out With Comedienne Joy feat Cajun Seafood House, Famous Freds & Big Daddy Burgers

Birmingham is now known as a new foodie city, and moms
just don’t have time to cook.
So if you’re looking for some local
down home southern cuisine, then
pull up a chair for dining out
with Comedienne Joy. That’s right!
Dining out with Comedienne Joy
takes us to some of the best places
to eat in Birmingham and its
surrounding cities. So whether you’re on 20/59 East or West, or 65 North or South of 459, or somewhere in
between, Dining Out with Comedienne Joy
is about to tempt your tummy and make
those taste buds water. So if you
like your meat and 3 and a brick and
mortar, or in a gas station, Dining
Out with Comedienne Joy takes you to some of the best spots in town! [music playing] When it comes to some delicious
fresh seafood, most of the times you
think, I got to go down south to the
Gulf. That’s not true. See, what you need
to do is make your way here to Vestavia,
Alabama. Over here to the Cajun
Seafood House. Not only is the food
fresh, but they have several lunch
specials that is under $10. Blackened fish and chips,
along with étouffée oyster poboys and gumbo, and even fried green tomatoes with
crab meat are just some of the
delicious meals that you can get everyday at
the Cajun Seafood House in Vestavia, Alabama. Its delicious. It is. Joy, this is one of the
best fried green tomatoes in Alabama. Owner and executive chef, Ovey,
he is the creator of these mouth
watering dishes. He even makes
some of the famous crawfish and chargrilled oysters. And as you can see, at Cajun
Seafood House, the oysters are shucked fresh before they are
put on the grill. (Ovey) The sauces,
that wine, its a white wine, water, lemon juice, uh, a little bit of greek seasoning,
a little bit of grilled seasoning,
Connie’s grilled seasoning, and um little bit of
garlic and that’s it. (Comedienne Joy)
And once the oysters cook down, he then
tops it off with some parmesan cheese. Now I watched you
make some delicious oysters on the
chargrill, and there’s nothing like
oysters. I love them. –I’m just waiting until you
try it and see how you, what you think about it.
-Now so you put some of your gar sauce on here as well
as some of your cheese?
–Yes. absolutely.
-Oh my god. This right here is incredible here.
–Thank you, thank you. I’m glad you like it.
-These are amazing. Can I have one more?
–Absolutely, try it. You squeeze the lemon.
Can you squeeze the lemon on top. It’s good stuff huh?
– Yes, this is incredible. with this being crawfish
season, Cajun Seafood House in
Vestavia has tons of crawfish.
In fact, check their Facebook page for
some upcoming festivals. But customers
say, the crawfish there tastes
just like it does in Louisiana. -Why you say that?
— Ain’t no calories in there. -So its crawfish one of your
favorite things?–Oh, yes ma’am. You’re as close as we going to get
short of 400 miles. Also you can build
your own piece. We call seafood lover trio. We can two pans of crawfish half pound of royal reds. -You got all this fancy
silverware to eat it. I’m just a country girl. You don’t
mind if I use my fingers do you?
–No, no. -Oh, yes. Oh, that’s good. This is on point here.
–Yes. -This is, this
butter right here. –Yep, yep.
-Now some people don’t know how to eat
crawfish, and I’m about to give you a lesson
on how to do it. First, you separate
the head from the body.
I’m doing it right? –Yes, you’re right.
-And then you peel the shell off right here.
–Yes. -And when you get halfway done, you
probably can pull it out. –Oh yes, You can
dip it in butter. -Look at that
right there ya’ll. I am ready to go in.
What you say? Dip it in that butter? –Yes,
ma’am. -Here we go. Mmm-mmm! And your final lesson come here to Cajun
Seafood House and do it again. Okay? Now don’t you
touch that dial, because after the break
I’m going to show you some lunch specials that
you can get that’s under $10 at the
Cajun Seafood House in Vestavia. [music playing] Want to wake up to this beautiful
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Beach Properties today at 251-981-2431. That’s 251-981-2431. I’m Anthony Crawford the owner of
T-Bones at 20th Street South. [music playing] It was a
very good experience. Uh, I had my reservation at first, but I was pleasantly surprised the the attention
and the response that we got was incredible. That is ran more than once, helped out a whole lot. Because a lot of
people missed it the first time and they were
able to catch it again. So, its like it doubles the
bang for your buck. I believe that the spot aired on
Saturday morning, and by lunch time I was already getting a response. [music playing] Before the break, we showed
you the oysters on the half shell, crawfish, and poboys at
the Cajun Seafood House in Vestavia. Now if you love Cajun
soups, then you will love their
round of gumbos and étouffées.
