DIY Budget Travel (4K) – Sydney & Blue Mountains, best FREE attractions and cheap eats

90 comments on “DIY Budget Travel (4K) – Sydney & Blue Mountains, best FREE attractions and cheap eats”

  1. Raul Ponce says:

    Very good information😀

  2. Ajmal Shah says:

    majestic city sydney nice view

  3. Mr Maxwell says:

    Nice video. What 4K camera do you use? Great quality but you should use a small gimbal 🙂

  4. Samur Isma says:

    You did a fantastic job. Breathtaking! 🙂 Can’t wait for your next video. I am a video creator too and would appreciate your opinion on my work.

  5. 9nes9 says:

    great video ! Thank you man it will help us a lot tomorrow as we heading there 🙂

  6. Saddam Mohmand says:

    Love your from Pakistan.

  7. TONG SO says:

    최고로 ;도움이 됩니다..감사.^^

  8. 4k Australia says:

    just watched the video you said not to go to blue mountains after rain but that is the best time to see all of the 25 waterfalls there

  9. Dimpu Dhar says:

    Loved the descriptive videography and narration. Very Helpful !! 😀

  10. marcelo duran says:

    great video

  11. kelly says:

    Great video, love it

  12. kelly says:

    Going to Sydney soon. Which market is a must visit?

  13. David Ross says:

    excellent video. going in October. your tips are great!!

  14. Summer Wood says:

    Great info

  15. Sue Cantieri says:

    Excellent Video and very informative I am going to use alllllll  of your information, keep walking and keep doing your amazing videos !!!

  16. Snow 95 says:

    Can i ask how to go blue mountain?? About the train time go to there and the bus..

  17. wendythepooh says:

    great pic of info. coming to sydney in Dec. will definately visit all that recommended in the video.

  18. RiverDanube says:

    Just to let you know, cigarettes are very, very expensive in Australia.

  19. G Goldfinch says:

    Enjoyed your video. Well photographed and commentary is informative. Thank you.

  20. ANA RAMANA says:

    Thank you so much. Very helpful and interesting!

  21. movieklump says:

    Well done very informative.

  22. Jeruel O says:

    Great work! I appreciate the content. looking for cheap ways for our visit soon. maybe it would help if the video is a bit slower. tends to blur at some parts. Overall, GREAT JOB!

  23. Yugin Chen says:

    I listened to you…$15 to and fro to three sisters!!!! thank you

  24. Aier Rahman Eraman says:

    Love your video.. Good job

  25. seeksoft le ijeu says:

    The background music is louder than you voice… Great video nonetheless 🙂

  26. Ben Chesterman says:

    Blue mountains Katoomba . 1hr 40 mins by car using all toll roads / train express 2hr 15 mins from Central , Distance 102km

  27. Cruizr Nut says:

    Good video. Headed for Sydney in April so this was very useful.

  28. Apolonioman says:

    What a great video. It's going to help me out tremendously for my trip to Sydney! I can't wait!

  29. Ben Chesterman says:

    Gets to – 5 in May

  30. Aleksandra says:

    One of the best videos about Sydney

  31. Theresa Nguyen says:

    Great video! Maybe use a small microphone next time so we can hear you more clearly.

  32. Nurul tea says:

    Amazing place. Blue Mountain Three Sisters. Thanks for videonya

  33. Carolyn Douglas-Epps says:

    Thank you – excellent information

  34. Sasa Travel says:

    Good one

  35. CK8smallville says:

    Educational and interesting!! Very well researched. I didn’t know most of this history and im from Sydney!!

  36. Talent At Live says:

    Does it snowfall in sydney?

  37. HeathWP says:

    Australia is a 'hot country' is a pretty big generalisation for such a large country. Australia receives more snow per annum than Switerzland. Travel 90 minutes west of Sydney and the climate is more akin to the UK rather than the tropics. Melbourne and Sydney's summers are fairly pathetic as well. New York, Toronto, Rome, Chicago, LA … some examples of cities that average warmer summer temperatures in the middle of their respective summers.

  38. Tours and Trekking says:

    Sydney……… one of the best tourist attractions in world.

  39. Barbie De luna says:

    Insightful vlog, you made us feel as if we were part of the trip. My friends and I are planning to visit Sydney and this is super helpful <3

  40. Henry's Holidays says:

    Lots of work went into the video and it shows in the quality of it. First class, what camera were you using?

  41. Natgrapher says:

    Great Video about my home city

  42. john lee says:

    lots of shaking. but great video

  43. Thiago Coacci says:

    Loved the video, helped me a lot to plan my trip to Sydney. Just a little warning: i got motion sickness from watching the video since the camera is pretty much moving all the time.

  44. Deepak Sharma says:

    may I have office address in india

  45. Pete Smith says:

    Paddys market,was the fruit and vegetable market for Sydney back when.A hive of energy,as products from everywhere,where trucked into the Market on a daily basis.

  46. din santiago says:

    very nice

  47. Tony Bailey says:

    Route 400 has no provision for luggage. Don't be surprised when the swearing starts.

  48. Michael Arthur Deutrich says:

    Great job,great video, Thanks a lot for the work you had.

  49. Pita Veilleux says:

    Thanks Charles for taking the time to do this.

