Easy Chahan Recipe (Japanese-style Pork and Egg Fried Rice) | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, cut the char siu, Chinese-flavored barbecued pork into 5mm or quarter inch cubes. If it’s not available in your area, you can also use ham instead. Next, thoroughly beat the egg in a bowl. Now, add the vegetable oil to a pan and turn on the burner. Add the chopped long green onion and stir-fry on low heat until aromatic. Then, add the chopped garlic clove and continue stirring. When the aroma grows stronger, increase the heat. And now, add the beaten egg and the hot steamed rice. Quickly coat the rice with the egg evenly and then crumble the mixture using the back of the ladle. Stir-fry on high heat and separate each grain. Add the char siu and continue stirring. Then, add the salt, pepper and the sake and distribute evenly. Add the chopped spring onion leaves and stir. Finally, pour the soy sauce directly onto the pan to help it grow more fragrant. Place the cha-han onto a plate. Garnish with the beni shoga, pickled ginger root. A tip to separate each grain in the cha-han is using hot steamed rice cooked with a little less water and cooking it in smaller portions. When using a relatively small burner at home, avoid tossing the cha-han in the pan to keep from lowering the temperature. Good luck in the kitchen.

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  1. Jasmine Chim says:

    I prenounce it "Chow Fan" I could be wrong

  2. kavina ramloll says:

    what is sake ?

  3. Nexareus says:

    is that cow meat? and why is Francis sitting so close to the food? This comment is so original that it has never been used on these videos. Love how you can edit these comments now.

  4. Benjamin Dietzkis says:



  5. musicotaku666 says:

    how do i cook the rice? im stupid at this!

  6. Airigh says:

    I love this recipe! I make it whenever I have ham in the house and it's delicious!

  7. Phatricia Deluta says:

    i like this chahan really very good taste

  8. freedom says:


  9. Memma Swan says:

    Can i substitute the sake?

  10. Sidney garay says:

    Awesome show ! You should be on the cooking channel !

  11. Bob Bob says:

    Chahan is soo goood

    much better than regular fried rice

  12. Kojima Ayaka says:

    I watch maybe all of your video it make me hungry

  13. Ayu Sako says:

    chef, i notice your shirt. Is it Indonesian Batik?? so beautiful on you. Btw I am Indonesian but now i live in Osaka 🙂 thanks for all recipes that you share, i learn much from those. My mom in law, and all family here really like the food i made. Kiss n hug for francis :*

  14. Krigas says:

    Then add the special ingredient… the dog.

  15. misstennychan says:

    Amazing recipe! Will try out!

  16. Jiroburi S says:

    what is the music used in this video?

  17. tis1tygrr2time says:

    Aww chef is so cute!! :'D x

  18. Adam Li says:

    wtf english

  19. Amy Melissa says:

    Emmm. What is 'sake' ? Answer plsss

  20. Hopeless Butler says:

    Gero brings me here

    ((I tried this recipe, and it's so good~ ><))

  21. blood4bloodgod says:

    I wish this lady was my grandma

  22. Clarisse Sam says:

    Nice fried rice

  23. MusicalBunny1 says:

    I made this today! It's simple and good!

  24. Kiri Kiske says:

    omg i always put wayy too much soy sauce 😀

  25. Hà Đức Tâm says:

    Very good

  26. fatcat sneezing says:

    im fat and ugly

  27. Living in the Moment says:

    Hi guys, I also have a version of fried rice recipe, I would appreciate it if you guys can check mine out. Thank you.

  28. David Lee says:

    cha-han 101: Never use fresh cooked rice, always use leftover rice, at best refrigerated over night and put till room temperature down the next day for cooking.

  29. Gee Barr says:

    Lady, your makin me hungry!! :(`
    cravin so much for japanese food! T^T

  30. Eri Berry says:

    This was the first dish my mum taught me to make. It was simple but very delicious and also my favorite dish. 🙂

  31. NinaMarieNPianoKeys says:

    Nintama brought me here

  32. Douglas Kan says:


  33. Uryen says:


  34. Christopher Pineau says:

    Long green onion generally means scallion/green onion, yes? I love your videos, because they are charming and cute, and I watch them to relax after work. I have decided to start cooking some of these recipes, too! Keep up the good work, Chef & Francis!

  35. xanithkl says:

    The narrator is what a Japanese Siri should sound…

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  37. Christopher Rossi says:


  38. Felicity Zhou says:

    i loved the chahan i had while in Tokyo, so happy i found a recipe on your chance! 😀 Thank you!

