Do Japanese envy Half-Japanese people?

They know the culture of two countries but that also breeds prejudice. One of my friends was bilingual, people envied that… she struggled with…. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese this is CathyCat “Ha-fu”=Half is a word that in Japan commonly is used to describe people who are half Japanese and whose other parent is from a different country than from Japan. We often in our interview heard people say “oh I envy people who are half” and … I know that there a quite a lot of difficulties for people who are half Japanese… however many Japanese still said they envy them so this time we’re gonna go find out what they envy about them and if they can actually analyze and criticize what kind of problems people who are half Japanese have here in Japan. So let’s go and find out and Ask Japanese. Could it be that you are half Japanese? – No – That’s wrong Do you envy people who are half Japanese I do. I have a charming image of them. – What kind of image? That they are open to different cultures and such. I envy that they have pretty eyes. – Apart from their eyes what do you envy? – I envy that they can speak other languages What is half Japanese citizens do you admire the most? The Norther European type. – The blonde hair? – Yeah. – And you? I like half Japanese talents we see on TV What perks and hardships do you think half Japanese people struggle with? Any friends? I had some. – An asian half Japanese classmate No matter in which of the two countries they life in, they can make a life there maybe. But if they have to live in one of the two countries like Japan, they might feel like they are not completely from there. I think that’s tough. – Having to choose between countries Yeah. – Having the culture of two countries and knowing about it equally, makes them a target for prejudice. I think often bystanders will say “you can speak a lot right” even if they can’t speak English and such. There is an ideal of what being “half Japanese” is in Japan and they can’t fulfill it? Yeah. – It’s too late for you to become half Japanese but if you could be, what country do you admire so much? I have never wanted to be Half Japanese. – Why so? I am born in Japan. I am Japanese. I love Japan. I like my current lifestyle. I have the confidence that I am Japanese. I think that is good. The life here is good. Everyone accepts me as Japanese. – I envy half Japanese half European people But if you could choose, would you want to only be Japanese or Half Japanese. – I think when it’s about admiration I admire abroad because I have lived my life in Japan. I admire abroad more. Hey guys! Today’s topic is… Do you admire half Japanese people? – I wish I was born Half Japanese. I am using makeup to have a lid crease but half Japanese people have it easier. – You admire a lid crease? I do. – I admire half Japanese people. My favorite celebrities are all Half Japanese. They have defined faces and tall noses, lid creases, big lips. I envy that. I always think that. – Me toooooo I would rather be a foreigner fully. I love abroad, I love traveling. I want to speak more English Do you have any friends who are half Japanese? I do! One is half German, one is half British Wow where did you meet? School? – School Our school has some German education implemented that’s why we have many half Japanese students. – I have some Half Japanese friends A half Korean friend and … A quarter friend. – Half Philippine and other friends. – Think of your friends now Think of half Japanese friends who are not TV celebrities and live in Japan. What perks and hardships do you think they have. – One of my friends struggled with… people expecting her to speak English because she was half Japanese. But she couldn’t really. – Your friend from the Philippines? Yes. – She was always living in Japan you see. Her face looks foreign. But she has only lived in Japan, and only speaks Japanese. That was her struggle. – What are the perks? She was super cute and others were cool I envied that… friend who was half Korean could speak Japanese and of course Korean and also English. She was bilingual and everyone envied that. But she struggled with… similarly a lot of prejudice that people had I realized that. My favorite actor is called Shirota he is half Japanese and struggled… Yes he is from Spain! – Your smile just got bigger! – Yes What did he struggle with? – He went to auditions as actor a lot but because he was half Spanish, his face looked too foreign and he is tall. He got told “We are not looking for your type.” he failed about 100 auditions. – So auditions only wanted “Japanese looking” people, even though he was half Japanese he got treated like a foreigner. – Yes He suffered from that. – First… I think half Japanese who live in Japan must often be mistaken for foreigners in Japan they won’t be accepted fully. Even though they are living here. They might struggle to find their place in life. I think. But advantage wise.. they might struggle with their place, but they have 2 countries to choose from more than Japanese do. Quick question: Do you happen to be half Japanese? Nope we are not. – So… we often hear interviewees say they admire Half Japanese people I wanted to find out why today. – Their eye color The eyes are a beautiful brown and not black. – I thought brown shades are similar? Their brown is different. As if they are wearing brown contact lenses. Nice eyes. I envy that. – So you think Half Japanese people have brighter eyes? Their faces are more defined. I envy that. They have “defined features” – Yes. What do you wish you had? – Long lashes You struggle with your lashes? We use a lot of mascara. – I’ll tell you my mascara hint after the interview – Thank you. – Now this is impossible but if you could become half Japanese, what other country would you choose? Russia. They are so tall, stylish and pale I see… – Russian beauty? I would choose the UK – Why? – Just because So many said even if you are half Japanese, some people will treat you like a foreigner, expecting you to speak certain languages and a good example was the talent that was trying to go to about 100 auditions and got turned down because they looked too non Japanese even though they were Japanese in their heart of hearts and lived all their life there that’s a common problem that I hear from a lot of people who have parents from different countries. I am glad that some people were able to critically talk about this issue, while others just said “they are pretty I wish I was so pretty” There are 2 sides of the coin. How is it with you guys, I am sure that some of you who are watching have parents from different countries. Let us know the hardships and maybe if you have any advantages of having parents from two different places. I like what one of my “half” friends has said he said “I am not a half – I am double” and I like that. So let us know in the comments down below. Also don’t forget to subscribe, tick the notification bell and leave us a like just to say “thanks for making this video!” thank you for watching and I catch you soon for more stuff on Ask Japanese. Bye.

