Eating Japanese Food at Marugame Udon in Yogyakarta

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  1. baskoro tejo says:

    marugame udon is expensive…. wont go there on a daily basis

  2. Eryos AlexanderAnna says:

    sendok macam itu memang di pakai untuk makan makanan yg berkuah ๐Ÿ˜„

  3. Regy Putra says:

    I paid 9,5 million for a regular braces in Bandung. Menguras dompet sekali.

  4. Kucluk Koplak says:

    I'm not looking the food but Mrs Julie, you have a beautiful wife Mr Martin, he..he..

  5. adhisty genno says:

    i like merugame udon but if i eat this food everyday not good cuz too expensive. Once in a while is okay. hihihi ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. Enomar 11 says:

    Pak martin.saya tinggal di jepang.Marugame udon harganya kurang lebih sama .Di jepang tidak ada sambal untuk itu.lucu sekali hehe itu hanya Indonesia saja.

  7. Arif Fernando says:

    I love marugame udon, maybe you can try Niku Udon next time Sir the best menu of Marugame Udon. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. fixer VVV says:

    kelihatan enak sekali pak udon nya ,,nyummyy

  9. Prama Suria says:

    Hai… try the udon Pak Martin, taste good!… hey, where's sarah?…

  10. TheDaf32 says:

    is there any Japanese People in Marugame Udon mr Martin Johnson?

  11. Adrian Adi says:

    @Martin Johnson hahaha.. you are doing right with that crazy spoon.. ๐Ÿ˜€ everytime I go to that restaurant, I always order tempura things.. so no curry, and I can use chopstick (because no curry) instead of that spoon.. hahaha.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Kurona17 says:

    Isn't that kind of spoon supposed to be used for a soup only?

  13. Marini Ballard says:

    That spoon is not for eating rice, it is for the ramen broth.

  14. Gratia Plena says:

    OMG…. I love love love Marugame lol….always hv this when in Jkt… my fave: zaru udon with egg tempura ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. kaka mama says:

    wow, my fav udon resto, saya sering makan di marugame margocity depok

  16. juniadi wardana says:

    The spoon is for udon pak martin ๐Ÿ˜

  17. AKMA KAMAL says:

    love from malaysia!

  18. Igoy Donovan Hirai says:

    Julie began forgot the names of the spices in English, LoL.

  19. Ari Nurman says:

    Braces yg berkwalitas disini lebih murah daripada eropa amerika at least bisa abis 1000 dollar .. with laser buat memutihkan gigi termasuk murah juga disini.. next time try udon that is their speciality .. i will miss indovlogs if u in usa.. i prefer jogja vlogs just my opinion.. thanks for sharing your daily life with us

  20. fikkri prapto says:

    mahal2 harga nya

  21. lowrent1987 says:

    i like marugame udon.. the niku udon, tori baitang udon and beef curry rice.. yumm

  22. Louis Allen Sipayung says:

    Pak Martin knapa Ibu Julie makan denga tangan kiri?

  23. lucianoitaly says:

    saya selalu melihat video anda.
    bagaimana makanan negeri saya?

  24. Ario Rhimaldi says:

    sarah kok ga diajak pak martin

  25. Rayvandi Winata says:

    waktu pertama kali makan disitu, gua kira karinya bakal asin. ternyata enak banget, gurih.. gak nyesel makan 50rb seporsi.. minumnya bisa refill lagi. hehe

  26. Ian-nator268 says:

    As much as I want to take pride in Mrs Johnson saying she thinks of Malaysia when she eats curry, I, as a Half Malaysian/Indonesian, has to put my foot down that any Nasi Gule would beat even the finest Curry Rice in Malaysia. #NasiGuleNumur1

  27. Fathullah Musa says:

    that spoon 4 d soup ..think so

  28. nixland says:

    Nah gitu dong …. Pak Martin dan Bu Julie mesraaa …. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Bie- Bie says:

    marugame udon…mknan fav klrga qu..itu.apalagi yang karinya enak banget bu juli

  30. aji ardiles says:

    A bit pricey because of the free drinks and all

  31. Monika Julien says:

    I recommend Kamage Udon mr martin . that's really good.

  32. Nameera Sativa says:

    where sarah?!

  33. Anak AbahAmih says:

    Pak martin you can ask for regular spoon, me and my son always eat with the regular one..

  34. ibrahim ghazi says:

    hi pak martin, di jepang memang biasa sendok untuk rice bowl seperti itu semua pak. Mungkin mereka ikut style dari jepangnya.

  35. Fima Sinurat says:

    Pak martin Please!! try some BPK or Sagsang,

  36. Andi Lia says:

    why am i hungry right now?

