Do You Need a Dedicated Avocado Slicer? — You Can Do This!

– On today’s episode
of Should You Do This, we’re doing unitaskers versus knife work. So, our first one up to the plate, pineapple slicer slash corer. I’m pretty fast. As fast as this? We’re gonna see right now. Go. Now I’m gonna do a dice on these ’cause I think that’s the only way to make it super equivalent. And stop. Now, the unitasker. Go. Done. Immediate comparison. This is a lot prettier. I mean, it’s a dice,
they’re all fairly even. It’s not beautiful. Like, we got some this, and
some that look like this. These, they’re all pretty uniform. Going into that pineapple was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I diced this pineapple in
one minute and 52 seconds. So, this unitasker came in at 52 seconds. Smoked. Unitaskers one, knife work, zero. But we still got two more to go. And I’m the comeback kid. Kiwi peeler. What is this thing? It comes with a very fancy, removal knife. Watch out, it’s sharp. What it was supposed to do is, I’m supposed to use this little shark fin to cut the kiwi in half and
when I cut the kiwi in half, I insert this in it, twist it a little bit and you’ll separate it from the edge and you’re gonna pull
it out and you’re gonna have four pieces of kiwi. First, with the knife work. Go. And time. Now, the unitasker. Go. And time. The knife work just by
taking a look at it, it’s a lot cleaner. The edges are better, it’s pretty uniform. It just looks prettier. The kiwi peeler, since
this is not a sharp edge, it pushes through a little bit
on the kiwi rather than cut. So, you don’t really get
very beautiful pieces. And here’s the thing that
really slows you down is it rips the skin. For it to stop ripping,
I actually had to stop before I reach the bottom of the kiwi. We ended up with a ton of the kiwi juice on the cutting board,
which means loss of flavor. Now, this knife couldn’t go
all the way through the kiwi. So, I had to do a spinning sawing motion to get all the way around. So, kiwi peeler. To do one kiwi, it took 38 seconds. Knife work, 22 seconds. 16 seconds faster and also just prettier. One point unitaskers,
one point knife work. Bottom of the knife, up to
bat, avocado tool thing. And this little grating thing right here run through your avocado
and it’s perfectly sliced and you dump it out and it’s like, all your avocado toast dreams come true. You get the beautiful fan out. Take it with some iced coffee, cold brew. I’ve seen a lot of traction on this guy. And as much as I want to say, just learn how to cut
an avocado with a knife, it’s super easy, this guy could put us in the loser’s column. Let’s get into it. Go. Time. And now, the avocado slicer. Go. Time. The easy use on here was kinda
grate, like this edge here wasn’t very sharp. So, you kinda had to
work around the avocado. The pit thing was super easy and the slicing is where I don’t know. Getting perfect avocados to
be exactly the same is tough. This was a little bit softer. So, the uniformity could’ve
been affected by that. The knife is just a little cleaner because it has a sharper edge. This is a tiny but more blunt. You can’t really get
very sharp with plastic. Was one really easier than the other? Not really. What this really comes down to is time. Knife work, 38 seconds. Not bad. Slicing avocado, 38
seconds, bam, bam, bam, bam. Avocado toast dreams come
true in under a minute. I don’t know the outcome of this one. So, someone who is timing
it is gonna tell me. The avocado slicer did. (wood banging) – Six seconds faster. At the end of the day, I’m
not a fan of unitaskers. I have a firm belief that knife work, except for that pineapple one. That pineapple one was crazy. Like get the pineapple thing all the way. When it comes down to
it, this was 10 bucks. Maybe six seconds faster, but
if you look at presentation and what you want fanning
across your social media feed, this is the one, and I think $10 in a tool that only does one thing
is not worth that $10. I think it’s worth
investing in a knife skill on this one. Knives win, unitaskers lose. See you next time. We are gonna use an egg
poacher versus a standard pan. The promise here is, is that.

100 comments on “Do You Need a Dedicated Avocado Slicer? — You Can Do This!”

  1. Mink says:

    I rather use a knife than to buy tons of individual "unitaskers"

  2. didyoucallforme says:

    How is it a unitasker if I have to use a knife to start using the unitasker, that's two things I am using immediately

  3. Pepe Le Pew says:

    My mum would kill me if I peeled a pineapple like that

  4. Belethor says:

    Who the fuck peels their kiwi?

