DIY Edible Candy Gifts!!! *FUNNY PRANKS* Learn How To Prank Using Candy & Food Christmas Supplies

You challenged us to oh my god!! To
make DIY edible Christmas presents that you can literally eat! So right now we’re kicking it off with Christmas Trees Got open up the butter Yeet So basically we need three tablespoons as you guys know this is how you cut a stick of butter Get it. Cut it there we go All right now time to add the marshmallow all right, you’re only supposed to add a handful handful. Yeah, okay, cool wait, no, bro What are you doing to handful? That’s about a handful. No this I had hands Devin This is the bonding ingredient for rice krispies, which will be the base of our edible Christmas tree this smells delicious Blister this Devin it’s called the quick pat technique Boy, never made more and this looks just in bro, it’s Leaked out this is melted marshmallows butters. We’re making the Christmas tree. It’s got to be green right now We got some green food coloring and as you guys know. I’m very good at moderation check this out Starting to smell a bit singe I’m feeling rather tight and so I’m gonna add this entire day away colors right now Just mix it all up don’t worry one goal that bro alright, so guys next up here We got a pan and then we’ve also got Right I? Don’t feel safe as I move it over No, no I’ll be very calm, I’ll be very careful very slow Okay, we’re good. We’re good. Jesse. You just do that. That was a yes alright. It’s time to pour this in Me the scooper divert the one oh they come together really nicely I get so excited about these little DIY creations. We do man. These are cool. Wait, bro I just realize I’ve been sitting here doing nothing wait. I just realized I think well aware of this I could actually be help it out, so here. We go nice I’m here to help you out this stuff is turned out really really cruel by time first, but Pat Don’t lie. I think we are good here To construct our Christmas trees. We’ve got nonstick spray for our handheld We can mold it and shape it into the perfect treats of Roe versus brown So now I guess we got this grab it Names d’amour so Devon’s good for that strat My strat is to make the biggest Christmas tree ever stop stealing time to shape the tree. Oh my gosh I do not have enough oh
You didn’t know Holy cow I feel like you should have done this when he was like that is like firm Very firm Billy my shape is not as good as Devon fits at all. How’s your so good? I’m good for a new strategy on this gun for pure Heights I want this thing to be reaching into the sky like a massive tower alright that looks about good Let the decorating begin Oh, No let’s see it’s gonna get a whole Bunch of carpet we got stars for days whoa, dude. Yes. I need some. No. We got some gold fairy Dust I think mine was pretty fantastic tada. That’s it daddy That’s it you have any more finishing touches because mine unlocked it in boom. It’s done This is it I do have one Japanese made a crazy change to his here We go the big reveal three two we’re going first fine taking subscribe challenge We want to see you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds You ready here we go 5 4 3 2 1 done I gave you to that comment down below coming right now and here we go the big reveal. You ready 3 2 1 tada You added a base to your trance I did I added a tree trunk so comment down below who won this round is in my beautiful super tall tree or Devon’s Hyper-realistic actual Christmas tree for this round you challenged us to somehow make hot Chocolates into edible slides so the kick is off we got rusted Roasted so we’re gonna turn it on both we need two tablespoons of the olive oil the next measurement is very exact it needs to be We have never made slime like this ever before especially animal slime 1 2 3 marshmallow trickshot Bro this even sounds fluffy, this is getting melted so quickly, but like it’s turning into goopy slide stop this stuff smells Incredible now two tablespoons of this stuff Now we need two tablespoons of this hot chocolate mix boom there we go all right final line smooth Delicious slime I’ve ever smelled. This is gonna be so good. Why we never never smile like this before Greatest way of doing it bro. Your spoon. Don’t cover my spoon. I got it I know how we do this candy cane rescue mission Next up we gotta add some cornstarch and some sugar okay, there’s a little bit of powdered sugar Now time to take the melted down marshmallows and hot chocolate powder. It’s not really coming out at all ready Slowly, but surely slowly, but you’re gonna die up I feel like I need to be heated up more Okay, take the plant seven flip it over. We gotta put it all back inside maybe It’s not eat it up and Boom an that got stressful so guys we got to reheat it up right now. We made a big mistake, dude. It’s burning Let’s dump it out. Oh my god jumping It’s dumping dumping this one for looking delicious – looking like something else all right. Let’s grab Mix it mix it this place. Oh, it smells Bert now. Holy cow it’s on the hot plate debit Oh, No get it off, bro that good set up the fire line oh Man, I don’t even know this you’re gonna turn out good if we’re gonna Do got some cups here, and