100 comments on “Eat Your Sushi – What’s in the Mystery Cans?”

  1. Josh Slone says:

    Its beautiful that you guys are still having "childish" perspectives. You are never too old to have a fun and think and feel the way you do. I personally wished, I had that same perspective about life events. Love the channel!!!!

  2. ロスオス says:

    Hey Simon, where'd you get those pants from at 6:45? Thanks! Also, Tuxedo Flask should def be a thing, make it so.

  3. seruitutem says:

    the first poppers go off, all i can hear is martina say "DAN SAID A BAD WORD".

  4. emily freeman says:

    holy crap finally get to see dan and hes really freaking cute but also done with simon and martina XD

  5. queen snookers says:


  6. Eoin Molloy says:

    Is it possible that because of all the Liquorice they eat that they dont get bitten in Norway?

  7. Aashiqui says:

    Simon can be Hipster Tuxedo Mask.😂

  8. mortalkaiban says:

    Is it me or does Dan remind you of Ezra Miller?

  9. Ocean Girl says:

    Congratulations on a million. Love your channel.

  10. Tristan Greene says:

    <swat at japanese mosquito> gome nasai, gome nasai <buzzes away>

  11. Jesus Vazquez says:


  12. lilycutia says:

    OMG! I lovvvvvvvve Martina's bubble bracelet in the Korea part! So Cute!

  13. Balling Like Choji says:

    "tiny individual cocains" I don't think that's what baggies of coke are called XD I love the innocence lol

  14. Cynthia Luis says:


  15. Marie Kodis says:

    I hope that I can learn to be more positive. Right now my immediate reaction to many things is negative, but I'm trying to change that. Thanks for being an inspiration!!

  16. Nessie Jones says:

    Btw, that's not racism. That's xenophobia. Stupid xenophobic mosquitoes! 😊

  17. Tori sheehan says:

    Hey Martina and Simon!

    I found you guys from my best friend! We love watching your videos and talking about you guys! Simon you're so awesome and Rockin the beard! And Martina you Are Gorgeous! Im sure with and without make up you're beautiful! Stay strong and keep living the full life together!

    <3 always Tori ^-^

  18. Christina Norwood says:

    I get super childishly excited over simple things — especially animals, sweets, and books — all the time. I'm 21. I've often joked that I have no idea how I'll ever get married, especially since I have social anxiety and go from very quiet and reserved when I first meet someone to very hyper and excited all the time when I finally get comfortable with them.. xD Y'all's (excuse my Southernness) relationship makes me feel better, though — relationship goals x1000!!!!

  19. Rainia Ananda says:

    Mosquitoes tend to prefer type O blood and dislike type A blood (type B falling somewhere in the middle). Norwegians have a higher percentage of type A blood than any other type. I'm guessing you are both type O, as my daughter and I are type O and are the mosquito bait at any outdoor excursion. Awesome for everyone else when we come to the party, no citronella needed just invite the Anandas. Mer :/

  20. AgentPedestrian says:

    oh that medicine thing! isn't that like when in anime sometimes they have this folded paper and just… oneshot the medicine powder? i always thought it looked weird but i suppose it is a fast an effective way to medicate if you get the technique right. has horrible childhood memories of not being able to swallow pills mother would ground up painkillers and they're…oh eugh they're so bitter i can still remember how they taste like even though it's been ten years

  21. katescapades says:

    Dan is Cute <3

  22. momokokochuchuchu says:

    Wow dan is really cute. Can i have him? :3 I'll be a good owner I promise

  23. J'nee John says:

    When Martina was describing how they ran around outside @14:46, she sounded like Donny from "The Wild Thornberries" XD

  24. CrazyCanadianMofo says:

    living in rural Ontario I didn't even know ice cream trucks existed I totally thought this was a thing just in the states or in the movies. Then I went to my then boyfriends house in Toronto and I hear the noise. I'm like wtf is this, omg it's real lol

  25. Shazz says:

    omfg dans hot 😂

  26. Ruth Xwx says:

    I think if it's in powder form it'll have larger surface area?? Easier to be absorbed in the body

  27. Karen Wang says:

    I really really liked that little segment about the way positive thinking can really change your perspective <3

  28. Simone E Le Page says:

    martina! beauty is on the inside. you're beautiful no matter what! inside and out. i love u so much

  29. Jessica R.C. says:


  30. Jessica R.C. says:

    The answer is pink and green?

