Eating real sushi in Japan – Shinjuku

so we are now at a sushi restaurant because Danny has been asking for Shu Shu and that is sushi and Danny wants…his drink I guess? do you want to drink ? this? no no no that do you want that? yes that and Danny’s favorite is the salmon sushi oh Hennie made the 360 degree picture cool and they had an English menu over here and we are in the Marui one Annex Building the same as the lolita shops look English menu and these are lunch sets and I will take this one and I am gonna ask for Danny just some plain salmon sushi no I ordered some Umeshu and it is with brown sugar taste very good Daddy you can take it it is yours that is for you Danny no hold on good put it on your plate fish fish yummy? so here is the plate that I have ordered this Tuna and I am not sure about this maybe it is all tuna an egg and I asked the wasabi on the side , just to be sure it is not too much and also not to confuse that Danny doesn’t need any wasabi this is ginger and here I have the soy sauce and Hennie has the same nice itadakimasu – Let’s eat! so this is the restaurant where just ate and they mostly have the sets but as you can see you could also ask for separate pieces all the plastic food and Danny got a car! show it no, car! oh is it yours right thank you very much for watching the video I hope you liked it please do the thumbs up if you did so subscribe and then I hope to see you at the next videos I will be uploading more Japan talk videos each week on sunday , see ya then!

5 comments on “Eating real sushi in Japan – Shinjuku”

  1. leylafashion says:

    What type of sushi is your favorite?!

    Welke soort sushi is jou favoriet?!

  2. やたからす says:

    貴女の自国の料理も紹介して欲しいです 日本人にはとても興味があります

  3. leylafashion says:

    Watch more Japan vlogs from this year here:

  4. internationally ME says:

    your in tokyo now? 🙂

  5. Maijolin says:

    this boy is so cute!!

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