you’re gonna kind of drill some of the design. Oh, yeah Yeah, it might even melt the plastic to be low-key on us there we go. Oh, it’s hot it is Okay Also comment go one. Is it mine actually made in the copper Devon’s on a spatula Yeah, we’re gonna eat these at the end I still hope it’ll taste good and right now or on to the next round Have you ever wanted to be able to eat an order it’s like Chomp on it. No well after this DIY you’ll be able to do that because we’re making ornaments out of chocolate We felt it down three different colors of chocolate and the Baker can take a little paintbrushes and then paint and decorate the inside Of our ornaments first we got to make sure doesn’t stick so we got a spray nice all right. There’s one Oh geez I think we did way too much oil this isn’t even really working at all yeah I think that we definitely way too much oil. Oh my gosh. I got like white coated on the inside of some I got polka dots on the other alright guys getting a huge blob of Chuck so now There’s a paint in on the inside pretty much You’ll be able to freak your family out if you just put this on the Christmas tree and then one night You doesn’t pop it off good. Oh guys. I’m kind of hungry And your family were 30-count nextstep pop this in the freezer It’ll harden, and then we turn it into the actual or like we attach two separate things boom wood things pretty crazy It’s now come out of the freezer, and it’s the moment of truth Can we get the chocolate out without cracking it and I go first oh my god She kind of easy cuz this one here is you guys can tell it’s kind of like full of chocolate so this Shouldn’t crash. Oh yeah, alright. Let me see if I can get this one over here This was a little bit thinner I hear it, but I don’t know this cracking or not Yeah Up down this green one’s the last chance. I have it’s looking good looking real good. Oh I think the green ones turned out the best yeah, here’s what’s gonna happen gonna drop this on here quick slight burn looks good And then put on down over here same thing right now, okay? Put them together like this It’s not brown. That’s bad. I won’t be amazed if you get that out without cracking it. I’m going for it This is my last chance to even get what I believe in you’re deaf and I believe in you great It looks like a wrap present with a bowl oh yeah, that’s what I was going for three two one All right put them on top oh go for it go for it not a lot. Oh God Now the really fun part time to decorate it oh that’s actually pretty awesome right there, Oh? Oh, that’s light mist that’s a light mist perfect You gotta get some silver on there So there’s no gold left if it’s gold on the inside one final element left the top of the ornament Oh, I got it. I have a guy No, no, I thought I had it, but I didn’t have those I’m gonna work. So let’s just forget that Oh got it okay, bro I Really do think that’s frame idiot wears more to B’s B’s right now the rest of them at the end of the video But we just can’t wait all right here. We go three two One with three second light challenge if you like this video in three seconds ready here we go three two One done all right here we go We’re making Santa on a sleigh fly the first things first got a cracker candy cane open The base need to be hot gluing a chocolate bar to these two candy canes to create the slain It look like a sleigh all these little elf boots now. I think I’m going to remain a basic dude, but just use these Yep Oh, that’s really smart. Okay. That was like an awesome little sled right there so again for this I gotta crack this thing open. There’s a snake chop it open I Would not recommend opening it that way yet That’s a pretty easy viki’s taking candy He’s arranged it on your sleigh So we get even more chocolate, so I’m gonna put a little dollop on hot glue for chocolate ball Will never go anywhere santa’s delivered sugar glue gun topples Butterfinger another Butterfinger BAM boom Biggest throw there’s no aerodynamic eyeball top it all off the bit of chocolate my sled is finally done. It’s not Symmetrical at all, but that’s okay. I wonder what happened to put hot glue on chocolate Let’s find out it like literally melts it But you can’t eat it because now it’s glue all over it so that there’s that the only finishing step We need is of course the dude who owns. It. Sorry Santa buddy gotta put some hot glue on your beard But stay holy cow I am so proud of myself Are you gonna pop a snowman down here because Santa can’t be alone, and then of course got the reindeer They have a mandatory 15 minute break every 100,000 miles so chillin over here was saying the right now this is so far what I have going on with my slice the bottom of it is actually suspended from the ground and then I Got these candy canes for support, and they’re like the railings where he holds on to you know all right So I’m dumping all of these out, and I’m actually using this as my present carrier This is the bin where all the presents go well I think you’re making a huge mistake because it’s actually another use for this and it’s gonna be riding around in to jump in a One-horse open sleigh, this is Jacuzzi boy. No. It’s got a hot glue this thing like