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  1. Sean Hartley says:

    This feels weird watching this as I am a half Canadian half Japanese living in japan lol. 僕ハーフだから変に感じる😆

  2. The Spongebob says:

    The girl at 0:09 could honestly beat Eminem at rap god

  3. Farhan Ahmed says:

    Hey…you did this video before

  4. Ali says:

    Why ask such shallow questions? Who cares about if they envy half Japanese or not. Ask more interesting questions.

  5. Karen Haircut says:

    I am also German/Japanese

  6. Toqa تــُقى says:

    This is shallow lol…why do u always ask these questions?is it to make some group of people seem more higher up than others? I don't get it lol

  7. Indojin AK says:

    Do you envy Indians ?

  8. Curly Enne says:

    These "envy of foreigners/hafus" Videos are getting a little annoying. I would rather like to learn about what is revelant to them. Is there anything going on in current politics etc.

  9. etatoby says:

    Question: at the very beginning of the video, one girl says「偏見になりづらくて」which the subtitles translate as "but that also breeds prejudice." Isn't it wrong? Doesn't it mean the exact opposite, that it makes it harder to become prejudiced?

  10. Ghl Scitel says:

    What about envying 1/4 and 3/4 japanese people? Wouldn't that question be much more interesting?

  11. Greg Sherman says:

    do it to me every time

  12. Yit Tee says:

    In my opinion, if a person is so fortunately to be a half japanese and half something else, he / she should capitalize and make the most out of it as there are so much potential for them to be able to speak and understand multiple languages. It took some people so much effort, time and money to learn another language but if one can start from young, it should be strongly embrace and take advantage of as that is the future society.

  13. Apollo says:

    Northern European types lmao typical answer can't say I'm surprised

  14. Katrina Wheatley says:

    Even though I am not half Japanese or another half Asian mix, I am biracial. (Black and white) Growing up in the 80's and 90's as a mixed kid wasn't as glamorous as some would like to believe. We got love as well as hate from both sides. We were made fun of because we didn't look look like one particular race. My husband suffered from the same issue. It's much, much better now so I'm glad my kids won't have to go through that. Thanks for the video. I hope everyone has a great day. 🤗🤗🤗

  15. Дина Исмамбетова says:

    Okay, this has gone on long enough. This is already 5 or 6 videos on this topic like what japanese envy about. Do you think the Japanese are such a defective nation that you only ask these questions or what

  16. grey momo says:

    Dear Cathy, we already know that many Asian people like European features. It's normal, they can't have something that we have, like a big variety of different colours of eyes and hair, so we are "particular" for them, and they see us as "anime characters". No matter how many times you will ask this kind of question, we already got the answer so MANY TIMES at this point, and it's basically always the same. I can't understand why you do these videos anymore, you are making us Europeans look bad, how if we want to hear all the time how beautiful we are. Honestly, it's annoying.

  17. Anisse Ezra says:

    I'm not half but I certainly am a banana (but I get mistaken as half)

  18. Vertie says:

    6:33 lmao her sudden SPAIN!! outburst was funny
    Especially after all that monotonous rap from 6:06 onwards

  19. Rodrigo says:

    Darenogare Akemi…

  20. Lenzal AFONSO says:

    When you're half , people do taunt you a lot on your accent , language , looks etc from an young age to even adults.