  37. ali huzaifi says:

    they do have regular spoon, you need to ask the waiter, Pak Martin.

  38. Tony Pee says:

    turis ato ekspat yg pertama kali dtg ke indonesia klo beli sesuatu pasti bilang "murah! murah!" tp klo udah sering ato lama disini ketularan bilang "mahal! mahal!" ๐Ÿ˜€

  39. F Haryani says:

    kayanya orang jepang makan nasi kari juga pake sendok deh

  40. yudizigma says:

    Loved your blog Martin. I will be visiting Jogya for a couple days to go to Borobudur on my holiday after completing medical school in LA. I grew up in Surabaya but never visited Central Java.

    What would be your top 3 restaurant picks for visitors to try in Yogyakarta? I plan to go to the Gudeg place.

    As far as Indonesian food, there are a few on Trip Advisors that you haven't been to yet. Will you be visiting some of these?

  41. ari aziz says:

    alternative name for green onion(daun bawang)=spring onion

  42. Tom Boqin says:

    sendok itu namanya sendok bebek (duck spoon)….๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Carol Josephine says:

    p time..bisa pinjam sendok& garpu makan biasa, ke pelayannya pak..saya biasanya jg bgitu kl mkn di marugame..btw nice vlog pak..๐Ÿ‘

  44. vruzorlan radjo says:

    hahahahahha SENDOKNYA GILA

  45. Home Property says:

    hehe itu kyk buat sendok kuah.. ganjel pasti tuh di mulut.
    enakan pake sumpit

  46. rursdunk says:

    I'll keep you updated on the braces pricing, I plan to visit orthodontist to see my options on braces or invasilign. I bet it's super expensive since I'm in Seattle, I heard the prices varies in different states

  47. Abriana Tan says:

    why no ones tried udon? the soup is varies and taste really good too ๐Ÿ˜Š

  48. difa muhammad z h says:

    video untuk hari ini dong pak martin.. saya menunggu

  49. yvrelna says:

    Beberapa tips pak Martin, di Jepang Kare Raisu (Japanese Curry Rice) biasanya dimakan dengan sendok, karena saus kare membuat nasi sulit diambil dengan sumpit. Kalau makannya pakai sumpit, nasi dan saus kare jangan diaduk. Kalau etiket orang Jepang dan China, bowl boleh diangkat dengan tangan kiri (kanan kalau kidal), dekatkan bowl ke mulut, lalu nasi dan lauk diserok ke mulut dengan sumpit.

    Teknik alternatif, nasi diserok ke sendok bebek besar, lalu dekatkan sendok ke mulut, lalu serok nasi ke mulut dengan sumpit.

    Seperti pak Martin alami sendiri, sendok bebek besar itu tidak bisa untuk masuk ke mulut. Sendok bebek besar itu digunakan untuk menyeruput kuah, untuk mendekatkan makanan ke mulut, dan mendinginkan makanan yang terlalu panas.

  50. Thomas Ricky says:

    you have to eat that like you want to 'drink the rice and kari'. And use the chop stick to help the rice come in your mouth while drink it.

  51. ka ho tang says:

    around 2k to start with in sydney

  52. bella gf says:

    suka suka suka โ™กโ™ก

  53. eko prihatono says:

    Menit 1:18 ada dodit mulyanto?

  54. Arsyad Sena says:

    pak martin sekarang udah jarang naik motor ya?

  55. monokhos says:

    my favorite choice when eating @ marugame udon
    – dashi soup only (without udon)
    – egg tempura / tamago
    – shrimp tempura /ebi
    anyway tori baitang is the best choice for beginner

  56. Li Le says:

    I tried Marugame Udon only once, I hate over-priced food. I mean look at the price structure. I bet you only pay Rp 20K the curry rice bowl and the rest of 30K you pay for the brand franchise fee and over head. Why dont Ibu Julie next do a video making japanese curry rice at home with the same quality as Marugame Udon at a fraction of the price. You'll get many views

  57. Vera Utari says:

    You should try their Udon, the soup taste so gooood (for me) ๐Ÿ˜

  58. Irun Mon says:

    Kinda pricey for chicken katsu, usually Rp. 30K in malang, and if you lucky you can get just for Rp. 20K

  59. Louise Sunday says:

    Bu Julie, actually they provide regular spoon there, just ask the waiter for it ๐Ÿ˜Š

  60. c.amelia says:

    Video2 pak martin selalu saya tonton. Mengingatkan jaman pacaran dulu dengan suami saya ๐Ÿ˜…

  61. fabiola alfa gracias says:

    i like that restauran

  62. Novrilla Chaerani says:

    i started to subs,love food vlogger

  63. Melissa Lie says:

    I got mine done for about $5000, but my insurance covered almost half of it, so i ended up only paying $3000 out of my own pocket. now my teeth had shifted a bit, due to laziness lol. When my braces were off, i was too lazy to put on retainers.