crazy boom there You go and I only have one Finishing touch left on top it stays man. I am an architectural genius. Oh, it’s kind of slipping all right In the back of mine look at those babies that’s crazy Yo Santa’s gonna be like let’s get them the presents for Everybody has to be hot glued to his seat next up is the finale and we’re gonna be eating all these delicious edible Christmas gifts, but first comment down below who won this round if in my sentence in a hot tub with ornament my turbojet Santa sleigh, man All the Wonder Bread don’t eat this but it gotta be patient and wait until the very end but right now We are on to the next round with this final round. We are joining forces to make this rain edible stocking Oh all the time we got so much candy so many marshmallows so much butter whatever this stuff is and right now. Let’s begin There we go now. We’ve got the butter melted time to add the smell oh This is so many marshmallows you gotta get this big pack put back put this turn to get mushy But I think it takes a lot longer when you a lot more because these are not going quickly this time Since this is stopping. We’re gonna make it red Oh, that’s a very deep red, so I’m getting four and a half cups of the rice krispies treats actually I’m not even gonna measure it. I’m just doing the whole box to Do this is so much holy cow oh? This is turning out absolutely Incredible it’s the perfect shade of red But think we’ve got it mixed up and not convincing like oh my gosh ready to go so now Let’s make this stocking fine, so I’m just gonna kind of follow your lead on this cuz I have no idea what’s going on He’s kind of like Hot Cheetos like little tiny hot cheeto his doom we’re making one That’s really big so you can put a ton of ready this stocking is Insanely big bro. It’s bigger than any sake I have ever received is fully stuffed with all the goodies So I’m gonna start with the top of the sake Boom go there go there go America Come America. I think we need something for the actual stocking dude Korver We’re gonna line it with some green gummy bears here at the bottom two that have no other ideas I’m gonna be tasting all these to make sure they’re up to our quality standards on our massive stocking. Oh these a little heart It’s super sweet Awesome, I love that all right big ones go low pass our bill a little Batman well I think there might be a lime flavor, but let’s hope it’s not Here try this so this one seems just as bad These taste like cherries I will be super happy he’s like a little like gummy ball Holy cows are strong so is the other thing taste It’s cherry I want all of it mine I Kind of wish you weren’t on my team at this Green balls boom before you eat it, bro You have to promise that you will not steal these like you did the last one You got a piggy promise me you promise you promise I promise biggest green apple We pinkie promise no no I thought my fingers No, I got cherry in the fucking green apple. Oh this bucket what other candy do we have can’t believe you Oh Licorice rings, let’s have a competition whoever come on get it all up in the mouth first wins right boy go No not anyone Oh, I’ve got another little game called walrus boy arf,arf we finally finish the stocking this thing took forever, but it looks Incredible and remember we’re about to eat all the different candies We made throughout this video right after this so stick around for that but right now the big reveal you ready three two one this thing oh Good, and it looks incredible if this showed up underneath the Christmas tree. I would lose my mind so right now guys I need the DIY edible things we made starting off of course with the Christmas tree this Christmas tree is gonna taste amazing and guys Comment down below what everyday items should we turn into edible foods next – right now. Let’s eat these Christmas trees, bro I’m gonna give in and do this my stuff my plate dude it stopped there We go kind of dip it in like this then just gotta like take a pilot corn on the cob three two one Don’t burn Bro, I completely forgot So this one here, we’re going to be careful like I don’t want to chip a tooth on this face Actually gotten really hard. Oh, my gosh Cheers. No. I don’t want to eat fish three two one Though the nose you’re going bro, do not make that one the way we made it come to change birth and groans oh oh That’s not good, so how we eat this thing man. I don’t know I was kind of tears Let’s toss up This right here’s five cards the most elaborate mix dispenser of all time again wait you got set in there. It’s in the race oh I hope he doesn’t see that as you have engrave you put that words We’re just talking and I want to eat that next word of that Oh, I hit it cuz I’m gonna give it to you later for Christmas. There’s no way you will find it You’re kidding me all right. Oh, I’m sorry I guess captain wait till Christmas to see what it looks like you can check that out on my snapchat Boom right here go down and snapchat bomb right over there dad if you wanna get another video click right over here right there You’re fine, you’re fine Four, Three, Two, One. Love you guys bye! Bye

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