Eating Live Food, Seafood Restaurant, Cambodia, Phnom Penh

Hi Guys, tonight i’m with Khmer friends in a local bbq restaurant in Phnom Penh. My friends are cleaning the bbq For Khmer people cleaning is the first thing to do when they sit. They clean their spoons, chop sticks, glasses etc… They put some pork fat and butter on the grill. Actually not some, they put a lot. It seems like they are frying something. and btw it’s not butter, they call it beurre (butter in frech) but it’s palm oil marmarine. i don’t like it. Too much margarine can kill you :)) a small margarine blast 🙂 You can find cheap and fresh seafood all around cambodia. Seafood is the first choice for protein source for Khmers. They don’t like milk and dairy products Omg, i don’t like this They are cooking everything together i don’t like beef that smells like fish. This is a little bit strange restaurant. There is a big screen behind me. Everyone’s waiting for the `voice kids cambodia` tv show. It a ridiculously stupid tv program. A lot of kids singing on the tv. Some of them are good but most are just awful. Why can’t their families accept the fact that their children don’t possess any musical talent? Like karaoke fests at wedding parties, which are the worst things i have ever met in cambodia. People who cannot sing at all but still try to sing and very loudly. Even the wedding party prayers which are very early in the morning (6am)and terribly loud do not annoy me like these singing (but without the ability) people 🙂 But i like Cambodia. Even eating live food… These are baby shrimps. They put baby shrimps in a jar, together with vegetables and spices It’s a spicy cooking technique. But i don’t understand why they are still alive after cooking? i don’t really understand this technique 🙂 i tried one. There is no taste of shrimp.The only taste I got was of herbs and spices. I can eat just the spices and herbs for the same taste. without eating live baby shrimps 🙁 And i can drink milk to get some protein 🙂 Please subscribe guys, to my channel, i will give info and tips that blogger travellers can not know. 3 days ago, i shot some videos in one of my favorite restaurants for you, but the light was bad. I will re-shoot it in better light. in a few days, i will show you this very cheap restaurant… See you guys.

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