Dr.Stone-Foxtail Ramenドクターストーン 猫じゃらしラーメン【RICO】Anime Food In real EP-182

Hey guys welcome to Rico Life Channel I’m Rico today we’ll be making the foxtail ramen from Dr. Stone so I’m just picking some foxtail plants Just to let you know, it’s a little difficult to find them here in Taipei I’ve been at this all day and barely found any so you could say it’s pretty rare But let’s first talk about what Dr. Stone is so basically, one day a mysterious light appeared in the sky and instantly petrified everyone it touched kinda like what seeing Medusa does and after 3700 years, all traces of human civilization are gone but then there was this super genius kid who broke free from the petrification and also freed his friend and began the quest to recreate human civilization I’ll just leave it at that for now It’s already one of my top 5 favorite anime i look forward to it every week so after working hard all day this is all I ended up with but it’s probably enough for at least two or three noodles next I’m gonna take all the seeds and wash it to remove unwanted stuffs after its cleaned, we grind it into powder add some water and continue grinding Next, add flour and calcium carbonate supposedly you only needed calcium carbonate but I wasn’t able to make it work so by adding mostly flour and then some calcium carbonate, it should be about the same we also need to add an egg add some in + water mix it evenly, then shape the dough into a ball then shrink wrap it and refrigerate for 30 minutes but this tiny amount isn’t enough for a bowl of ramen so we’ll add some spinach noodles as well add spinach juice to some flour and we can start making noodles! I made three kinds of noodles foxtail, thick spinach and thin spinach noodles Now, let’s start making the soup the soup-stock in the anime is made from two ingredients, we’ll bake this fish – 230 degrees for 20 minutes take the main parts and boil them after it becomes soup stock, filter it out and prepare a chicken bone soup hello mix these two together and add some salt next, take some ground beef and stuff it into the upper half of a bottle stick a bone in it squeeeeze it out and fry it!! the last step is to cook the noodles~ add all the ingredients and… we’re finished! time to try it! let’s start with the foxtail noodles mm, just like Senku said it looks nice and slippery, but it has a really dry taste though it isn’t actually bitter now for the next bowl Mm! normal noodles are still the best the difference is too big I’m so lucky to live in modern times although the soup is a bit dull, you can still taste the saltiness of chicken stock and sweetness of the fish the meat tastes like a normal meatball but overall being able to eat this in the stone age would still be super amazing so i’ll just use one word to describe these noodles Green! because they’re green, aren’t they~ If you like my videos, please remember to subscribe and turn on notifications If there’s a dish you want to see made, make sure to comment below I also posted on Instagram, you can comment there too See you all next time, bye!

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  1. Nightshade Kelly says:

    Anyone know what kind of fish that was

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    This is so cool

  4. NEON INFINITY says:

    3:25 when you just wake up from your sleep…

  5. Devilry Games says:

    *Genuinely interested in this*
    *Goes to CC*
    *Sees Japanese*
    "Oh well thankfully I learned how to speak and read Japanese"
    *Is in Hirigana instead of Romaji, the one and only type I've fully learned*

  6. casyadi Aziez says:

    Pls english subtitles

  7. Joe says:

    This is the Binging with Babish, Japanese edition 😂😂😂😂

  8. Hima seki says:

    Is it only me that got tricked, i thought that it would be a japanese person(my opinion)

  9. Scarmilione says:

    I wish there were subs for this :<

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    please add english sub if u use english in title…..

  13. 木苺グミ says:

    Thanks for Japanese subtitle and nice video!!

  14. Fire Piss says:

    I dont care if he is chinese… He's making ramen

  15. Shubo Li says:

    Chinese speaking, i thought it was japanese at the beginning

  16. Matteo He says:

    4:48 wht a genius!

  17. eis que says:

    I don't understand a thing, but thanks for that

  18. Debby Lazz says:

    I hope u out on english subtitles soon😭😭💜

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    Omg You did it! It's amazing! Greetings from México.

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    Can you made English language sub? Please

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    我想問 那個魚是不是不夠新鮮 眼睛濁濁的

  23. Kakyoin Licks Cherries says:

    Am I the only one who understands what he’s saying?