  5. Alex H says:

    you know you stole "unitasker" from alton brown

  6. unreanding Games says:

    Good good but try not using the knife at all with the unitaskers

  7. Álvaro Cruz says:

    It's amazing how much food can this guy waste while doing anything….

  8. Calum H says:

    That kiwi peeler has to be for a child lunchbox or something.

  9. Adam Chen says:

    Well your kiwis are tiny

  10. Karen Lara says:

    I felt that shade. Haha
    I like cold brew and avocado toast haha

  11. Callum says:

    Okay so this isnt really accurate because Cliffs knifework…. It needs work.

  12. Steamwings .65 says:

    any unitasker that is supposed to replace a knife that requires a knife is already a failure imo

  13. JRatt says:

    Pineapple thing FTW! also learn to use a knife

  14. Jesse Thiessen says:

    Knife $1 not sharp not dull 3 unitaskers 30 all pretty dull

  15. artchick07 says:

    Avocado thing could be good if you have kids.

  16. Peter Mcavory says:

    You might be able to cut a advakadoo into interesting shapes and sizes..
    But can you do this?

  17. wawa says:

    Also a knife is a much better space saver than having all those unitask tools cluttering up the kitchen

  18. Luz Rosas says:

    I use a spoon for the kiwi

  19. Liuhuayue says:

    I love food. Subscribed!

  20. blogas draugas says:

    You can eat organic kiwi skins if you wash them.

  21. Mr. Meeseeks says:

    But think about cost and cabinet space too

  22. Germae Anne says:

    I find Cliff very attractive.

  23. Sobepome says:

    You timed it, but did you time how long it takes you to find the unitasker because you only use it for one thing so it's managed to find its way to the bottom of your random unitasker drawer graveyard? The knife is great because it does all of those things and takes up almost no space, and with a block it's always ready to go.

  24. isshinish says:

    Slicing avocado is actually very dangerous. Just use a knife to cut it open then use a spoon thereafter.

  25. firebladeflow says:

    the kiwi thing was like a dollar and I've never regretted it, as soon as you've figured out how to use it it's epic. I've started buying kiwis again!

  26. Breezaa L says:

    I got the avocado tool for christmas, I only use that when I make a bulk quantity of guac. but it’s good for that!

  27. Lutra Nereis says:

    I think what it comes down to is the quality of the unitasker. If it's a plastic piece of garbage, it's probably not going to save you any time. If it's a quality tool made out of appropriate materials that also serves to do a job faster and prettier than knife work, then there's a chance it could be a good purchase.

  28. Mesaeel Obeid says:

    You needed the knife to start the process for the pineapple unitasker

  29. MorganScott82 says:

    Storage. Storage is the biggest mark against the unitasker. I only have so much kitchen, one paring knife, one chef's knife and one serrated knife will meet all the cutting needs I ever have and I can mount them to the wall and take up next to zero space.

  30. Ch0pSticks says:

    To me, majority of all unitaskers are things that should be used on-the-go and not in the kitchen. Like something you bring to the park where it’s not socially acceptable to throw up a knife to cut some fruit/vegetables. I also don’t like having things pre-sliced since a lot of things tends to get mushy when it’s pre-prepped and sit in a container for awhile. I like eating my bananas in slices, so I always bring a banana slicer with me in my bag in case I want to eat a banana when I’m out.

  31. Dan R. says:

    I know a few freinds and people like my Mom are absolutly terrified of sharp knives. The Avacado peeler defeintly derves a purpose to thease folks.

  32. Corey Catalano says:

    Am I the only person that eats a kiwi like an apple, skin and all?

  33. Willyum says:

    Problem is you used a knife and a spoon for the avocado, where as the tool did it all. That's 2 things to clean instead of only 1.

  34. S4njuro says:

    omg no….

  35. S4njuro says:

    The amount of space that unitaskers take up is on the thing that was not mentioned and for me and I think a lot of people the biggest factor. I simply don't have a lot of space in my kitchen so an item like that needs to see frequent use to justify itself….

  36. The Mutton Chop Gamer says:

    Basically what I'm hearing is that unitaskers don't have very good blades. The blades for the Kiwi and Avacado were too small and would have been faster if they were larger, and the other parts that are supposed to work for slicing the food should have been made with blades and not plastic.

  37. TCC180 says:

    I do kind of appreciate what the avocado thing is going for, since with knife skills you still need a spoon of some kind to scoop out the avacado, and removing the pit can be a bit dangerous for some people….

    still rather go with the knife.