  31. Victoria Hauk says:

    i live in Norway, I'm half american and honestly i share your issue with mosquitos here xD

  32. Vicky Ria says:

    I love you martina. You made me feel confident even though i have a lot of flaws. It really depends on your own perspective to be happy

  33. Koda Katts says:


  34. TheCatalystsForChange says:

    Did you guys have an event in Norway or just taking a trip?

  35. hannah60000 says:

    Ketchup flavoured crisp were a limited flavour ran by Walkers (Lays elsewhere) in the UK in the 00s as well.

    Meh. Each to their own! 😉

  36. Megan Skinner says:

    I also have psoriasis and I understand how annoying and itchy it can be. I found something that made it go completely away. It's magical!!! I use uvb therapy. It's a non-cancer forming light wave (311-312 wave length) that is an autoimmune suppresent. It's super quick and simple. You can even do it at home with a prescription from a dermatologist. I hope you see this and try it!

  37. Sophia says:

    OMG wasn't Korea sorta like this too? like gotaegi?

  38. OoMASEoO says:

    omg could you imagine a ddeok truck in Korea?! :-O

  39. ghk128 says:

    Sweet potato with fuck.

  40. TheMsMoneypenny says:

    Tuxedo Flask sounds awesome!!! 😀

  41. Lisa Fowler says:

    I love you guys. So many things I want to say but to just answer something…. you can get gelatin capsules from iHerb and load your meds into that to swallow.

  42. Lavinia de Mortalium says:

    If Dan isn't already afraid of loud, sudden noises, he'll have that now xD Poor Dan

  43. Lucy Diamond says:

    Those birthday ambushes were hilarious. It's like how embarrassing it can be when you go to a restaurant and your friends and family secretly plan a birthday ambush with the waiters. You guys were the waiters except you followed Dan along all day lol. I love hype, fun people.

  44. SoundsLikeCalamari says:

    First off all those medicine baggies are hilarious 😂 and I love how you look at things! When I was in Bangkok I had a day where I hit rock bottom and everything seemed horrible because I was so mentally and physically exhausted and I wish I'd had your mentality then. I'll try better next time!

  45. katana1901 says:

    Thanks to Simon and Martina for making me feel way less guilty about being in my 20's and getting excited about balloons, puppies, and stuffed animals.

  46. Just Stuff to Listen to says:

    Who takes care of the fur babies when you guys are off travelling?

  47. Abby DeCann says:

    Is it just me or at 14:46, when Martina does her crazy little babble, she sounds just like Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys?

  48. luxunnie says:

    The mosquitos in South Korea do the exact thing! They never bite the Koreans! QQ

  49. Miss Doe says:

    Mosquitoes in norway are racist 😂😂😂

  50. mina mii19 says:

    convenience stores where I live are everywhere! One on every street corner. Locals refer to them as Corner Stores. Yeah, everything is more expensive, but it's available when you need it. Plus where I live grocery stores are not 24 hour, but lots of corner stores are.

  51. Jin Iyagi says:

    the flaxton street sign 😂😂 i miss kmm

  52. Demonia Draconis says:

    do not watch this episode when painting your nails xD

  53. Paul Steffens says:

    Wow, @6:00 Martina sings "Axel F" by Harold Faltermeyer from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack. Haven't heard that for, um, decades I think. 😊🤓

  54. Wicker Wish says:

    22:51 – MARTINA IS KILLING ME her tone is so precious im CRY IN G <3 <3 <3 i love u guys ohmygosh

  55. Nephrite Arts says:

    Where I live, in Ottawa, there is a convenience store barely 100 meters from the nearby middle school and another one almost a kilometer down the same road. There's also a grocery store plaza within walking distance of the elementary shool and high school. I suppose they're convenient but the area is so hilly that walking anywhere feels like climbing a small mountain sometimes

