Egg Kabab Recipe: How to Make Egg Kebab (Egg Recipes) by Attamma TV

Egg Kabab Recipe Ingredients Potato mashed – 1/4 kilogram Boiled eggs -3 Curry leaves – 2 bunches, ginger – 1 inch Onion -1 Bread slices – 10 Garam masala powder – 1/2 t spoon Pepper pinch and cumin powder – 1/2 t spoon Salt -tasty Green chilli -3 Red chilli powder – 1 /2 T spoon Cheese – 2 table spoon Oil for deep fry Egg -1 Bread slices – 10 Grind well in to powder Keep some bread crumbs for dusting Add green chilli, onion, ginger Add salt Red chilli powder Grind in to course Add potato paste Add salt Add cumin powder – 1 /2 T spoon Add black pepper powder Add Garam masala powder Grate cheese 2 table spoons Mix well Take big ball like this and flatten Place the boiled and cooled egg and close with some other dough Bring in to oval shape Beat one egg and mix Keep bread crumbs Dip egg ball in egg yolk and coat in bread crumbs Keep a side Heat oil for deep fry Drop carefully and deep fry until brown Turn and fry Take out in paper napkin Oil was hot so drop like this also Cool for 20 minutes Cut carefully Serve with Egg kebab

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    nice tips

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    plz write in english @Attamma tv

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    Its yummy but there was only 3 eggs but how come 4 egg kabab??????

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