Well, which one is your favorite? You
got a lot going on. Crawfish étouffée Jambalaya is my favorite. Definitely the jambalaya. Another thing that flies out is the mahi-mahi special. Which is um, it is a mahi steak that’s blackened,
and it is over mashed potatoes with
a lemon butter sauce. That comes with
a side of asparagus, but that’s a very popular dish.
-And after the general manager said that
about the mahi-mahi I had to ask chef Ovey to make me some. -You have paired
this with some asparagus. –Mmm-hmm.
-Now let me ask you, if I start some of your
grilled asparagus. Would that help me lose
weight? — Yes, absolutely yes. -But in the meantime I’m fixing to get some more of
these potatoes with that wine Mmm. This is so good. You’ve got to
make your way over here ya’ll. Now if you’re
looking to eat something for lunch that’s under $10, then you must
check out their fish and grits. –Main dishes that are
very very popular right now. We’ve been
selling for almost a year homemade grits with some blackened fish
on top with some shrimp grilled sauce
on top. Its the best item we sell on
lunch time for under $10. -These grits are so good
right here. You get all of this for $10?
–Mmm-hmm. -Man, that’s a good deal right here.
–Yes, it is a good deal. Come by and see us. We here to take care of you guys.
Every morning every night, so welcome, welcome.
-And again, when
ya’ll come to get this, get your girl a plate.
Its only $10. I know you got $10. And if you’re a
real seafood lover, check out this
grilled grouper that’s topped with calamari. This is whats on his dinner menu.
Now it comes with some white rice over here,
and topped with some of
these shrimp creole dishes. Mmm –Not as spicy. You can feel the textures
of the calamari. -Now look, I do
want to try some calamari. Now some
of ya’ll may be saying, Joy can’t eat that because
of these fingers up here. But listen, anything
that’s fried, I’m going in. Oh yeah, that’s great. –Mmm-hmm.
-Its really crispy. –It is. -Well seasoned. Besides all of
the beer that they have on tap, they also
have a wide variety of wines and other mixed drinks. I heard that
the Hurricane is one of ya’lls
most popular drinks. Let me test it out
and see how good it is. Oh yes, baby! Hey, we got
to tell James Spann this a hurricane right here at the Cajun
Seafood House in Vestavia This is hitting right
here! –Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m glad
you like it. The Cajun Seafood House
in Vestavia also has fried oysters and crab cakes. So check
them out today. And tell them
Comedienne Joy sent you. [music playing] You can love it,
you can hate it. You can bet you bottom dollar man,
we going to debate today. The Joe Lockett
is the hottest radio talk show
on Saturday evenings. With Melvin Tate, Comedienne Joy, Uncle Boz, Andre J Thomas, and the king of infotainment, Joe Lockett. America, you
don’t want to miss this. Lockett in, 4 to 7 Saturday evenings WYDE 101.1. Lockett in, 4 to 7 Saturday evenings WYDE 101.1. Huntsville, Alabama is thrilled to
be the host for Tbex North America 2017. Attendees can
look forward to seeing the nations largest open air butterfly house,
the worlds largest space
and rocket center, and a variety of other activities while
they are at Tbex. They will get a little bit
more in depth behind the scenes
look at some of the things that
makes our area unique. [music playing] If you love a giant sized hamburger
or hamburger steak, there’s only one
place to come to in Clanton Alabama, and
that’s Big Daddy Burgers. At Big Daddys,
they make everything big! Jackie Easterling
and her crew have been serving
up some delicious Big Daddy sized eats for the last 2 years
at Big Daddy Burgers. Now
besides grilling these half pound
hamburgers, one of their specialties
that they’re known for in Clanton, Alabama is the half hot hamburger. (Jackie Easterling) The one half of a bun, coming out of the sauce
with the cheese, onion, grilled onions, grilled mushroom, and then we’re going
to top it off with brown gravy. (Comedienne Joy) You
added brown gravy to this? –Yes. We’re adding the brown gravy to the top. That’s it! That is a hot hamburger. Actually this is
just a half. Now if you were to get a whole,
you would have two of these That would be a whole hot hamburger.
