Eat Your Sushi – What’s in the Mystery Cans?

hi I’m Martina assignment this is our fifth month in Japan welcome to eat your sushi so when we first came to Japan we were very surprised and somewhat disappointed when we were walking in the streets and we heard the jingle of what sounds like ice cream right or what did it do we have that childhood reaction if you hear that in the streets you want to run after the truck and ask for an ice-cream in Japan however that sound is for garbage trucks and not for ice-cream so disappointed so discipline but what’s weird though is that five months into Japan I still have that Pavlovian reaction like I salivate and I get excited and I can’t tell myself otherwise I wonder if you think something reverse happens when like Japanese people watch North American movies right do you think that when they hear the jingle jingle sound of an ice cream truck yes it’s running are they like all these core American children running after garbage so when Japanese people watch American movies and they see kids running after the jingle jangle the trucks do they think that North Americans live in poverty and they beg garbage trucks for food I guess it just blew my mind because I never I mean I don’t even understand why a garbage truck needs to be adorable and why the truck needs to be pastel blue and purple like adorable garbage elephant on it why and you’re like because Japan that’s why so to any Japanese people watching this this message is for you know in Canada and in America we do not beg garbage trucks for ice cream it has a totally different meaning for us if you could just go ahead and make some ice cream trucks so be great Japan could definitely is an ice cream truck imagine it’s so hot right now today’s dance birthday and we’ve been just pretending that like all his birthdays you know done like he went out with his mom last week and were like no birthday but we need to could be planning for this day and we have a happy birthday banner to a garrison all day and we have crackers he does not like this kind of attention so it’s going to be a wonderful day of us being like Oh Danny the wall just breaking out avid put it on something so we’re gonna amber show me this morning I hope we didn’t ruin a so this is the camera we’re using then yeah this or should we get a different lens for this one that’s fine happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday birthday to you I kind of forgot the perfect heart attack reaction if I had to be as loud as it was fine so we recently came from Norway it was like a week or two ago my mind is all foggy I don’t know what time is it people hurt we went from Japan to Norway to Japan to Korea beckysan yeah in Norway went to a cosplay convention and I kind of had an accidental bucket list check mark off oh we never thought would happen I dressed up as like gangster Sailor Moon and I was wearing the uniform of Sailor Moon rather than the Sailor Moon like transformation outfit and you know who appeared at the cosplay convention oh my god who was that all the scouts they came together like a bunch of amazing friends all dressed up and they showed up and I was like they had no Sailor Moon yep I was like what I needed to Sailor Moon and they were like 14 oh please being the center here let’s take a picture together and I was like it’s happening everyone looked amazing and I had amazing like sticks that they made and it blew my freaking mind because I don’t have enough friends to even form the Scouts right I have like rosewood definitely she was Sailor Jupiter back in like high school elementary school I got her on my team that’s where he won’t even be Tuxedo Mask for me well because tuxie I took you to mass doesn’t have a big beard Tuxedo Mask is like wait her thin you old Tuxedo Mask he’s like shablam on when he uses like a sunflower I’d be the alcoholic 62 mastery tuxedo flask okay fine you can be the Phaedo flask and he pulled out a flask and say he’s like don’t ya lemme ronita sec takes a shot you’re doing well girl anyways that was really exciting moment for me but I’ll tell you what was not exciting we went to this pub and it was really old-looking Houghton it was amazing and we want to go inside but all of the doors were closed and around the back in the back yard they had a whole bunch of like picnic tables open and it looked like it was for horses yeah it was like an old-school stable right they gutted and turned into like an outdoor bar there were tons of people drinking and there was life music and it was a really fun environment so we thought oh why don’t we sit down here as well and have some drinks and enjoy Norway life and then we begin to be eaten alive by the ginormous death mosquitoes of your ways they are so diligent it’s just like the mosquitoes here in Japan like you take a whack at one and they’re like okay I’m sorry let me try to like bother somebody else or they do like a circle or I can come back for you so we were outside and we were trying to enjoy our night but the