100 comments on “DIY Pizza For Dogs!”

  1. Melba Flores says:

    Hey you can use this video as a tutorial of how to make pizza😂🤣

  2. Minecraft krishna Nair says:

    Amazing dogs

  3. Chayanika Chaudhury says:

    They are so cute

  4. Pro Bikers says:

    Man your dogs we're supremely excited to try out all of the ingredients ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  5. Jesster says:


  6. Daniel Najera says:

    It's supposed to be for dogs because I want to eat it

  7. Abhijit Mhatre says:

    I love them so much

  8. deto nator says:

    I want you to be my pizza 🍕 toppings

  9. Jola Przydzlosci says:

    Przepiekne szczesliwe psy.

  10. Harsh Srivastava says:

    What the fuck am I watching?

  11. Sara Bennani says:

    Im watching this and i don’t even own a dog 😂😂😂 anyone else ?!?

  12. Mary Laldinpuii says:

    Kakoa can"t control

  13. Bharti Sehrawat says:

    I think so that this pizza was not for the dogs they got only two pieces to eat, where was the remaining part… 😂😂😂😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  14. Kailash says:

    Life lesson: if you won't wait you will get wheat flour only. if you wait for some time you will get a delicious Pizza.

  15. 葉藝明藝明 says:

    两只二哈,靚女在解說二在搞搞振;-) 🐱🐶😘😂

  16. Sarah Ishrat says:

    Wow! !! When do dogs eat pixza?

  17. Gracy Sunidhi Mullick says:

    These huskies are sick they are so cool I'm feeling like to touch them like anything

  18. Army lovers Lab says:

    bhnchod inn kutto koto piche htale pehle .maderchodo ko

  19. Army lovers Lab says:

    ma chod di kutto ne pizza ki

  20. UN MUNDO DE LOCOS says:

    You are so beautiful 🤗

  21. UN MUNDO DE LOCOS says:

    Your dogs are so lucky to have you, their so beautiful omg!!!! Stunning to look at


    Don't you get dog hairs in ur food?

  23. ちゃんTrashy says:

    “I can imagine the struggles you’re having.”

  24. Auriux23 says:


  25. DeAnna Gilbert-Shabazz says:

    This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my entire life! ❤🐶❤🐕🐾

  26. yashpal singh says:

    Dogs are so lucky have so sexy owner😁

  27. Haider Ali says:

    She's too bad at making pizza

  28. Haider Ali says:

    And these two are damn good at finishing pizza

  29. Camara Johnson says:

    K said you’re ruining her low carb diet

  30. James Smith says:

    Kill god dogs chair table food camera kill us earth spoiled my mind watching

  31. _Shane_Anigans_ says:

    Kakoa is my spirit animal

  32. anthony star says:

    Good job but no peppers 🙂

  33. Yosief Abraha says:


  34. A C Prinjha says:

    Can we also eat this pizza????

  35. Hilton Tynes III says:

    Lol them helping was wanting to eat the pizza and sniffing every second so cute haha

  36. 艾葶 says:


  37. Kevin Zaldana says:

    5:54 😂

  38. Patchouli von Darnassus says:

    why not regular Pizza? and why no tomato sauce?

  39. Patchouli von Darnassus says:

    i want that pizza!! i guess i can add salt later…the dogs are like vendinge machines!

  40. Shery Ali says:

    Making food with your huskies near trying to eat raw food and you being so calm, tell me how are you so calm?

  41. Paolo D'Ascenzo says:

    Ha degli ASKY davvero belli. !

  42. happy doughnut says:

    Wow they really loved your pizza yummy

  43. Steven Orourke says:

    Yip I'd have defo slapped the irritating one to her right

  44. Steven Orourke says:

    Ge them more

  45. Сергей Дубко says:


  46. Pooot says:

    I love your two huskies, they're so beautiful.

  47. Anthony Crawford says:

    I love dogs

  48. MEllOW NINGA8 says:

    0:49:kokoa:Ima eat the leftover flour..

  49. Mark Ring says:

    hapy to see you beach

  50. Predrag Jovanovic says:

    6:15 Wow, your fits are super cute.

