Donut Pizza: Pizza or Pastry? || Really Dough?

– It’s pizza, but a donut. – You all right? – Your jaw is on the floor. – I’m Scott, and I eat all kinds of pizza. – I’m Mark, and I’m a pizza purist. – So we’re hitting the road to taste the craziest concoctions
claiming to be pizza. – But are they really, though? – Hey. – Hey, how’s it going? – Good morning, I’ll take a large coffee. – Sure. – I’ll also take an apple bacon, and, uh. Is that a pepperoni donut? – Yeah, it’s our pepperoni pizza donut. – You know what? Let me get two of those. – Sure, I’ll bring it to you. – OK, great.
– Awesome. – Oh, hey, are you butt-dialing me? – Scott, where are you? – I’m at the hotel, I’m just getting up. – All right, listen. Get dressed and come meet me at PVDonuts. – GP donuts? – PVDonuts, P-V. Peter Victor. – PVDonuts, oh, I love donuts. Oh, we’re getting donuts for breakfast? – Yes, we’re having donuts for breakfast. – All right, can you get me a twinklefish sprinklefish donut? – Yeah, absolutely. – Can you get me, like,
do they have munchkins? Do they have like,
little baby donut holes? – Yeah, baby donut holes. Scott, listen, just get
dressed, get over here. I got something for you,
you gotta get over here. Hurry up. – Is it pizza? – When I walk into a pizzeria, I want that smell to punch me in the face. You should taste the town
that the pizza came from. Sauce, cheese. – I love Boston cream,
I love chocolate cream. – Scott, are you there? – Oh man, I’m so excited right now. I’m already, I’m already on my way. All right, bye, save me a seat. – Bye. Jesus. Scott. – What kind of donuts are we getting? – These are for later. I got you something special. – What did you get?
– Wait till you see it. Just sit and relax, they’re
gonna bring us something nice. – They are gonna bring us something nice? – Yes. – I’m so nervous right now. – Why? – You, are you punking me? – No, I’m not punking you. I got you something special. – Special?
– Yep. – A friendship donut. – Yes. – Where we break it
apart, we each eat half. – I don’t know about that. – That’s-a dough. – Right now, we’re gonna
start making the pizza donuts. I always wanted to make a savory donut. Just to make sure the air and
the oil get through the donut, we poke holes through the donuts. So once these are all set,
we stick ’em in the fryer. And we let them fry
for about four minutes. – Hip racing dog, OK. – Cool. – Um, no, no no no no no. What was that show, uh, “Catch That Pigeon.” What was the dog’s name? – I don’t know, I don’t
think that’s a real show. – Now we’re gonna sauce the donut. We’re gonna fill our filler
with our pizza sauce. So the pizza sauce that
we use is super heavy. Do a few pumps. There have been a few explosions
in the past with this. That’s not what you want. The next step, after we fill, we’ll start topping the cheese. We’re just having fun with it, and making personal pizzas for everybody. Once they’re on the tray,
we’ll stick ’em in the oven for about a minute, so the
cheese coats the donut. Three cheese blend, it’s more provolone, mozzarella, and smoked mozzarella. The more cheese, the better. Looks good, and now we’re
gonna put it back in the oven for about seven minutes. Make sure it gets really gooey and cheesy, and then we’ll top it with pepperoni. It makes it look pretty, I think that’s what’s most important. OK, and now we’re gonna stick it back in the oven for a few minutes. Now they’re done, I’m gonna plate ’em up, and hopefully they think it’s a pizza. – It’s-a me, Pizzaro! – What’s 50, what’s 40 down? – You know, you never saw that show? – I never saw it, it’s
hip racing, though, so. – Hey, guys! I’ve got your pizza donuts ready. – Oh boy. – You guys each get your own. – So what do you think? – A pizza donut is a thing? – We made it a thing. It’s pizza, but a donut. We actually started
doing it on Father’s Day. – You found this, and you called me? – He was equally as shocked as you are. – You all right? I love that you’re at a loss for words. You’re never at a loss for words. – I just, I love donuts, and I love pizza. So if it’s savory, does
it make it not a donut? – I think when people come
here and want a pizza donut, they’re coming here for
lunch, they’re coming here for the savory side, and
they’re getting a pizza. – But what if you did, like… I don’t know, fried
chicken all over the top, barbecue sauce on the inside. – That’s a really good idea. – Is it a donut? Or is
it not a donut anymore? – I think it’s a mixture of both. There’s a donut in there, but once you put all that stuff on it, like,
it’s up to the customer. – Just say thank you. – Thank you.
– Of course. I gotta get back to work. – Thank you, Lori.
– Thanks. – Come on, let’s eat. – OK, I want yours. – No no no no no no no. – That one’s better! – It has a lot more cheese on it. – Yeah, OK. Whoa, look at this! – Where do you start? I’m going in. – Here I come. I love when you eat this, the donut, like, disappears, it
dissolves, it’s so light. – It dissolves in your mouth.