whole time we were just slapping away at these mosquitoes but what was weird that when we look to the right of us we saw all the other people in Norway enjoying their drinks not a single person was swatting at the mosquitoes because no mosquitoes were eating them and we had a great evening girl came in I said like oh maybe because they’re wearing like long-sleeve shirts so this girl gave me this really nice mini dress she’s just drinking like look at my bears you know I’m like saying hold white happened to her so we came to the conclusion that mosquitoes and Norway are racist they don’t like outsiders anybody that comes to Norway that’s not from Norway is gonna get an ass-kicking from the mosquitos yeah and I think that there’s an issue and if you saw this from the outside because you would have seen just all these people sitting outside and you would have seen Huey and Dan like this dan dan the incident ant ant ant incident instance instance in that incident Oh try control immediately having the name guns of course our rainy season the time of year to ruin your shoes forever just what I thought we missed out on this in Japan we arrived just in time for Korea can we even see it on camera like sometimes rain you can’t see but can you actually see it it looks like there’s no rain right now right so this is really amazing right now across the street right there is where they’re holding the YouTube event which is wired here in Korea and that’s where we got our gold button for a million subscribers but that place is literally right across the street from our old apartment solty on this area right here and he is where I used to decent my dog all of this this grass here is because of sludgy turds spudgy pooped here he pooped over there spudgy pooped here he pooped here and we’re literally doing the YouTube event right here we’re able to be like this tree because because of spudgy kind of smudges anus nutrients right here because of you I get to see a tree growing in the garden making of ruff it’s time for the weekly challenge this week’s challenge is the mystery can challenge whoa this is especially scary to me because the convenience stores in Japan sell everything lots of stuff this is something we’ve learned about Asia yeah being in stores are actually convenient yeah North America they are inconvenient you have to go a far distance I’ve never had a commuter within walking distance of me and everything was up like the price yeah you want milk well now we’re gonna conveniently charge you triple the price like in Asia it’s like they sell everything right you can like grocery shop yep yeah so um Dan went to the local convenience we don’t know what they are no we’re gonna be blindfolded yep we are allowed to first smell it and then Dan will say go for it and we will both eat it uh-huh and then on the count of three we have to guess what we are eating I’m ready let’s start with here the kids put on our blindfolds I’ll help you with yours okay put it on for me I know these are face masks but me yeah we didn’t we couldn’t find any blindfolds we’ve made them into no this is this is gonna work that’s feel comfortable yeah and I can’t see either good where’s the fourth dan I can’t feel it got it hang on I’m sinister this up a bit okay but it’s a smell like okay well look at Keating’s mouth dan got us cat food loved it this is cat food oh my god I’m gonna kick you write this okay yeah three two oh I know what it is okay ready three two one crab salad just know there’s some crunchy note here that’s crab crab salad involves like mayonnaise and others oh you this is definitely the same is just crap floating in crowd juice yes thank you I knew exactly what it was either have any crunchy bits in yours I had some crunchy bits but that was probably the shell that you ate do you have crab salads and your community stores in your country that’s just crab Simon not crab salad look if you may sit up you want to know Olympus egg egg salad what did you eat last night I ate egg you mix up with me it’s a salad no egg salad involves mayonnaise and salt and pepper salad doesn’t have to have all those things in it oh my god you’re such a cheater meat eater say I know what this is right away oh really yeah okay ready okay do you oh uh boom not what I thought it was but I know what it is okay I pretty much just got a spinal cord mmm I am Bullock I know what this is three-two-one sardines in tomato sauce nope not sardines mackerel whoa no no we got one guess that’s it you can’t make an extra guess I didn’t even have a chance to go home he did this Oh not sardines fucking shit over and over again I guess that counts as my win oh okay fine fine five we both lose we all know that I won in your hearts at home oh no do that something fell on the ground hey you ready hey I had the way I have way too much on I have tons I have like a whole scoop full in one chunk fell off three two one mmm Busey got it when I know that tasted okay well you’re running out of time three two one as we please ladle