DIY Giant Homemade Candy Pizza!

– Wow. Look at all these Orbeez from
our video we just filmed. – These are left over
from the video where we popped the balloon with a
thousand degree samurai sword. We’ll leave a link up top, so you can go watch that video after this one is over. – Woah. – This is crazy. – Yeah. – It’s like a really weird jacuzzi. We used this kiddie pool
to catch all these Orbeez and I think we should clean it out, so we can make a giant gummy pizza. – Yeah – That would be really cool. – So our cousins just
made a giant gummy pizza, so when you get a chance, go check it out. – We have all the ingredients
for our gummy pizza. We have gelatin, karo syrup, sugar, and a whole bunch of water. We’re going to do a lot of gummies, so I got forty cups of water. Look how cool the syrup
looks in the water. It looks like slime. Here’s our sugar for
our giant gummy pizza. This will make it really tasty. Woah, that’s cool, It
looks like a giant cloud. This is the last of the gelatin, now I just gotta turn the heat on and let it cook. When you move the foam, you
can see the gummy liquid and when it’s clear, you know it’s done. – I’m adding the red food
coloring into these cupcake pans to make the red pepperoni. – Sweet. – Time to add the gummy liquid. – Wow, these actually look like pepperoni. – To make our cheese, we are
using these cookie sheets. – And to make it white like mozzarella; we’re gonna add us some milk
to make it a creamy white. – It’s gonna make our
gummy white for cheese. – We’re ready to make the pizza crust, so we’re going to add the gummy liquid. – Well, I hope this is
enough, I don’t know. – Woah. – Woah, that is a lot! – Get over here. – Wow. – Is it enough? Is it enough?! – Oh no. Is it? – Here’s our crust. Stir! Stir! Stir! Stir! – Yay. I think that’s
enough for the crust. Kinda looks like scrambled eggs. – I don’t know guys. – We didn’t have enough gummy
liquid to make our crust, but hey, it’s a homemade pizza. – Let’s see what a Pizza
Hut pizza looks like compared to ours. Okay, here you go. – It looks like a, ours
looks like a scrambled egg! – I know. It totally looks, ugh… – We have some work to do. – Yes. Definitely. – We let our gummy pizza
crust sit over night and we cut out a shape
that worked with our crust, because we didn’t have enough gummy. – Okay. – (grunts) – This is really cool. I think
this turned out really good. – This is slick. The cheese turned out really good, so let’s start cutting
up two shredded cheese. Woah. – We’re almost done with the first one. – That is cool. – Yeah. – I’m super excited to see the
final product of the pizza. – Yeah. This is a huge giant gummy pizza. This is gonna be awesome. – I know. – I love how when we added the milk, it made it look completely white. It really looks like mozzarella cheese. – Yeah. – Time to get the crust out! – Yeah, let’s move it onto the table. – Let’s be careful though, so it doesn’t break into little bits. – All bend! Here it is. – I’m kinda scared. – Don’t tear on us. Don’t tear. – Come on little Pizza Hut pizza! – We hauled it ourselves! Way to go guys! – Yes! That was awesome! – Sweet! – For our pizza sauce, we are going to use red snow cone flavoring. – I think this pizza is
going to look really good. – Me too. – Woah. That actually
looks like sauce. Woah! – Cool! – I’m super excited to see
what this pizza looks like. – Okay. Smear it all around
to make us some sauce. – Woohoo! – That looks super good. – Yeah! – I would eat that right now. – It smells like snow cones. – Yeah. – It does. – Wow. That actually
looks like pizza sauce. – It looks so good! – This is kinda like a
cartoon pizza on there. – Yeah! – It does. It looks like a cartoon pizza and it’s super fluffy. – Okay, now time for our toppings. – Woohoo! – Yeah, let’s do it! – It is a time to add
the mozzarella cheese. – (Laughs) That was very accurate. – The very accurate funny Josh. – I think it’s actually Italian. – We’re adding on a cheese. – That actually looks
like a pizza right there. – A cheese pizza. – It’s a cheese pizza. – Woah! That’s a lot of cheese. – That is. We made a lot of cheese. – I think one pan might be enough. Like maybe one or two pans. – Nah, let’s add all of it. – Yeah. Probably good. – Time to add the pepperonis. – These really look like pepperonis. – Yeah. – Woah. – Woah. They feel really weird. – It looks like stained
glass a little bit. – These are really hard
to get out sometimes. – Stop it! Stop it! There we go. – The giant gummy pizza is done! – (Cheers) – That is awesome. It really
looks like a Pizza Hut pizza! Look at that! – The pepperonis! – Yeah, and the white
cheese, the mozzarella cheese and the sauce… – Moy italia. – This is awesome! – Luke will you cut the pizza? Because it’s too far for me to reach. – Sure, I’ll do it. Okay, gotta keep it very perfect. Right here. Okay, here I go. – Don’t mess up. – Oh no! It’s kinda
sticking to the cheese. – Gah! – You’re doing it! – First cut done! – Yay! Yes! – We’ve got all the slices
cut, now let’s take a bite. – Okay. Woah, these are huge slices. Oh no! All your toppings, Kyle. – Hey, it’s almost as big as my arm! – What?! That’s like a foot long! Aww, all my pepperonis. One second, let me just
steal a couple pepperonis. – I got it! Yes! – Pepperoni, pepperoni, cheese, cheese. – Time to take a bite. – I wonder where to go with this. – Mmm. That’s good. – That’s pretty good. – Nope, we did bad. – Nope. Nope. Nope. –
Not as good as Pizza Hut. – That did not taste very good. – Okay guys, thanks for
watching Kyle’s Toys & Games. Click anywhere on the screen to subscribe and we’ll see you guys next time. – Bye!

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