    I am not half race wise , but I am half inter provincial..( North/South mix ) type..

  21. Catherine Butler says:

    Off topic, but your kinpatsu hair was looking great today!

  22. Lonely Lobo says:

    fun vid. weird opinions, to some degree, as usual

  23. Feras Rafie says:


  24. Timothy Alchemy Freeman says:

    I am half korean(1/8 chinese) and half german(a little of something else, irish?) American.
    yup, i am not fully accepted in korea as one of them. I am looked as a foreigner. I even overheard korean woman say, “He wouldnt understand, hes American(white).” the way they talked about me was looking down on me. but i completely understood. And in America i am also considered a foreigner many times. And have been left out at times. one is never fully accepted or understood in either culture and my culture isnt either culture so missunderstandings can happen. i tend to take on outside culture and knowledge more easily and can drop culture more easily, so many times i feel i have lost a national identity. i have become alien. fortunately, being a half white/half asian seems to be the most worldwidely accepted race, even if not completely accepted. If i am not an accepted race in their eyes, i will be at least the next best race compared to theirs. my apearance is something strangely in the middle… black ppl think im porterican.. and they treat me as a distant brother many call me john legazama some actor i dont know… white ppl think im bruce lee or some asian actor… Asian think i look like johnny depp lol. but i never look like me.

  25. Mecks089 says:

    Remember that Cathy is pretty short and small, this girl at 1:22 is even smaller than her.

  26. Patricia Smith says:

    As an American ,who has never traveled overseas, I can still relate to the problems encountered by those who are "half". To be an American, is to have a heritage from all over the globe. We can't be defined by one particular look. Attitude,yes. …….Anything or anyone that is different in anyway, will always be seen as "exotic" and interesting. When you are used to seeing people with dark hair, dark eyes and having a more rounded face, you are intrigued by those who don't . In my family, you could have any hair color, eye color, or face shape. My brother and I both have darker brown hair (I was born with black hair), blue eyes and fair skin. My sister (prior to age 30) had blonde hair, gray eyes and skin that was deeply tanned. I find all people, no matter their heritage, beautiful. Despite the( inaccurate) portrayal from the media,most Americans share my viewpoint. Love the skin you're in, but remember the true person is the one within the outer shell.

  27. Suvi-Tuuli Allan says:

    Being a Half-Elf must be hard.

  28. Riho Friis says:

    Some people in the comment section get really triggered that Japanese like white folks.

  29. Robert Sadler says:

    Moonie Cathy cat little bit of the topic its something i thought of for a while now!As you know youself you lived in the Uk for a while you must of noticed the various Different Accents we have, a bit of a north and south divide in several areas of the UK!do they have this Japan, can you tell, i guess the locals may be able to recognize if there are Different Accents from the North to the South of japan!

  30. Petri löfberg says:

    My cousin is half japanese. she is half finnish and japanese. She speaks english, japanese and finnish.

  31. the pubg guy says:

    What is your age Catecat 🐈

  32. Daliessae says:

    My two friends are half Japanese born and raised in Japan. They constantly sruggle with not belonging to eather country – they look different enough so they are constantly mistaken for foreigners on Japan, yet they look even more foreign in Europe. They feel like they truly don’t belong anywhere and it’s bothering them constantly, so please, don’t be envious, be glad for what you have.

  33. Sechaba Theletsane says:

    I dono. I don't think anyone is gonna voice a controversial opinion about halfu's on camera cause they would not want to appear as not being shallow.

  34. JA PL says:

    I don't think people truly understand the experience of being half. Those of you who are will understand where I'm coming from. As a half korean/American I have two sides of the family that I have to keep up with. Its really challenging to do both at the same time and quite often I've asked myself where do I really belong? Am I an American or a Korean? Then you have the issues of being bullied/treated differently in school, especially if you live in a homogeneous society like Korea. People will look at you as if you are a foreigner. In these societies where 1 ethnicity makes up 97% of the population, you will be treated as a guest rather then 1 of their own for the simple fact you are different. So its not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to half people. We have our challenges too.

