Easy Korean Recipes : How to Cook Korean Seafood Pancakes

Hi this is Eunyoung Kim from South Korea on
behalf of Expert Village today I’m going to make Korean seafood pancake. And on top of
pancake I prefer spring onion and shrimps, and egg and if you want some color and little
spice taste you can add the chili’s. Like this you can just cut it tilted knife, oil
of course this oil is canola oil and it’s really good for the frying thing, so would
pour the oil in the pan and make sure it’s enough. And here’s the dough just pour it
around the pan, this temperature is not that high not yet, but soon it will really hot
then you would lower the temperature because it’s easy to get burn. And then the next thing
you would have to do is put on the toppings like onions, like spring onions, and then
the next process is the shrimp so you put the shrimps on here on the pancake. You can
add these chili’s if you want to for color and taste and ya I guess it’s done and you
can just pour the mix here, you can just cover the whole topping just like this and maybe
you can lower the temperature little bit, and wait. And you flip it over okay not to
bad so it smells like it’s done and you make sure you flip it over one more time if you
want to, cause you can check the color on bottom so just, ooh it looks so good, check
this color out this egg made a color really pretty, on to the plate so this is soy sauce
dipping with pancake.

18 comments on “Easy Korean Recipes : How to Cook Korean Seafood Pancakes”

  1. ayl33 says:

    thank you! *yumm*

  2. Alfred Chung says:

    wtf wheres the batter recipe

  3. 9aspengold5 says:

    I am surprised that Expert Village actually completed an entire recipe in one video. thank you. this looks good.

  4. Metalol S. says:

    are kimchis equivalent to peppers in america?

  5. Metalol S. says:

    oh she said chilis not kimchis XD

  6. Metalol S. says:

    still really instructive for the batter just eggs and flour im guessing? im looking foward to make one though i might go easy on the ognions and chillis, ofc as a traditional canadian ima add our special seasoning… maple syrup 🙂

  7. Jumeru Redesumades says:

    she made gaya-gaya lng ata e,.. parang di p masjado sure s ginagawa niya… mas magaling p c miss. MAAANGCHI!!……. pretty nga wla nmn…

  8. Muhammed Ciftci says:

    1st – put ur hands on ur chest ( boy or girl )

    2nd – think of someone you like ….

    3rd – 2 marrow that person will ask u out or say the LOVE u

    4th – the catch is u have 2 write this for 5 vidoes

  9. kristinarusgrl says:

    Korean food yummy

  10. norazhu0318 says:

    thank you very much i look it

  11. heyheyheyhey04040404 says:

    hing cha cha mo chi no no

  12. SUJU ELF says:

    WHTS expert village ??

  13. bunbunny me says:

    the batter looks really watery… i would not want to eat tht.. the batter should look at little bit sticky … u add to much water :/ xP

  14. Magical Spring says:

    She's speaking english why still putting english subtitle?

  15. hil6ry says:

    i am so in love with korean food from korean dramas hahahahaha makes u want to eat all korean foods as much as u can lol

  16. asda110knm says:

    cute! 🙂

  17. Tai La says:

    In Vietnam, we call it bánh xèo, we probably use different kind of power and we don't put the whole big onion on the top 😀

  18. Ly Phan says:

    What's wrong with u people commenting abt accents on a cooking video ahahhaha

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