This is just a half hot hamburger. -Who eats two of these?
–We have a lot of people that do two of these. A lot of it. We actually do this as a special on Fridays. Fridays are our
hot hamburger special day. And we do a lot of them. A lot. -You do know that’s
a lot of food, don’t you?
–I do know that’s a lot of food.
We want them to leave out of her completely
satisfied, with the belly full. -And of course
I got excited when I saw all that brown gravy being drizzled
over that hamburger patty Cause you
know Comedienne Joy. She loves to sop. –Alright Joy, you have
to sit down for this one. -Yeah, look at this big old burger! Is this one
the half? –That’s the half a hot
hamburger. -A half a hot hamburger.
All this gravy, and these mushrooms.
Duh! I cannot stand up and eat that! I was drooling over it
back in the kitchen. Geeze! These are like all
of my favorite things. Cause people know, on down on Comedienne
Joy, I love a sop. Mmm. –Its good stuff. -This ain’t good
stuff, its great stuff! Oh my gosh. I’m going to need another
piece of my bread
so I can get my sop on. She know I like it. Love the gravy, mushrooms, and a big piece
of meat over here. Clanton is the only
place you can come and get a hot hamburger. My cousin came and visited
me from Alex City and when we
talking about a hot hamburger she said, aren’t all hot hamburgers hot? But she ate it, and loved it. Loved it. Its delicious.
This is a half hot hamburger
with gravy and cheese and gravy and cheese on my fries. They’re really good. Our sides homemade onion rings. -Now 4 of these freshly battered and cooked to
order onion rings come with one serving. Look at how big these
things are! These are not you baby onion rings.
–No they’re not. -These some Big Daddy
onion rings. –That’s right. Mmm. Girl you put your
foot in these. –That’s right. -Oh my goodness. Look how the batter stays on.
That’s what I like in my I hate when I eat
onion rings and the batter falls off. Mmm. These are good. And speaking of sides, check
out how they make their own hand cut fries. These are all
natural potatoes cut fresh every morning. We will take them
and put them in here. Flip. Take this off. So we have battered fries. Drop them in the fryer. And let those fry up golden brown. Bit of salt. And that’s the side of fries. -And after the break, we’re
going to introduce you to the Big Daddy
burger. So stay tuned for
more Dining Out with Comedienne Joy. [music playing] Hey this is John Witherspoon. I enjoyed Dining
Out with Comedienne Joy. Joy Every time I come
in the kitchen, you in the kitchen
Joy. Eating up all the food. All the chitlins,
all the collard greens, all the pig feet,
all the hogs mosh. Hey we love watching Dining In
with Comedienne Joy That’s right baby! Whoo! Comedienne Joy is the best. The queen of clean! [music playing] Before the
break, we took you to Big Daddy Burgers
in Clanton, Alabama. And showed you
their half a hot hamburger their homemade onion rings, and their hand
cut fries. So now I got to introduce you to the Big Daddy hamburger. –We’ll start with out 10 pound roll of ground beef. We prefer a finely ground beef. Its the this is the 81/19. So it doesn’t
have a whole lot of fat. And we’re going to just kind of
work it up a little. This is 10 pounds,
so we should get about 20 burgers out of this roll. So that’s makes
them about half a pound each. So that’s how we’re going to start. Its about a half a pound. I just don’t want a premade patty that’s coming in frozen. I mean you can really
taste the difference. And I thin that’s just where it starts. Alright, so this
is going to go in a special sauce. Can’t tell you whats
in our special sauce. I can tell you
that theres some garlic, some beef broth, and a little bit of soy. I’m just
going to let it sit for just a
minute. Usually if we put cheese on a hamburger. So that’s ready for a bun. Got your 5 inch bun for your Big Daddy, okay. Alright. So we are
going to start with our first patty and cheese. And our bacon. Then we’re
going to go with our other patty and cheese. And some bacon. Lets go with some romaine lettuce, tomato, we’re going to add a couple of pickle, and then we are going to do our ketchup, mayo mustard. Little bit of onion. Top up on it. And there you go. -And that my friend is a
Big Daddy burger. And that is one big burger! Man this is, wow. Oh, look at this ya’ll. It is so juicy. Look at the juices
through this thing. I know this
is going to ruin my diet, Jackie, but
guess what? I’m going
to have to go for it. Mmm. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. This is so mouthwatering. So juicy! You know you get this from all of your
customers, don’t you? Is it the bacon?
