Drunk Vs. Sober: Drawing A Self-Portrait

this is my third grade art teacher Miss magazine oh I’m so sorry I failed you hi I’m autumn and I’m about to draw a self-portrait sober I’m mark and I’m also about to dry self-portrait sober and I’m going to be drawing a self-portrait while I’m drunk I am also going to be drawing a self-portrait while I’m in Europe I would probably have to say that I think I am gonna be better at portraying myself I agree she’s yeah you’re gonna be better I’m I’m in like a stone like the stick-figure stage of artistry I think that I personally am gonna be better at this one I’m drunk because I’m gonna be thinking about it less I’m gonna be more liberal with my color usage I feel like a solid 7 like this room like I could do more but I’m also like pretty there I only had a breadstick today so probably an 8 okay okay I guess we’re gonna get started on this thing I really need a color that’s gonna suit me well look this is a perfect color for me right yeah I faked it this is blue already I’m gonna draw my aura this time that’s a big part of me babe hey it’s red I don’t know everyone told me that my Orioles red first of all your head is definitely not shaped like that no no no moving on you’re not gonna be accurate it’s a conceptual piece when I say look at this shading giving yourself a beard take some notes oh it’s actually really nice yeah how did you this third grade art class she’s killing me right now this doesn’t look like me really but this most beautiful you’re drawing something but it’s not you can’t believe you thought I was gonna beat that this – you mean you know how to do all this all this he says yeah see I just I just like to look at art I don’t know anything about making it this is who I really am you don’t haven’t seen it inside of me ready see I see mine is more of like a mm-hmm you look like a insane Barbie doll okay I’m not done yet I know watch this get into it put your back into it come on backs into it I really don’t know what else to do here I think it’s flawless oh my god why is your hair like this because it’s long actually yeah that’s true this looks like a mouth that’s gonna murder you isn’t it yeah it’s kind of mouth oh I didn’t actually no I didn’t mean to do over the mouth yeah very terrified I’m gonna make this more interesting I’m gonna put a nice thought bubble what’s on my mind you might ask money oh that’s a really big thought bubble for not a lot going on hold on money champagne boy I’m literally drawing the exact same thing I did last time no you look so much better in this one you think so yeah it’s honestly so much closer especially these weird ears this is so exact like see your ear goes like this inside and then it goes like that you use the word weird though would you like to expand on that no I hate that you’re actually good at this I really don’t like that when Ian really is the aura because I need everyone to know that I’m power and strength ooh I just got a little on the table red aura pencil red aura and then smudge yeah smudge you want some red good I’m not red I’m not a red fine oh my god I have to face to be your hips yeah smudge oh and guys it nothing is perfect this isn’t else I’m gonna draw on this a little bit because it’s what I deserve I look crazy and awesome you definitely look crazy I’m almost done guys I’m just trying to like you know add those need to add some dimension alright finish yours cuz I don’t I really need some more I can use some how I’m gonna do teeth I don’t know if you wanna have anything to make a normal life life woman look at you let me get a good look oh can you help me out for a second yes please I can okay I want to brought and draw some eyebrows on you first of all because I don’t do we need that look at me mm-hmm look at how much more looks like you know but looks so much more like you hold on yeah let me see look at me mm-hmm now move your hands okay yeah okay I think this is good I also like the wide hips that you drew yeah I mean I got it I’m cake that cake that I think I was much better than I thought I haven’t busted out my drawing skills in a long time but I feel really good about what’s going on here I’m gonna stick to my day job but I am still happy with what I produced I think it’s a good reflection of my character and my personality which you can tell is really lively and fun I think I did a way better way better drunk because this is what I look like inside and this is what I look like outside yeah this is pretty much the same as the last one I did just different colors I think your new ones more detailed you think so it looks way better you look way more accurate okay you’re throwing me off a little bit cuz you’re saying this was born detailed Minh is hurting my feelings because I don’t want to look like this but you’re you’re honestly mark you’re honestly gorgeous all the time thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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