  35. Smooth Tendencies says:

    I’m half Japanese and I constantly get mistaken for a foreigner when in Japan. People are so surprised when I start speaking Japanese without an accent lol. I find it funny most times but sometimes it just becomes too much and I break down. Especially when really negative situations happen on top of all that like a taxi man refusing me because I’m a foreigner or girls saying really rude things about me behind my back thinking I don’t speak Japanese. I go to Japan every year and absolutely love it but feel the need to go back to Europe after 3 weeks because I don’t always feel welcome.. I really hope Japan becomes more open-minded and accepting in a few decades. It gives me hope when I see youngsters like in the video understanding the situation. As a mixed race person, I want to see the world become a melting pot of cultures where everyone accepts each other while still preserving the important aspects of their culture(s).

  36. gaby says:

    Keep doing this type of videos Cathy ….I like understand the mindset of Japan's people. Greetings from Europe !

  37. 絶望ガール says:

    The foreign countries that Japanese people pay particular attention to are the following:

    the US
    South Korea
    North Korea (in a bad sense)
    Some European countries that you're also familiar with

    Outside of these countries, we don't care in the slightest. Which means the races Japanese people are familiar with are other east asians, whites and (American) blacks. Also, half non-Japanese-east-asian Japanese don't have enough “halfness” to be recognized as half Japanese because they're virtually no different than Japanese in appearance. Therefore, if you ask Japanese people a question about half Japanese, they're much more likely to think of half white Japanese and half black Japanese.

    See? We have only two choices to begin with. So stop bitching about white people always being brought up, and being butthurt just because senpai don't notice your race.

  38. #Highlighted comment says:

    Please ask japanese girls if Size does matter? Or is japanese girl really curious to have sex with guy with big penis? Thank you

  39. Sean B S says:

    I do understand where the xenophobic viewpoints come from, but it still surprises me a bit, living in a more diverse country. I look forward to seeing Japan in another 20 years, when there are Many more cultures living there among a younger generation.

  40. Manon LM says:

    It sound like racism, hope it will get better soon for everybody, half, "foreigner that actually live in Japan "…

  41. Patrick P says:

    I understand, a half breed, gets the best from both worlds 😊
    I myself is a "mix" of two major parts of Denmark 🇩🇰

  42. Patrick P says:

    My body is Danish 🇩🇰 and my soul is Japanese 🇯🇵 I've allways felt like Japan was my second home 😌

  43. おっちょこちょいGlenn says:

    こんいちは かてぇねこ Your nihongo is excellent, can you give us some of your own personal tips on learning the language? I'm here in California, USA and have been a native english speaker for a LONG time. I have been studying basic Japanese, but am still struggling with comprehension and grammar.  どもありがとございます

  44. Shirou luffy says:


  45. kon takt says:

    Girl with purple hair is my kryptonite as a tourist who knows maybe 50 japanese words… Me: “ohiooo” Her: “brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt…desu ne” 😳😂

  46. Motuの俺育ちゃんねる says:

    I think it is true.
    Most of half japanese people have good looking and skill to speak other language.
    Especially women..they must envy.

  47. Bobby R says:

    Thank you for your work Kathy Cat!
    NY loves Kathy Cat🌟

  48. Just a Donut says:

    The answers are always the same and it makes me a little bit disappointed. Always blue eyes and blond hair.

  49. 18890426 says:

    So? In Japan, nealy 98% of them are Japanese. Why should we care about non Japanese?? Only fragile minded people(most of them are white) care about how they are considered in Japan. Even if we could care or treat non Japanese(non full Japanese) differently, it's only because Japanese people fundamentally treat others with respect, and non Japanese sometimes seem rare. That's it.

  50. vögelnacht says:

    I was surprised when one of the girls mentioned Shirota Yuu! He's amazing and also the first "half-japanese" person I thought about before watching the interview!
    I liked that sentence near the end… not a "half" but a "double", totally another perspective about it.

  51. Debbie says:

    I'm half Japanese and everyone is going to have different experiences. I'm born and raised in Osaka but currently live in Tokyo. I used to visit Canada twice a year to see my mom's family. I always knew I was different because I don't look Japanese and I remember only in elementary that some boys would say some negative things but nobody said anything in junior high or high school. My parents made me embrace both of my cultures and always told me that it's okay to be different. 😄 I often get stared at but I never felt confused about my identity. The only thing that I find funny or sometimes annoying is when people say oh you are half, you should model or be a talent. Because you see sooooo many half people in magazines and on TV.

  52. RDZ says:

    When I first saw you, I said: What the heck is this goofy stuff ??!! But, the more I watched your videos, the more you grew on me. ( in a good way ) Thank you very much for your insights on Japan and the Japanese. Please consider asking older people about their opinions of the younger generation. ( and the other way, too ) When I found out you are German, I thought : I bet you would be a lot of fun at a Weinfest or Schuetzenfest! Thanks for all you do !! 😀

  53. Pamea says:

    You already did this..