Is it the toast, the bread?
Is it this is the flavor
of the burger? So juicy! Mmm. Listen, this
Big Daddy burger make you want to be a big momma. The thing at
Big Daddys is the is the bacon cheeseburger. Its a very very tasty meal, but above that
I think its the service. It really is the employees
here and the environment that keeps
me coming back. Very tender and tasty.
-Customers stand in line not
only for the hamburgers, but also for
the Thursday special. We take our hotdogs, and we wrap them in bacon. We wrap it up and then we take toothpicks and stick it in both ends. So the bacon stays on the hotdog. when we fry it. And this is
the bacon wrapped hotdog. So we put them in the fryer -How long does this cook? –5 minutes. This way all your bacon is crispy. This is our bacon wrapped hotdog.
We’re going to make for you. Pull our skewers
out, place it on your bun, okay?
Then we’re going to move over here and
we’re going to put some ketchup, mustard, this is mayo, and we’re going to put some really good cheddar cheese, little bit of onion, it won’t hurt anybody. Just close it
up like a sandwich and just open up
really wide and take a big bite! -Its all of that. –Yes. So from now on,
when I get my hotdog, it needs to come with
some bacon with this. This is delicious. You can’t go
wrong with bacon. –No. Big Daddy
Burgers is located 3 miles in
Clanton off exit 212. I’m Anthony Crawford,
the owner of T-Bones at 20th Street South. I’m it was a
very good experience. I had my reservations at first, but I was pleasantly surprised the attention and
the response that we got was incredible. That it ran more than once helped out a whole lot. Because a lot of people
missed it the first time, they were able
to catch it again. So its like getting double the bank for your buck. I believe that the spot aired on
Saturday morning, and by lunchtime, I was already getting a response. [music playing] Now typically when you see me
eating chicken, it is off the bone. But when
you are looking for a delicious homemade tasting chicken tender,
you’ve got to make your way here to
Hoover, Alabama to my friends at
Famous Freds. His chicken tender baskets
are incredible and so are his clubs,
and his burgers. Three baskets a go. Famous Freds located in the Burlington
Shopping Center on Montgomery Highway,
has been cooking up delicious chicken
tenders for the last 30 years. Now they have a new owner, and
they’re they’re still making delicious
chicken baskets after chicken
basket, after chicken basket. And he says they go through about 300 pounds of chicken every week. –The chicken
basket is the bomb. -And what sets yours apart? –The sauce. Our sauce and our seasoning. Well, we
take the chicken and we put it in a bucket
like this and then we put our marinade
seasonings all in it. And then we mix
it all up really good. And we put it in
the refrigerator and let it marinate for
a few hours until; we start lunch. -And after a few minutes in
the grease, along with these crispy fires, I understand why Famous
Freds is so famous. Cause my mouth says, mmm Well I mean
you just made one of my favorite things,
chicken. –Yes. -Now listen, typically I eat my chicken and
leave bones, but when I saw you frying this,
I knew I had to have some of this. It
looks so good. And this sauce over here.
What is in the sauce? Because you told me
this is what makes it so good. –Its a mayonnaise and ketchup based sauce. -You put more
than that in here. –Oh yeah, oh yeah.
-This is really good. You can’t go wrong with chicken anyway. And I know you
want to tell me how you marinade this, but
I swear this tastes just like chicken that
I would cook at home. –It does. We
have a lot of people that come in and 90% of the business
is chicken baskets. That’s what everybody
wants. -Everybody loves chicken. I love chicken.
The world would be a better place with more chicken. Especially here at
Famous Freds chicken. –That’s right!
Come and get your chicken. -Its so good, I can’t stop eating
it. And I’m not the only one that loves
the chicken fingers at Famous Freds. They’re pretty good. I like it because its kinda crispy. -Now you think
you want to share some of your chicken with me? Really? You not going to share
your chicken with me? –Nope! -Kids. And if you prefer the lighter side.
When eating at Famous Freds, he will give
you your chicken basket grilled.
–I needed to loose a little weight,
and one of these easiest
ways to do that is to go grilled. And their not a lot of fast food places or even
restaurants that are known for grilled chicken. Especially being able
to just walk in and pick it up. Except for
Famous Freds. -Did you say you
lost 51 pounds because you switched from the
fried chicken to the grilled chicken? –That is correct.