– It’s so light. My God, this tastes bonkers. The sauce on the inside is like, exactly the tomato sauce of my childhood. – I like the burnt
cheese around the edges. This is really good. – This is crazy good. Is this like any other
pizza you’ve ever had? – No, I’ve never had a pizza donut before. – But to me it doesn’t
taste like pizza crust. To me, it tastes like a donut. – It’s a pizza donut. – Yeah, but is it a
donut or is it a pizza? – I’m a little confused right now. – Why? You said it’s gotta have
crust, sauce, and cheese. – You know me, I’m a purist. – So what parts of this are donut? – I guess the dough. – Yeah, and it has a
filling on the inside, which is not normal for pizzas. You said the smell has
to punch you in the face. I walked in here and I did
get a punch in the face. Mark? Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark. – Scott? – But from donuts, like, sweet donuts. – I mean, it’s obvious
this is not a pizzeria. It’s what, it’s a donut shop, right? It’s a donut shop. – Where do you think you are? – I always call them
donut houses, that’s what. – I get it, I get it. It’s a donut, it’s a donut. It’s got donut dough,
it’s not pizza dough. – I think I’m gonna have to
bend the rules on this one. – Why? – It has a dough base.
– OK. – It has sauce.
– It does. – Cheese on top. I’m calling it a pizza. – Whoa.
– Yep. I mean, you bite into
it, and it says pizza. – It’s up to the customer. – I mean…
– It’s up to the customer. – But this, just, to me,
this is a donut, right? It’s fried, and then after the fry– – Sauce, cheese, pizza. – Yeah. – Have you ever had a Hot Pocket? – Of course I’ve had
a Hot Pocket, come on. – Is it pizza? It’s dough, sauce, cheese. – It’s a calzone. – Is it really?
– Yeah. – Well, I’ve never had one. – You’ve never? This has been an amazing breakfast. – Right, not bad. – This has been our most
pleasant visit of any pizzeria. – I done did good. – You done did good. I think I wanna get another donut. I’m sorry, pizza, I
wanna get another pizza. Oh, Lori, you changed our lives. – Awesome.
– That was amazing. – Yay, I’m so happy you guys enjoyed it! – Yeah, really, really incredible. Do you actually have
any more pizza donuts? – We actually just sold out. – Oh, we’ll get some more
pizza in Connecticut. – Have a great day, guys. – Thanks so much, Lori.
– Bye! – Thank you.
– Bye-bye. – Weird guys. – That was amazing. – It was amazing, but we gotta go. – Where’s the truck? – It was right around here. I parked it right by the record store. We can go in, if you want. You wanna pick something up? – Record store? Yeah, let’s check it out. – What’s your favorite album?
– My favorite album? – You gotta show it to me. I’m actually surprised that you thought that the pizza donut was a pizza. – Why? – Just ’cause like, you like the thing that looks like the pizza
that you grew up with, like that you pick up and fold. It kinda reminded me of the pizza bagel that we had at Baz. Well, what would you call it? – A bagel. – You literally called it a pizza. – I know, I know. – So, no. Round and bready and sauce and cheese. – It kind of reminded me more of the fried pizza we had from Kesté. – Oh, good call. – It looks exactly like a pizza. – You wanted, uh, big
pieces, ’cause you got. – You walked in here with a pizza cutter? – Yeah, fried base,
sauce, and cheese on top. – That donut was so delicious, I just threw all the rules out the window. – I know. It’s a pizza, even though
it violates the rules. – I’m flipping. – You’re growing. – I’m a flipper. – You’re maturing before my eyes. – You’re getting me to
come out of the pizza box. I wish you would do the same. – Except we don’t, this is not about me. – I still can’t believe you invited me to have a donut pizza with you. – Why do you find that so hard to believe? – I just, uh. I dunno, I. You know, we’ve had a
little bit of turmoil in the friendship lately. I’m just glad everything’s erased now. I’m glad we’re on great terms. – Great terms, uh, I wouldn’t go that far. – We’re on, we’ve never been
better in our friendship. I mean, you called me, you
extended the olive branch. That’s just, to me, that’s, I can’t think of anything better. – OK, Scott, we’re friends again. I think you’ll appreciate this one. – How do you think,
you’re really the worst songs to sing in the car. – I’m not looking to sing. ♪ To the temple of love ♪ ♪ To the temple of my love ♪ – Stop. – You are no fun. – You’re messing up the song. – You’re no fun. – I’m not here to have
fun, I’m here to eat pizza. – Can you explain any of the imagery? – No. I think the guy was on acid
when he came up with this cover. – Acid?
– Yeah. – Thanks for watching this
episode of “Really Dough?” If you liked it, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. And don’t forget, we
got a ton more episodes, so you can go check them all out. Like last time, when I fed ya hot dogs, pizza hot dog, and French bread pizza. Triple threat. – Yeah, triple threat.
– Yeah? – Yeah, all right, well. – No no no no no. – Why can’t I eat up? – We’re done here. – We’re not done here, you’re done here. – Note to self, no more sugar for Scott. – I’m staying, you can come pick me up. Oh, too bad I’ve got the car key. – OK.

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