with who’s right Simon Simon Oh looky new ones red beans you’re right I could taste it now cuz not it’s Japanese I tasted the skin I thought that it was corn so I like both would be mixed with corn I thought sweet potatoes mixed with corn but red beans red beans it’s red beans okay question do we have any open fires or dynamite or sledgehammers ducky because it is time for you to yeah we have finally found it for those of you who are new to our channel you might not understand our deep profound hatred of the sign but for those of you have watched kpop music mondays you know this is a sign and all pop videos whenever they want to seem American they put up the stupid sign and I’m going to piss on it right no we know what’s great about it do you know why we know that this is an every kpop video because now we know the producers of the videos we’re working with zanybros today and they brought this especially for us because they know how much we need it this is this supposed to be a duck lucky stain with flags in that field cumbria the end of our shooting with four mud oh man we’re playing some strange bowling ball game smear this fear I think it’s time answer some questions the first question comes from Richard Volkl who asks is your life really this eventful or are you guys exaggerating stories a short answer to your question is yes our lives are really disadvantaged rating but I want you to kind of reconsider what we’re saying is eventful because literally for our last year sushi I told a story about a police officer holding a stick we just talked about the garbage ice-cream truck that’s not really that fantastically it’s not like we’re on gold yachts or like we’re going to space or anything we just have regular stuff that’s happening our life we’re just very excited about very many things yeah I think one of the big things that people need to think about is perspective on life I want to give an example of a story that you guys might already know from a couple years ago we came to Japan there are two ways you can tell the story so here’s the first way remember that time we went to Tokyo right you’re gonna shoot with that j-pop man yes and we flew down yep we could have been shooting videos in Korea canceled our plans just to come here for that but instead we got to Snowden everything was canceled we didn’t get any footage out of it no we didn’t get any footage from Korea everything was closed in Japan doesn’t even do anything fun you ruined your boots you have to buy new boots even necessarily like my shoes got destroyed like I was walking in the snow was so deep that he’d actually soaked through and destroyed my favorite little tiny shoes exact it was awful everything was closed yep until it was like we were stuck in our hotel and nothing was available it was a wasted week it was totally that’s one way to someone way to tell the story here’s our perspective on the story remember when we went to Japan and we were part of that epic snow storm that shut down Tokyo it was like the biggest know.some I was part of in Asia it was amazing she’s not destroyed but right hilariously waddled through the snow look up tourneys we made snowmen like on the sidewalk we saw like the all the destroyed umbrellas like holy and blue together into this like umbrella grey particularly a picture of all them we ran around Shibuya crossing there was nobody we were like it was absolutely hilarious amazing and then we got a chance to go to like that random bar like we didn’t speak read or anything in Japanese yeah like well there’s only one place open like this check it out we like we just went in there and even though we didn’t get a chance to film we were supposed to do that weekend we end up just walking about some fun you still had a good time it was totally epic so what I’m getting at is that if I tell you that story you think to yourself oh my god they’re like – so eventful noon Tokyo they got snowed in it was this amazing snowstorm it’s not really eventful no it’s just my perspective of what happened makes me feel a lot happier and I feel a lot more positive and when I tell you the story it feels like this amazing adventure lots of people experience the same things but we use different words in how to describe them and we always choose to perceive things in a positive and fun way so your lives probably are just as eventful as ours because really we just talked about policemen holding sticks sometimes and that was a special so for you your lives can be equally as a mental if you just change the way you describe things that happen in your life so for example when we were living in Toronto still and we’re still dating at the time I would look up the festivals on the weekend that were in like local towns like the blueberry festival or apples and I would be like I don’t know how to big pie but let’s go pick grow blueberries and listen IRA my friends being like blueberry picking is so boring you just like stand around for hours you barely get anything done like they’ve already written