  38. gail yim says:

    I got my avocado slicer for 50cents on clearance at the store I wouldn't pay the $8 it cost

  39. Wolfgang Fontenot says:

    You don't have to peel the kiwi, just eat the skin that's where most of the nutrients and fiber are anyway.

  40. Roxy G says:

    These products are all designed for people with disabilities, making this video kind of redundant if you ask me

  41. nat2nathan2005 says:

    I mean, you still had to use a knife on the pineapple… so the "unitasker" (you totally made that word up) was kinda redundant anyway… now you just have two things to clean…

  42. abhi4u20 says: 12hr shift then commute 1hr and then try…

  43. TMoney9961 says:

    the only unitasker that should be in your kitchen is a fire extinguisher.

  44. huhhman says:

    Almost cut your hand at 3:49 lol.

  45. Ethan Buckley says:

    I have that avacado slicer at my culinary school

  46. Naughtysauce says:

    I just bought the avocado one, promptly going to return it ASAP!

  47. Lydia Diecidue says:

    A lot of unitaskers are made for people with disabilities who can’t use typical knife skills, so like, I️ guess this is fine video but just remember not everyone is able to cook all the same ways ??

  48. Barry B Benson says:

    also the knife can do all, one item can only do 1 food

  49. Kayzox says:

    Knife wins 100% because you needed the knife to cut the head off pineapple

  50. Devin Hennessy says:

    I like the skin on a kiwi.

  51. J. Esau Romano says:

    What if the avocado slicer's slicing part was made of metal? you know, with metal strings

  52. Dustin Cole says:

    i will say that pineapple one is really good tho, usually the BIIIIG fault of unitaskers is presentation they usually smoosh or just arent as clean….pineapple corer thing was beautiful and WAY faster and overall just looked easier than cutting and coring a pineapple which is a giant pain in the butt, other 2 not worth it at all

  53. Sirens says:

    When i worked at a sandwich shop we had one of those avocado tool things and i hated using that thing, the plastic isnt good at cutting the avocado and just ends up mushing it if you mess up, i always just ended up using a knife.

  54. John Lynch says:

    The bonus on the avocado peeler is that you will never need to go to the hospital having slashed through your hand trying to get the pit out. A slightly under ripe avocado becomes quite dangerous when you try to twist the pit out. That should be worth something!

  55. X says:

    don't get the pineapple one, think about it, not all pineapples are the same size, so some times it works great other times it doesnt and you end up wasting pineapple and allot of mess on your hands, own 3 tools to do these tasks or own 1.

  56. John Choi says:

    how much is the knife tho

  57. RJFlute says:

    The pineapple corer is great! My dad uses it to remove pineapple from the main fruit, and then we use the pineapple pieces to make some drinks, and serve the drinks in the shell of the pineapple! It's great for family gatherings and parties at home. Can't do that as easily only with a knife…

  58. David Lopez says:

    55! sec what will I do with all that extra time. I know, not waste my money and just use my knife, wow that was so simple

  59. MuseOfHeart says:

    I have the pineapple thing and tbh it was pretty good until it broke. If you leave the bottom on while you core it and stop before you hit the rind it collects all the juice in like a cup made up of the rind and it negates a lot of the cleanup which is cool because i usually have at least one injury on my hands n the pineapple juice can cause it to hurt

  60. SimplyStormie says:

    Uni taskers are good for people who just can’t use a knife ya know like people who can’t keep their hands still enough.

  61. saso roldan says:

    1:31 it's shapp

  62. tty23 says:

    the pineapple on was good, BUT… you still needed a knife, so half a point

  63. BoxingAstronaut says:

    we use the avocado thing in the cafe I work at and its really great when you need to make avocado toast/ a sandwich really fast

  64. D G says:

    Unitaskers are easier for people who have dexterity issues and could slice through their hands with a sharp chef knife

  65. yuki gackt says:

    Just need the knife thanks…kitchen real estate is limited lol…also, I use a peeler for kiwis and a knife

  66. apa1 says:

    You need to wash the terrible things up too!

  67. Jordan Houle says:

    I haven’t read through the comments… so maybe this has been discussed.

    The unitaskers that was “better”… the pineapple spiraler still needed the use of a knife!

    I’m glad knife skills won! I knew they would!

  68. Bailey R says:

    Bruh why the hell does everybody instinctually cut avocados in their hands?? Just put it down on the damn board and save your damn hands and fingers??