  56. Sarah Platt says:

    This meant so much to me. Thank you…. I was in a not so great part of my life, but you gave me a great perspective of life. I'm going being deployed with this military, but I downloaded a lot of your video's to keep me positive when I'm so far away from friends, family and land. please never stop. You two are an inspiration, and whoever says otherwise are grumpasauruses

  57. Ney S says:

    Just curious, do ya'll have a place that packages could be dropped off at in Japan? Shipping is way out of my budget but the hubby and I plan on visiting Japan in a couple of years if all goes as planned and I would like to bring ya'll some food from Georgia USA. like peach salsa and sugar can syrup. Or grits! =) Not asking to meet, but just a cheaper way to get the stuff to ya'll when we get to visit Japan.

  58. Faith Alexis Oh says:

    Hahaha…. even mosquitoes were labelled "racist" 🤣

  59. Enny Mae says:

    does anyone know is Dan has social media? He is cute

  60. bryansl0587 says:

    This was a touching episode. The perspective discussion and remembering that the people we admire are normal, that was awesome. It was a deep moment, but without the gravitas. Still fun

  61. yvette nino says:

    hahaha poor Dan

  62. Atobe333 says:

    The mention about Psoriasis means so much to me, I felt very alone for a long time especially because I didn't know what was wrong with me, I have it the worst on the one side of my face.

  63. Amber says:

    I hope you guys will reach 2M subs!!! congrats on getting 1M subs ((ඏ.̫ඏ*))

  64. Carrie Myers says:

    Binging eat your sushi for my tokyo trip on Sunday. I love you guys 😭

  65. lynninpain says:

    Simon said he liked Norwegian brown cheese. Does he mean "mesost"? It's a cheese with whey in it that has a bit of a sweet flavor. (We call it "mesost" in Sweden. I think it's spelled "mysost" in Norwegian.)

  66. saikogrrl says:

    What kind of dead inside person doesn't get excited about puppies and bubbles?? 😀

  67. Grace Brown says:

    i wish i had your type of perspectives about uneventful things

    by the way im canadian too!

  68. Josh Fredman says:

    I think positivity is the secret to a happy life.

  69. ArtemisRahl15 says:

    While you guys were talking about how adults lose their child-like wonder about the simple jous around them, I was suddenly reminded of this manga I read entitled: Uramichi oniisan. It’s a darkly hilarious manga about Uramichi oniisan and his friends who are filming a kid’s show about, I’m not kidding, The dark realities of adulthood and how they should hold on to their innocence and energy for as long as possible if they don’t want to end up like him. It was equal parts funny, scary, and sad. It’s still ongoing and only a few chapters long so far. Check it out 🙂

  70. DonicsM says:

    I've only recently discovered you guys and I've been binging on your videos for the past two weeks. I've only recently learned Martina has EDS. I have chronic Psoriasis and I was like yeah, maybe I shouldn't feel that bad about my Psoriasis. I just learned right now you have Psoriasis too, that almost broke me. How can someone so unlucky health-wise have so much positive outlook in life? I've been living like a hermit for most of adult life because I don't feel like want to deal with people getting curious about my skin condition. Starting today I'm going to change that. Thank you for being you, guys. Thank you.

  71. 다나다나 says:

    Martina's hair issss sssssso cute here ❤❤❤

  72. SaikoPic says:

    If I manage to get to Japan while you guys still live there, we need to meet up and in between energy failures and pain we need to go and get balloons and all the food in the konbini that makes us squeak and have an indoor picnic.
    Martha and I can sequel at cuteness and Simon and my other half Jon can pretend that they don't want to sequel and can swap beard tips lmao
    BTW I'm 33, never loose the excitement for small things!