  24. Bank Gamer Master Thailand says:

    ว้าววว น่าอร่อยย

  25. Phntm X says:

    Korean man makes Dr. Stone manga, is adapted into an anime by Japanese animators, one of the dishes from the show is recreated by a Chinese chef…im kinda in awe 😅

  26. septriyana putra says:

    Please add English sub

  27. random Vietnam ball says:

    This dude from Chinese or Korean or Japanese

  28. kimitorider channel says:

    青いままのやつ使ったら不味いぞ。きっと。( ̄▽ ̄)猫じゃらしも小麦みたいに茶色くなるんだ。

  29. Nyu Ackerman says:

    your name "RICO" is for the word "Delicious" in spanish?

  30. Flint Corn34 says:

    He was cooking senku

  31. SBVCP says:

    I would love to have english (or spanish) subtitles, but I like the video

  32. Mauricio Viggiano Neto says:

    youtube stop sending propaganda from china on my feed, thanks!

  33. Song Remix says:

    something something something something something something DR. STONE something something something something something something DR. STONE something something something something something something something something something something something something something something DR. STONE

  34. 冷凍うどん says:

    凄い( ゚д゚)

  35. ragnorock cookie says:

    i dont understand these but i like it . yo no entiendo etsto perro me gusto. ima naruta cami nadad nodick.

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  37. cashewpea peacashew says:

    I thought foxtail is just grass….

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    Is it good or not?

  40. lovguru23 says:

    no lie, the auto translate dose a good job here. like 98% good.

  41. Game of Life says:

    it's not foxtail ramen, because you mix them with flour..

  42. R3DSTORM XD says:

    hmm youtube recommends me this i guess i watch it 😀

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    I need eng subtitles 😭

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    I wish had English translation

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    I don't understand anything but it's still good enough to make me drool so thanks for making me hungry now I'm back to 800 pounds

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    Oq eu entendi do vídeo:


  47. manga and anime says:

    the fish crying 3:29 to 3:34

  48. Dante Power Levels says:

    I have no clue what he's saying, but i'm still gonna like and subscribe because I wanted to see how this would look in real life.

  49. Just a random Weeb says:

    Am too lazy to type my comment in Chinese so am just gonna type in english
    You rly went and picked and used the plant for the ramen 0_o

  50. Deathwind233 says:

    bruh imagine actually feeding this to somone and they dont know what they are eating xd

  51. Pixelgamer3634 2.0 says:

    English translation in the future? ^_^

  52. Loti says:

    i thought this ws japanese. welp who care. this is a great vid

  53. べーすのひと says:

    う ど ん だ 。( あ ん ち じ ゃ な い よ

  54. Alex Ganz says:

    I love Ramen! Food is my language 🙂

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    That fish.. Sad

    Imma like and sub bc he did like 180 eps of making anime food irl

  57. Khuzema Aslam says:

    Yo guys.If y'all wanna know what he was saying, just go to settings, then subtitles, then auto-translate, and then go choose the language you guys want the subtitles to be in. Translations won't be 100% accurate, but they''ll get the job done

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    chale me dio hambre :'v

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    it could've have been foxtail ramen like the anime but u mixed flour with it :/

  62. Pale Rejent says:

    This is taiwanese not japanese

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    We should totally get someone to translate subtitles

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    Hong kong

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    Next senku phone

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    Am i the only one that thought he is speaking japanese?

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    Now I hungry

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    youtube recommendation brought me here and i have no complaints

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    Wow, ahora rifate haciendo unos tacos de canasta xD

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    cuatica la wea

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    lmfao he's literally binging with babish made in china

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    Title English and Japan
    Speak China

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    YouTube recommended really said here’s something you’ll love but can’t understand

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    Totalmente de acuerdo!

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    Ok is nobody gonna talk about the fish cooking and it’s eyeball exploding?

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    i don't understand what he is saying but just in case – you shouldn't pick the foxtail in urban areas because plants tend to absorb all the air polution

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    Lol I thought he's japanese because of the title but naahh HE'S GOOD 💖

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    Hablo español we jajaj, talves no me entiendas pero que bien te salio el ramen

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    Open the cc subtitle can translate Chinese to English~
    And don't forget subscribe me , to follow more anime foods
    Also you can order another anime food what you want to see
    Just leave a message below
    Hope you enjoy the video~ฅ•ω•ฅ

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    i want to make this but you flour instead of the foxtail things

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    3:26–3:40 this could prob be a meme
    Poor fish though :c

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    Well now i regret getting the foxtail kind of field well cut

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    Sheeet under certain circumstance i would like to try fox tail millet ramen

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    what the name of backsong sound?

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    Itadakimasu ?????????

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    bro are u drunk lol

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