Discovering Scottish Seafood – Serge’s Story

Oysters, mussels, lobsters, langoustines.
When I moved to Scotland, I’d never tried oysters before, and now I’m in love with
oysters. I see most of the chefs saying the best seafood comes from Scotland. Lobsters
come every day, absolutely fresh, half an hour from the water. I think that’s something
incredible. My main fisherman, we have an absolutely great relationship with him, I
take care of him and he takes care of me. Scottish lobster is so much better than from
somewhere else. The fish is more delicate than the meat, so
the timing is very important. I don’t like a stressful atmosphere if you don’t feel
comfortable then you can’t cook. I think that if the chef is angry then the food is
angry. Some people are always going to say “I’m the best”, but my philosophy is
not “best”, it’s “different”, and I’m pretty sure someone else is going to
do different. Of course my word will be the last one but I always listen to them. I love
Scotland, I love the hills, the trees, the high mountains, everything. It’s beautiful,
it’s beautiful.

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