  64. Kevin A says:

    Pak Martin coba bahasa jawa dong๐Ÿ˜

  65. Irna Fajeri says:

    disana ada sendok besi buat makan kok. tapi harus diminta sm pelayannya

  66. Deniazone says:

    You should try the noodle/udon too. it's more delicious than the rice one ๐Ÿ˜Š Niku udon and Chiken katsu curry udon are my favorite ^^

    And I think that spoon is for udon soup. you can ask for another spoon type.

  67. Deniazone says:

    Pak Martin, may I know what kind of camera holder you use? I have the same stuff, but the video still come out shaky ๐Ÿ™

  68. toko vr says:

    I respect youuu you all are not weird for vlogging , don'tmind those girls. Love from Jakarta

  69. Bacon Gaming says:

    I like the curry there. Every restaurant's curry actually tastes the same, haha.

  70. JDoubleG says:

    Japanese food is supposed to be expensive, especially sushi.

  71. Dzulfiqar Bagas Tito says:

    B-but.. curry is come from India.. not Malaysia.

  72. lailla nr says:

    video pak martin itu selalu menarik diliat ๐Ÿ‘
    dan bagus buat ngelatih speaking+listening ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  73. Reza O'Line says:

    lol.. bringing our own spoon.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  74. Firliea al Zaidan says:

    di kantor pph sya,harga behelnya 4,5 juta

  75. Ric Setiadi says:

    i just noticed that u are kind of sweet guy Mr Johnson…..what a happy family you have

  76. Finger Hanzh says:

    chinese and japan tradionally use chopsticks to eat rice with a bowl too

  77. BIG PAPA says:

    turun mobil dari mall nya seperti keluar dari kapal

  78. Melly Wulandari says:

    You should eat their udon, the soup is very good

  79. Snow Leopard says:

    50.000 is about 5 dollars in USA, is it quite cheap according to your country? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  80. Irrelevant Underdog says:

    "These people are looking at me like I'm weird" lolol.. happens when you vlog huh?

  81. Fatih Unru says:

    those spoon are not for the rise, it was actually for the ramen, and if you want to eat the rise, just order a spoon

  82. Sebastien Farras says:

    Maybe you should put your lip o the edge of the bowl and push the rice with chopstick…

  83. Lita Rahmasari says:

    pak martin tinggal dimana sih di jogjanya? maguwoharjo? tajem? condong catur? atau dimana?๐Ÿ˜…

  84. MiloPanas 24 says:

    hello i from malaysia.. keep smilling๐Ÿ˜Š

  85. I Tandy says:

    The spoon is for miso soup

  86. Reynaldie Widjaya says:

    Been eating this food once in Manado. The menu was exactly the same: curry chicken katsu. I dont think the food is worthed enough for the price though.

  87. mekimeki mek says:

    Lho, Sarah gak diajak, Pak Martin??

  88. scarlet wong says:

    in The us braces is $5000- $6000,.depend on your teeth problem to fix….alot cheaper in indo Pak Martin

  89. scarlet wong says:

    in The us braces is $5000- $6000,.depend on your teeth problem to fix….alot cheaper in indo Pak Martin

  90. Dodi Mareta says:

    Hi guys thank you for making me laugh with that spoon issue. That kind of spoon is suppose to eat the soup (common in China ) . We suppose to eat the rice and the other food use the chopstick .

  91. Ibnu Anto Vlog says:

    +martin johnson pal martin Saya akan merkomendadikan jika makan Di maurogame udon sebaik nya beli beef curry rice Itu enak Selalu Dan Telor nya sang at enak

  92. udin walker says:

    Klo di taiwan sih jg ada macem2 kyk gini tapi namanya bkn marigame udon, namanya chiken curry rice dan macem2

  93. salve regina says:

    We paid $6800 here in California. Which included 24 months Dr visits, every 2 months.

  94. Cris Yorke says:

    It would be around 7SGD for a pork katsu in Singapore, depending on the location. Japanese food ranges from 5sgd to 20sgd at a regular food court or restaurant.

  95. brogansvlogs says:

    thats a soup spoon you're using ๐Ÿ˜‚

  96. ismy mashyta says:

    I hate their spoon and chopstick ! But everytime i go there i always forgot to bring my own ๐Ÿ™„

  97. Naddyra Ridzkya says:

    Tempura sauce buat tempura/gorengannya pak

  98. BlueSky_2000 says:

    I've been eating marugame udon!!

  99. BlueSky_2000 says:

    Just eat it dude!!it's not hard to use it!!

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