off this story right to me I’m like we’re gonna get matching hats looking at sunglasses it’s gonna be roommate picking 2008 like you got to kind of hide yourself up for that and you guys can do that in your local cities and local towns as well I feel also like we kind of have like a childish perspective that hasn’t matured yet because like for example like we still get excited at cotton candy and we get excited at balloons and I get excited when I see dogs in the street but a lot of people when they get older and they start working the weight of the world bears down and then things get a lot darker and they don’t get excited when they see puppies anymore and they don’t get excited when they have cotton candy we still maintain our excitement for a lot of things that most people just get bored over when we were in Norway and we saw those bubbles being blown in the park yeah hard for me to hold a car you still excited when you see bubbles being blown anymore those were huge coolers like this big I think the bubbles like you’ve got to be excited about this stuff and that’s what keeps your life feeling exciting and eventful it’s all about perspective people so we just arrived back in Japan and just ignore this hall pass because I discovered something amazing Turkey come over here there’s a toothpick dispenser right yeah that is how do they load one up there and then this rolls and pops up that’s amazing now we have to use three different toothpicks so everybody gets one now I got a question which I cannot find even though ice-cream capped it I’ll find it somewhere and someone was asking at the end of a couple inches sushis ago I was talking about my psoriasis getting really bad and then someone was like oh my god you really have psoriasis I have psoriasis too and I’m having a hard time with it and this is an exciting question I have psoriasis that comes up all the way around here on the side of my face sometimes and then on my arms and a little bit on my legs the side of your head also yeah on this side here in fact when I was getting my side shaved down I called templated for a while I want to get this done because I might have obvious like bumps and scabby stuff here and then I said you know what screw it I’m just gonna get it done like I’m not gonna hold back because of it I will definitely say growing up as a kid it was very like awkward and embarrassing especially when you’re a teenager and you have like tons of dandruff or something and then I realized one day if people don’t like me because I have dandruff or like scabby things here that’s kind of a good way to react to people exactly it’s almost like an alarm in advance so for me I’ve kind of just accepted it as I don’t really care anymore I’m gonna do what I want um I do have a whole bunch of really cool special shampoos that I was able to get in Japan and I order on Eire that I use to keep my scalp from being very painful and like all my arms and stuff and I just really want people to feel confident and not care about what people think because a lot of people have these kind of conditions and it is just don’t talk to each other about it right so here to potentially a million subscribers we’re saying that you have psoriasis and you’re okay with it Martyna her psoriasis it’s big and it’s red and pflueger’s I think a lot of people always leave me really wonderful comments being like Oh Martine you look so pretty and I always try to remind you that I appreciate your comments but I do wear makeup and so it’s not like I roll out of bed and I’m just like look at my cheekbones I am putting on makeup and powder and cream and I do have psoriasis that you can’t see from this far away and so I want to remind you that when we wake up I have under-eye circles and I have a pimple on my nose that’s covered up right now I have psoriasis and we are normal people just like you so you can still look up to people and think with him as a good role model but think of them as a real person be confident in yourself and think of Martina with her issue psoriasis EDS skin dislocating everywhere I still like we need a ho makeup on thank you so I had to get some medicine at the doctor today and in their prescription they gave me a bunch of these baggies but here’s the worst part wait a second hang on what is that powder that’s the thing instead of giving me the pill itself they ground it up into a powder and I’m supposed to put this at the back of my throat and then drink it with water why couldn’t you just give me the pill what is like this is like what we do to our dogs like that you know we mix into you they mix into my dog food and head happy to eat it and I can rub my face in a can whoa it looks like you’re having legal packages of tiny individual cocaine silly Wow so this is just back medicine houses back medicine think it’s one of those legal things that we don’t know about like they can’t give pills because people could use the pills for other things because people can grind up the pills and in a way wait I don’t know