  50. marquies hill says:

    I will down here in two weeks

  51. Mary-A none Berg says:

    I'm from the area and it is great to see a video that shows my city so well. It's great to see Sydney when vivid us in. A night walk through the city and ferry ride on the harbour is spectacular at that time.

  52. Makrem Nasri says:

    fantactico 💫

  53. Michael Myrt says:

    Congratulations, EXCELLENT !!. My last employment before I retired, I was a taxi driver for 18 years and that gave me an opportunity to learn Sydney and I don't think you missed anything for visitors. But the real beauty of Sydney, are some of its suburbs, like in the Middle Harbor and Pittwater

  54. Brady Martin says:


  55. CHUR66 H says:

    Awesome video and commentary
    Thanks Charles Huang
    Very informative

  56. Tacit Dionysus says:

    The Opal Card does not operate throughout NSW. It works in Sydney and well beyond, but not on (NSW TrainLink) regional train/coach services and private bus services in and around many country towns. However, it will get you to places like the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Newcastle/Hunter and the Illawarra, which are each a couple of hours by train from Sydney Central. You can do a good round trip by ferry (a beautiful trip) and bus to Olympic Park, then back to Sydney by train via Lidcombe. Another walk with really great views is from Manly (ferry from the Quay) to The Spit (bus back to city) or vice versa.

  57. Thomas Bailey says:

    Another great video! How many days do you recommend for Sydney?

  58. Dzung CT says:

    Very informative and interesting, thank you!

  59. Nikolay Georgiev says:

    Best video so far about Sydney! Thanks, Charles.

  60. René Boe Sørensen says:

    A little factual error has snuck in: the Sydney Opera House was designed by DANISH not DUTCH architect Jørn Utzon.

  61. Explore Australia says:

    Very complete info about Sydney
    Thank you for makes this great content

  62. LazyAussieLurker ! says:

    Nice video mate, I'm doing a similar thing, but each day over a few weeks.
    May I recommend The Rocks to stay instead of Central, more things to do, nicer area – try the YHA for cheap accom.

  63. jolin chin says:

    How many days u go?

  64. rahmy1743 says:

    Sydney is the city of dreams 🇦🇺❤️🇦🇺

  65. Mia Dayanan says:

    Thank you for this informations.. Gonna try to explore them later..

  66. Phan Minh Hải Foundation says:


  67. sekar gopal says:

    never seen a better travel guide of sydney.
    very good and thank you.

  68. Heza Al Qaisi says:

    so helpful and condense video, best sydney travel guide yet

  69. Alicia Martinez says:

    Loved your suggestions! Could you give us more info on the entrance fees and how Scenic Word works? Not sure with so many tours how it works. Thanks again for your into. Was awesome! 👍🏼

  70. Worldtraveler8899 says:

    great video thanks for the info, Tokyo is two words pronounced TO KYO no To Kee Yo, fyi, Chinese characters translate as Eastern Lantern on capital

  71. WID E says:

    Nicely done Charles!

  72. Malik Qadeer says:

    Its on my bucket list. Thanks for this wonderful video.

  73. Sha C says:

    This is fabulous! Thank you so much!

  74. faisalsatti says:

    Great job in a beautiful way to sum up

  75. Nick and Helmi says:

    this was well put Charles 😃👍

  76. Happy Kay says:

    Great video, one of the best I’ve seen! I’m flying to Sydney in two days, never been to Australia, and this has helped. Thanks Charles 😀

  77. Walter Quick says:

    WoW! was going to bypass , not NOW!! Thanks

  78. Carolyn Nicholson says:

    I thought you were very good in showing everything and quick which was good you didn't drag it on even though I'm Australian I know all these places you went to but I still enjoy it .😊💜

  79. Can't Wait says:

    Very well done indeed, thank you. From a local.

  80. Tanya Beznec says:

    Great stuff…For a cheap day out at the beach is to catch the train to Cronulla.Its the only beach that the train goes directly to its a beautiful place.lots of restaurants,cafes or fish and chips and you can catch a ferry near the train across to the Royal national park.

  81. Mads._.Maddie1 says:

    I was born, raised and still live in Sydney, and cause of this video I kinda realised I take all of this for granted..its just so normal seeing these places almost every day

  82. Brooke Ayton says:

    This is brilliant. Actually can't wait to come home. this is a really comprehensive look at what there is to do in sydney.

  83. trotamundo76 says:

    I got here from the Airport Link website so I was expecting a boring video full of tourist traps but it’s entertaining and has great tips for budget travellers. Just what I was looking for, thank you.

  84. Tay Aaron says:

    Subtitles would be much appreciated.

  85. Eden Garcia says:

    Thank you 🙏
    Great video.
    Love all the history

  86. He Shoots, He Soars - Photography and Travel says:

    We're headed to Sydney next month and your video has helped our planning TREMENDOUSLY! Thank you so much!

  87. Kristen Scholl says:

    Hey I have two videos from when I was in Sydney. Check out my channel and let me know what you think!!

  88. Mohsin Ali says:

    Love you best video ever

  89. Nishchaiy Dakhane says:

    Awesome video. Had the fortunate experience to visit Sydney in June 2019. Incredible country

  90. truthsout says:

    I don't just like it, I love this video. I grew up in Sydney, now living in the Blue Mountains and I think your video is wonderful. Thank you so much.Many blessings.

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