  39. Yenifert Velarde says:

    En Perú lo llamamos arroz chaufa 😀

  40. kuhmilch says:

    The dog disturbing me a bit…

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  42. The Denisse says:

    i tried cooking this recepie and it was good, but i think i used to much soy sauce :p

  43. กัญญารัตน์ กลิ่นสังข์ says:

    dog so cute😍😍

  44. Shadowlord900 says:

    Can you use chicken instead of pork?

  45. ジュンコタカハシ says:




    ( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ

  46. Stephany NoJodas says:

    I'm gonna try this tomorrow

  47. Bima Rexarayhan says:

    Can i use bacon instead charsiu

  48. Gonzalo Barriga says:

    cooking with dog best cooking show ever the chef is just awesome and the dog is so cute!

  49. hipoland says:

    my rice finished all whipped when i tried to mix the egg with the rice. And i use just like enough water for the rice.. what to do?

  50. sawadee says:

    The Cantonese fried rice uses overnight rice. more dry …

  51. ニコラ says:


  52. onret le says:

    Mrs cheff do you need an assistant? I will happy to help you on your last scene (food testing) xD

  53. Torang says:

    sake? isnt that alcohol? i dun wanna use that!

  54. LOK Chu says:


  55. tai hung Au says:

    Japanese rice is the most important ingredient

  56. Love Anime says:

    can we not use sake?

  57. Ajax White says:

    if only I had some garlic I'd make this for lunch

  58. Linh Vu says:

    Hmmmm would it also be good to put shrimp instead?

  59. Marcos F. Molina says:

    I just realised the voice of the narrator is the dog's voice.

  60. Dan says:

    Hello my fair lady,  I am from Romania and we don't have sake here, what are the alternatives ?:P

  61. ceeloc says:

    Has anyone tried this? There's barely any soy sauce though. Not sure if it would be flavorful.

  62. Princess_Tida says:

    Is dog German?? He sounds German.

  63. 772 Love says:

    I was drooling through the whole vid.

  64. Resham Asim says:

    mam you're very sweet

  65. Alexia Ung says:

    The woman cooking is so adorable, she deserves hugs.

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  69. Paul Andrew Abear says:

    My wife and I enjoyed your video! Please adopt us.

  70. Bob Wareham says:

    Very good love the dog

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  72. Saira Shah says:

    what is sake? Viniger?

  73. Aerith says:

    Well now I know what to make for this week!

  74. Jenni Rayflo says:

    neat! 😀

  75. KOKEN UEDA says:

    これめっちゃいいですね。great job

  76. Lila Chanel says:

    hmmm I wanted more flavor…

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  78. Stanley Jovel says:

    No, You like button!

  79. Carlos Bonilla says:

    Parece chaufa :3

  80. Josie Poblete says:

    Love it <3

  81. J Tennyson says:

    I wish we had the same dog 🐕. And the food I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ why your food makes me sooooooooooo hungry 😋

  82. paola23yr says:

    Is the oil or salt water?

  83. Lara Kuno says:

    Oishiisoooo,thank you for sharing this delicious chahang😍

  84. Lara Kuno says:

    Onesan,sugui jousu ne,nihon yuri daisuki,arigatou ne😘😍

  85. Paulo Emmer says:

    Chef I do not use alcohol. What is the real function of sake and mirin in recipes and if I could change for some other non-alcoholic ingredient or just leave it out of the recipe?

  86. Jane Baker says:

    This looks so yummy!

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  88. Martin Aaa says:

    I miss you, Francis. This re-upload music makes me wanna cry

  89. Park Spider-hwan says:

    Cook the dog

  90. RoCeb says:

    If you substitute ham for the pork, then to have

    Cha ham

  91. Heyyy N O L R A M 0507 says:

    I need 7 bowls of this LOL

  92. King Feliciano says:

    Kinda looks like Yangzhou Chao Fan, well Chahan is Chao Fan in Nihon-go anyways.

  93. Douglas Street says:

    I drooled on my shirt.

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    im crying after seeing this video and im miss francis…

    obachan arigatou itsumade mo kawaranaide ne.

  95. Tin Andreou-Thompson says:

    Is sake same as mirin?

  96. EllieHamlin says:

    i tried doing this..i burned the onions..

  97. Mint Lim says:

    Chahan is the best fried rice in the world. No other country does it like Japan.

  98. Tyrone is sad and horny says:

    Still waiting for the transition from "Cooking with the Dog" into "Cooking the . .

    The fuck man did you actually thought about
    "COOKING THE DOG"? You sick fuccc

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    Isso aí só me lembra do sanji do anime one pice 😍

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