cuz never in period they wouldn’t go over a certain dose of sudafed runes for sinus infections yeah because of Breaking Bad yeah I don’t know this is amazing look at our cat he’s like right in there thank you to Katie Annie and Sara for your postcards and thank you so much to Ted from the UK for making these little how-to Fuuka cards they’re like little Japanese traditional cars thank you so much to Ariel from California for sending me these awesome rubs there for stiff joints and pain for EDS so that is fantastic from fight alchemy yeah someone sent me a while ago of essential oils and I used all of them they were amazing as well thank you very very much and thank you to Jamie for this crazy package of ghost pepper jelly bean I like there’s no letter no like enjoy your it’s just like die that’s exactly what apparently the world’s hottest chili pepper is it here with 2.2 million Scoville Scoville units yeah you measure heat we’re gonna try this for a video run yes you don’t try it now no no we gotta make a little bit about us yes we’re gonna do like high Bible and loser has to keep on eating these I’ll be fine yes I will do something thank you so much to Sara from Camp Denison Ohio who sent us this lovely toy package you’re like I just wanted to send you a couple toys this is like a box this like huge is huge is they’re all little tiny like grab-bag toys I’m gonna open up this one sweet I got Optimus Brad oh my god you know what this is gonna be great for little very pardon wicked this all around your garden I got Robin everyone’s least favorite superhero what is that and thank you to Jamie and Hugo who are like we’re sending you a little package this is little charade oh yes okay we have to try this right now I’ve never tried ketchup Doritos thank you sir we juggle to support ketchup chips are not in America it’s a Canadian thing but I’ve never seen ketchup Doritos is it childhood but like magic it’s magic towels it isn’t it I love cooking oh my god put your tip seniority you eat them and you get covered the little red fingertips you bet this is not a little package guys this is a huge nice little place yours but currents and everybody because they said they’re too expensive oh my god Simon corn pop screw loose frosted flakes and rice krispies oh no oh no oh no oh no this I haven’t had this in like 20 years oh my god Rees Pops cereal are you kidding me here is only about cornflakes I’m just gonna like eat right out the box no you’re not you’re some mess with me this is family size family of one solo family bachelor family for me thank you so much to everyone for the amazing fan mail we are trying to catch up because we are a couple weeks behind now um but thank you guys might amazing it’s wonderful oh my god we just spent five days in Norway and even though I love Norwegian brown cheese I miss the fish in Japan I just feel so much fresher happier hey I can poop clearly now okay that’s not the point of this video alright why did this video is supposed to be like it’s 4 a.m. and I’m jet lag oh you’re talking about pooping in Norway oh what a bad pass guys I done the bathtub I still managed injured top agonal with green onions and a little soy sauce with crunchy seaweed and we have miso soup Thank You secret I guess last week skill testing question was really really difficult and only two people got the right answer I’m gonna go with the first person that I want to see the question was because we have such a bizarre language between each other when we say give I remember Jim it’s very much Jevon Bamberger members what are we actually saying and the answers shepherd’s pie with frozen vegetables yes but a random thing for us too because it’s like you make shepherd’s pie out of the frozen mixed vegetable pack like you get that and then you like boil then you have the with your shepherd’s pie yeah tabitha McCleary both congratulations eldest somehow you got it you and one other person everyone else really good try a lot of people got shepherd’s pie but the pros fishbowl sitting here but this week’s skill testing question we would like to know what color are our bicycles Oh showed up in a couple videos not a lot but I have a bike Simon has a bi yep there are different kinds of thing what color are they let us know in the comment section below and we will send you out a prize next week if you get it right I gotta say as much fun as it was to go to Norway and a soul again I am actually happy to be back I’m so happy to be back in Japan like we’re home again this really feeling really starting to get to that missus home I love it here it’s the smudging missed the meemers have to be back settling them and to make some more exciting videos yeah my back hurts too much focusing a little again in medicine medicine without your unit today

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    My husband and I hope to be stationed in Japan (he’s Navy) so I’m hoping I can travel to the places you have suggested!

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