  69. helliviknow says:

    It seems like a unitasker is really only useful if your going to repeatedly do the same task. As others said, if you only plan to cut up pineapple or avacado now and then, invest in a knife and learn a skill. Good stuff!

  70. slothfulcobra says:

    The sneaky secret about the pineapple unitasker is that the standard pineapple was designed to be easily manipulated by machinery. Literally. When Dole went to bring pineapples to the rest of the world, he cultivated a variety that would be easier to run through machines for the canning process.

  71. Triggerbot says:

    Not gonna lie I kinda want that pineapple corer

  72. Tray Vixk says:

    I usually don't buy in the unitasker stuff because good technique will always win. The rest is gimmicky and for people who don't know who to cut fruit. BUT that pineapple corer is a god sent. Best 3 dollar investment ever.

  73. David Rodriguez says:

    Im sorry but i love how he gave himself the last point😂

  74. jamjr7895 says:

    alton brown would never use such horrible unitaskers

  75. Teddy Roosevelt says:

    But thats not how u cut pineapple.

  76. Joe T says:

    The way he takes the stone out the avocado is dangerous. There are many people that slip, ending up chopping their hand.

  77. Tara says:

    I don’t see the usefulness of unitaskers,
    they’re just a waste of time. Even if you’re horrible at using knifes the more you use them the better you’ll get.

  78. grennysohail says:

    There is only one true unitasker that exists in the kitchen according to Alton Brown

  79. Uldihaa says:

    There's a reason Alton Brown is so against uni-taskers. You used three different uni-taskers to do what one knife did.

  80. Andy Bhalang says:

    Use a spoon for kiwi like an avocado

  81. WateverWatever04 says:

    Ngl I have dysphraxia so the idea of throwing a knife towards my hand when I have terrible spatial awareness feels like a recipe for disaster so I might get the avocado one too 😅

  82. TheDeathmail says:

    Unitaskers are often made for either people who have disabilities and can't do certain stuff OR if you work with so many of that one fruit that it's worth getting it…

    But for the average joe, they are pointless…

  83. L N says:

    Ya don't need a dedicated avocado slicer. Personally, I like to get half of the avocado out before i slice it. I just find it's much easier but you can slice before you take it out too.

  84. Christopher Sage says:

    Just scoop that kiwi out with a spoon after cutting in half. 10s easy.

  85. Engrish Muffin says:

    The pineapple uni-tasker is for pineapple rings

  86. Jazmine Jamieson says:

    For kiwis just slice in half and eat with spoon, takes like 2 seconds

  87. Ti Wozo says:


  88. tosin says:

    for the pineapple slicer if you worked on a resort and your sole job was to core pineapples to make drink boats i can see it being worth it…especially if you are going to puree the insides…

  89. Justin Ziegler says:

    He nearly cuts his thumb off when taking the pit out of the avocado. You guys should invest the money you use to purchase the unitaskers into finding more qualified/skilled cooks or chefs to be in these videos.

  90. xPharox says:

    Many who specialize on just one thing is more efficient than someone who focuses on all of them…. most likely

  91. 28Naufal says:

    If your job is to cut pineapples all day sure why not buy that unitasker. But if you only a pineapple once a week just use a damn knife. it ain't hard.

  92. FlyBaby says:

    Why spend money for gadgets that clutter up your drawers when you can simply get quality knives, maintain them and put them to good use?

  93. bill o regan says:

    Bruh it dead as 2-1 kid gets salty and says he won bruhhh

  94. bill o regan says:

    Unitaskers as u call it are helpful not every1 is amazing at knife work … try me

  95. Zwordsman says:

    One big detail about the Avacado unitasker. Children and Elderly (or those with physical issues).
    No way I want a kid, messing witht a big knife. Where as they almost positively can't accidently die from that avacado one.

  96. Olde Dominion says:

    Avocado unitool rocks. Seriously.

  97. AmyX says:

    I kinda want the avocado thing now. My knife skill isn’t great. Right now I use a spoon for avocado, but maybe one day I’ll need avocado toast. Lol

  98. Mark Vanger says:

    This pineapple slicer, I don’t it is only for that kind of size. What about those big pineapples that we have here in the Philippines? Like way bigger than that?

  99. askenef says:

    speed up that video

  100. Abdul Rozak says:

    If you know the trick, it's more fast than the unitasker

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