  54. Wonder Traveller says:

    I want half a kilo cheese. How to say that in Japanese?

  55. Wonder Traveller says:

    But I don't understand one thing, science says all humans have 99.9% DNA same it's only .1% dna that is different. So I see no point in prejudice or discrimination.

  56. majibento says:

    The girl on the left at the end could’ve passed as haafu tbh

  57. Bet K says:

    My parents are both polish and I grew up in germany. But though similaritiea growing up was still slightly different from typical german kids. And at school only because my polish isnt fluent one of my former classmate friends who is the exact same always called me still german in a mean way. His skills were only slightly better than mine. For some time it really started to hurt me because german culture is now looked down upon a bit here.(There are not that many obvious things anymore in german culture this is why+my classmate has people like me,but their parents are from different parts of the world like italy,ghana,america,russia)But then I started to not care and now I get hurt when somebody talks down on germans just because theyre german here. I think I understand a bit of how it feels not to be either

  58. Matsuzaka says:

    When people see me, they all immediately say that I have to be POLISH! I'm half German/Russian and the other half is Awarian (Dagestani) but I grew up in Russia and it's my mother tongue too. We moved to Germany some time ago. When I speak fluently German and English, all of them start losing their shit…
    My bf is Japanese and may God give me haafus 🙂

  59. nachtarachan says:

    I wonder if the "half" term refers to only half japanese people, or half people in general (like german-african and so on).

  60. Lympy Downunder says:

    I'm not Japanese at all but in rural Japan I often would be spoken to in Japanese before English, despite my appearance. I think because there are less tourists they assume you are Japanese to an extent.

  61. Feras Rafie says:

    Last 2 girls
    Looks like very kind…

  62. JustArandomGoatOntheInternet says:

    Umm wasn't this already done back in 2018?

  63. man orange says:


  64. Luke's Yu-Gi-Oh! Channel says:

    Interview Naomi Osaka on this one and about the discrimination she faces on a daily basis.

  65. dawdafasef dwdad says:

    racism against your own country. Basically saying european are superior to asian in term of overall attractiveness. I would never chose to abandon my asian roots and looks. I am who I am. Also it's not always green on the other side. Half asians can have identity issues and struggle with this part in life. Just be happy to be yourself and if others hate you because of your genes then fuck them and fuck the world for thinking that way. Everyone is special and no matter where that person comes from or his origin is.

  66. Boston Tracy says:

    “I’m not 2 half’s, I’m a double.” I like that, that’s a good way to look at things. I’m not half-anything; being that I’m an American man in the States across the pond, I’m a mish-mash of things. I’m part German, Swedish, Scottish, Irish, English, and plains Indian (Blackfoot, we think).
    And as a side note, you look so pretty with your hair curled! Especially in that winter-type dress!!! Don’t get me wrong, your braids are still cute, but your curls just look so beautiful and cute!!!

  67. Leslie Rivera says:

    I don't like when people say half Spanish I doesn't make sense it's like you say that you are half English. Spanish is a language not a country.

  68. Leander says:

    U should ask if Japanese girls are willing to date US military members xD

  69. Very Kawaii says:

    Yuck mutt blood

  70. Ziyiweishu says:

    You have like 10 videos asking this same question🤔

    Conclusion: Yes, Japanese envy Hapas, they dream of mixed babies, they're jealous of foreigners and wishes they were White.

    Ask another question other than how much Japanese worship white people

  71. LemonDerpsNGlitter says:

    I feel like there's a similar prejudice towards mixed race people in general, but it varies depending on the country. I'm half Chinese, but being American born, my dad also being American born, as a kid especially people would openly display prejudice and unrealistic expectations of me just because I looked generally "Asian." I don't personally know anyone hafu, but from what I have seen the same is applicable to a certain degree with added difficulty because of the way Japanese society tends to be so uniform. Looking different and standing out outside of television shows and entertainment seems as though it's looked poorly upon for the most part.

  72. マークジョン says:

    If you are half they will think you are fluent in english

  73. ゴルゴンゾルゲ says:


  74. Amakom Mac davis says:

    I'm a half cast…I recently came back to Japan…I left Japan at age 7… I'm 21 now…I speak both Japanese and English,as well as 2 other languages

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