That’s exactly what I said. -So I got to give up my fried chicken and order to be skinny? I’m just
going to soak my stomach in because this
chicken at Famous Freds it is too
good! –Hey but the grilled chicken
is too. I mean this is you can’t tell me that doesn’t look good. And its tasty. -What? Am I going to tell you that. –What you got there
is texture. You got that crunch. That’s delicious, but grilled is also fantastic. I’m going to hold on to my fat just a
little while longer. Stay tuned and after the break I’ll show
you the sandwiches and the breakfast that’s
served Monday through Saturday at
Famous Freds in Hoover. Want to wake up to this beautiful view
while you’re in your summer vacation in Orange
Beach or Gulf Shores? Well let Bella Beach
Property take care of all your vacation
and rental needs. Bella Beach
Properties has condos all along the
coast, and they can fit any budget. So
whether its a big family, or a girls
weekend, Bella Beach Properties has
a place for you. Mention Comedienne
Joy for 10% off. You can contact
Bella Beach Properties at 251-981-2431. That’s 251-981-2431. Hello, I’m Jefferson County Commissioner
President Pro Term stand for
Little Brown. I’m out enjoying it with
my children, and I love watching out Dining Out with Joy! [music playing] Before the break I took you to
Famous Freds in Hoover Alabama,
and showed you their famous chicken baskets They also have breakfast sandwiches that
you can order because we all know that
breakfast is the most important meal of the day. –The sandwiches we sell a lot of sandwiches.
Making egg, and cheese. Sausage, egg,
and cheese. A lot plates, breakfast plates. People get their
eggs overeasy. scrambled, bacon, Foods great. Biscuits and in the morning.
Bacon, egg, and cheese, or bacon, egg,
and cheese sandwich. Its the best. Grilled cheese Chicken basket,
what you mean Oh yeah, I
love the grilled cheese. And you gotta
have the ham. You have to add the ham. BLTs.
I love the chicken basket It comes with so much fries, chicken tender.
And the Fred burger. And a good biscuit. 3 eggs overeasy with biscuits, and um grits. -And when you want something a little
bit more hearty, you got to check out the
club sandwich at Famous Freds.
–I’m going to put some cheese. We’re going to put
some ham, and this is going to put some
lettuce and tomato on it. Its going to have
3 pieces of bread, its going to have
a fried chicken patty, going to have ham, bacon, mayonnaise,
lettuce, and tomato. And its going to have
American cheese and Swiss cheese -This like the big mac
of sandwiches over here. 3 pieces of bread, bacon, chicken, Mmm-hmm. –Its good. -Its something else in here
that just makes it it makes it pop. Is it the chicken? Is it
the combination with the bacon? –I think
its a combination of all But not very many
clubs have the chicken You don’t find it everywhere. So it definitely makes it a lot better to me. – Well, chicken is a game
changer. You know that my favorite food.
–Oh yeah, mine too. -Yes, I love
this. And just like I demolished those
chicken tenders, you know I’m about to demolish
this club right here. I’m going in for the kill! Something else that’s pretty
popular at Famous Freds are the chicken
salad. Famous Freds also makes up some delicious hamburgers. So stop in today and tell them
Comedienne Joy sent you. While you’re at it,
get me another one of those chicken baskets. Well that’s going to do it for
this weeks edition of Dining Out
with Comedienne Joy. And if you need more
information on any of the segments you’ve seen
today, simply go to my website. That’s
DiningOutwithComedienne Joy.com. DiningOut withComedienneJoy.com. Now if you have a restaurant
and want to be featured give me a call.
That number is 205-482-6 999. 205-48 2-6999. And remember the places that
I take you, the food is so good it make
you want to lay down Now if you eat too much like I do sometimes,
you need to come over here to Wellness
Pharmacy and see my good friends over here.
They’ll take care of all your needs. Your
heartburn, your indigestion, your gout, your
diabetes, all your pharmaceutical needs.
And when you tell them that you saw it on
Dining Out with Comedienne Joy, they’ll give you
$5 off your $30 purchase.
They’re located right here in the heart of Hueytown.
Like to see you here. And we’ll see
you next week on Dining Out
with Comedienne Joy.

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