Diving Into the Hidden World of Seafood Sculptors – Mini Documentary

Beauty is art and art is finding the
beauty in things that are art which is beauty. We’ve been perfecting our craft
for over 30 years but we still find something new with each piece. I’m Blue Azure And I’m Blanc LeBlanc. And we’re seafood sculptors Seafood and ocean byproducts have always
been our material of choice. There’s nothing quite as expressive or pungent. We’ve made over 600 pieces in our lifetime and each one is like a child
that we’ve birthed from our salty, briny loins. Yes I’m a big fan of the fish
fishing. It’s a comment on our society and our treatment of immigrants. We met
at Narcotics Anonymous in 1984 and we’ve been together ever since. The “Venus De Fish-o” She’s made of solid albacore tuna and mayonnaise. She…she spoke to me. Yes she said “Oh Hello” “The Life and Death of Bruno Adams” Bruno was a friend of ours. In N.A. Yes. From Ecuador. Yes. He often spoke of his days farming Before he began farming the streets for
methamphetamines. This next piece were about to show you it’s dark, it’s gritty, it makes you think. It is not a freebie. It is scarring to some. This is an anchovy. In a birdhouse. Shrimp on a bike. We still have one of the first pieces we ever made together. We have kept this piece since 1999. This one is called “The Life and Death of Anne Frank” It was made using fresh salmon,
canned tuna, fresh gulf shrimp and canned caviar. Aside from being culturally
significant and utterly breathtaking All of our work is fully edible Delicious. You’re delicious.

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