  51. Sukh Qazmi says:

    That is one sad pizza crust

  52. DIX MAX says:

    jajajajaja. me divierto viendo tus vídeos. saludos desde Bolivia

  53. thomas g says:

    Next time use a wet dish towel under your cutting board, that's what I was taught in culinary school

  54. Claudia Tawil says:

    These dogs are super funny. Couldn't stop laughing. They are helping. So adorable

  55. BlueFin Sushi Restaurant in Denver says:

    WAIT A MINUTE I have a husky like you and it’s name is

  56. Esa Mudani says:

    "ok thats good enough lemme eat it already"

  57. Bobby Yame says:

    Pizza 🍕🍕🍕

  58. Varsha munde says:

    The dog are very lucky to have like this master and owner but i like kokoa then sky 😘😘👍🏻👍🏻

  59. thisguyrighthere3 says:

    these dogs are so funny

  60. Czarrr for war says:

    Can you do a challenge?if yes then the challenge would be…………while your coocking your dogs chose the ingredients(any food)pls.

  61. Waffle jade says:

    I love husky

  62. Visky István says:


  63. NIKHIL Arya says:

    pizza is nonsense
    if you put some vegetables doesn't mean it is good
    don't eat anything without knowing about it;'s ingredients and how it cooks

  64. Paola Castro says:

    This is so cute! Totally making this for my dog

  65. Duc Phan Tien says:

    I laughted when you said : sky and kakoa help me make pizza😂😂😂

  66. Jasmine Garza says:

    Kind of at the end they are going crazy with the plates😅😅

  67. Adam Thompson says:

    oh my god they are unbelievably cute

  68. Regina Rocha says:


  69. mehmud says:

    you dont know how to knead a dough properly…. and trying to teach us? idiot girl

  70. Dr sourabh Purkait says:


  71. My Melody says:

    Those dogs seem to want to eat everything in sight !

  72. Nuzha Khan says:

    i hope you were able to make the pizza easily enough since your huskies were kinda….hungry.

  73. Anuj Singh says:

    Awesome the sky and coca is so cute

  74. Raphael Santos says:

    Dando essas pizzas pra cachorros vai sua capeta vai morrer e vai virar demonia sua troxa otaria

  75. Соня Соня says:

    Imma get a dog soon

  76. Соня Соня says:

    But i want to say… congratulations when you declined the crying prank. I'm so super happy

  77. Manuel Gutierrez says:

    i got all your bandanas for my huskies

  78. Eduardo g says:

    Gritando alto aqui….tira esse cachorro do ladooooo que saco que agonia…nooosssaa

  79. George Szweden says:

    Sky&Kakoa: MLEM

  80. Your Fate says:

    I laughed my ass off 😂

  81. Анастасия Дегтярёва says:

    почему люди это снимают?

  82. Aliquando Insanire Iucundum Est says:

    I totally loved this 😍 Merry Christmas to Sky, Kakoa and you 💕🎄

  83. Hayha&TylerA A says:

    i'm a new sub, Nice vids !

  84. Philip King says:

    Mega süß

  85. Rose Gonzalez says:

    Btw your such a caring mother of dogs and btw YOUR DOGS ARE SO FREAKING CUTEEE

  86. Pincle Greegary says:

    Great dogs😊

  87. Kelsey Greenwood says:

    How old is kakoa?

  88. mikael says:

    this reminds me of the time Cookie Monster tried to bake cookies

  89. kiki says:

    Kakoa is me bothering my mom

  90. Sarah Nozawa says:

    These dogs are so patient compared to my dog・

  91. Pastel Rainbow Girl says:

    Ooo this makes me really hungry xD and I also love sky and kakoa! Their so cute, Im also getting a dog in 1-5 months!

  92. Park Moon-Yeon says:

    Ur such caring and good owners! hope ur dogs live a nice happy life as well as u guys!❤️❤️😊

  93. Ashton Crews says:

    I realy hope yu dont feed them dairy cheese they could get sick

  94. Katie Reed says:

    They were helping u and they were also making sure its fine for them

  95. Lulu12 Lola says:

    Lol…nice table manners lol…

  96. AMILCAR Alegria says:

    Awww they were kissing

  97. Fatima Farha says:

    Hi i just want to tell you guys i love you guys so much😊

  98. Veronica Adams says:

    So cute I'm gonna steal them from you omgggg ahh

  99. Ana Carla says:

    muito lindos muito fofo

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