  73. Tak says:

    You can't just mix an egg and expect it to suddenly be a salad. xD What you just made was a stirred egg….or scrambled if you're cooking it while stirring lmao

  74. sana smith says:

    thank you for this because my mom is covered in psoriasis and she gets self conscious about it and it made me smile

  75. Kuratos Darque says:

    Talking about wierd things happening to regular life. I was out drinking and this really drunk person walks up to me and blurts out (very slurred might i add) your jacket are very puffy you should have a furr jacket instead, which i reply you're jacket looks like the Michelin man, he looked at me walked off pointing his finger in the air yelling TOUCHÉ at me and i broke down laughing so hard. This thing which i thought was going to turn uggly turned out funny as heck!!

  76. Froste says:

    You guys discussing the reason why you're lives seem so eventful really hit home for me. At 19 (ok, not very old, but still) it feels like all of my peers have condemned themselves to living a boring life unless something absolutely amazing happened. I feel so silly sometimes by the fact that I get excited over a hug or when my dog has rapid fire sneezes. But this video really made me see that it's ok.

  77. Skull Girrl says:

    My dad would bring us ketchup chips from Canada

  78. fanny febria says:

    guys, how can a person be positive like you guys! give me some your energy, please!

  79. Opaque z says:

    Fuck amaxib

  80. Brittany Polly says:

    I love your guys perspective it really helps me change mine. I love. You guys!! <3 <3

  81. Kaitybubbly says:

    Love rewatching these videos! They bring me so much happiness.

  82. Ching G says:

    When are you guys going to make more eat your sushi episodes??! ! Please make more :/

  83. Amanda Winters says:

    Thanks for sharing about ur psoriasis… I bleeping have them too…:( I am like wondering how people can get rid of the flaking….:P if I can figure out how to like control the flaking, it would be bleeping great.

  84. Lu Noizu says:

    a lot to learn from you

  85. Kayla Lopez says:

    Watching all your videos because I only started watching maybe a year ago. You guys are amazing! You make me want to be positive and unapologetic about my kiddie views of thing. You’re motivating me to be unapologetically me. This last year has been so rough but watching your videos can literally calm me down and help with my anxiety attacks. Like right now I was freaking out at work but I decided to watch a video and it helps. It’s not all gone but it is a major relief and positive distraction. Thank you guys! Idk if you read past video comments lol
    My husband and I hope to be stationed in Japan (he’s Navy) so I’m hoping I can travel to the places you have suggested!

  86. NovaLaMason says:

    Oh no, I lost my shit at "'Eh, Shablamo!' and he uses a sunflower instead of a rose." x'D

  87. Zoey Noémie says:

    Hey you were talking about your psoriasis (sp?) – and I know you LOVE milk but intake of milk can actually cause psoriasis, just letting you know <3

  88. jaira barachina says:

    Ive been wanting to comment this for a very long time … DAN IS HANDSOME AF HOO hi dan :>

  89. Mark Anthony N. Saballero says:

    Guys.. seriously. That explanation about what to choose in your perspective in life? That was awesome.. i love you guys now even more. Thank you so much!!!🙏🙏🙏

  90. Matti Maki says:

    I just moved from canada to Europe and im worried about language barrier. how did you guys do stuff when you didn't know the language.

  91. Rachel says:

    I miss these segments 🙁

  92. orel faiman says:

    Love your perspective on life ♡

  93. A F says:

    🤣 Japan doesn't have ice cream trucks, but they have roasted sweet potato trucks in the winter! The jingle is just an old man saying "Rooooasted sweeeeet potatoooooes" on loop 😭

  94. Starry Sideout says:

    2:18 I laughed so hard-
    2:57 Laughed even harder

  95. nisa regja says:

    🦟 hes from norway lol ( me to where in norway where you)

  96. Jadis Onica says:

    I use chopsticks to eat potato chips and other things that can make my hands messy. Do you or other people in Japan use chopsticks for unconventional things?

  97. alenamc says:

    That clip from was were loser Simon came from lol

  98. NovaLaMason says:

    I love Martina's "Eh, shablammo!" xD

  99. one eyed pekingese says:

    Spudgy sighting 19:51 😍

  100. MAX2K14 671 says:

    Such a cute couple

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