Egyptian Street Food – Seafood HEAVEN + Traditional Egyptian Food Adventure in Alexandria, Egypt!

59 comments on “Egyptian Street Food – Seafood HEAVEN + Traditional Egyptian Food Adventure in Alexandria, Egypt!”

  1. The Food Ranger says:

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  2. Pratheep Sirikogar says:

    All that sea food for one person?+

  3. vit p says:

    Ooo…food., Way,….Oooo…mmmm.Way food…, Mmmm

  4. Knowledge Speaks Wisdom Listens! says:

    Beautiful food in Alex, Cairo, or even Egypt? Is that with or without the Hepatitis C or Typhoid! Don't laugh!!

  5. Journi Jordan says:

    They country, food, and people are beautiful ❤️ However, does anyone finish the food? This seems wasteful 😞

  6. Osman Goni Royal says:

    উন্নত দেশ কাকে বলে দেখ???? যেখানে প্রতিটি মানুষ অন্তত দৈনিক ২১ শত কেলরি খাদ্য গ্রহন করতে পারবে গড়ে—-আর এই সব দেশে ৩০ হতে ৫০ শত কেলরি খাদ্য গ্রহন করে তারা—-এর নাম উন্নয়ন বা উন্নত দেশ—-আর আমরা ফকিরনির বাচ্চারা সুটকি ভর্তা পর্যন্ত খেতে কষ্ট হয় তবু বলি আমরা উন্নত দেশ—শয়েরের বাচ্চা—-উন্নত দেশ তোর মার ভোদা—রাজনীতির “র” বুঝিস না—-খানকির বাচ্চা দালালী করিস—-পতিতা আর পতিতার বাচ্চা—-রজনীতি আগে জান—খানকির বাচ্চা্ । তাদের খাদ্য দেখলে—তই জ্ঞান হারাবি——-খোদ পাকিস্থানের ফুটপাতের খাদ্য ধেখলে—তোর মত রাজনৈকি কুত্তার পাতলা পায়খানা হবে—-খানকির বাচ্চা—–রাজনীতির র শব্দের অর্থ আগে জান।

  7. jamal touil says:

    تابعوا قناتي أقدم وصفات طبخ صحية بطريقة سهلة وسريعة

  8. kokonuts1000 says:

    Masr great nation !!! From morocco.

  9. AF Noorzai says:


  10. Amani Ibrahim says:

    When you will come to Cairo

  11. Saad khan says:

    Oh i wish to visit egypt😍😍

  12. lazyaussiensw says:

    You order so much food. Does ur crew finish them later?

  13. Adil Hussain says:

    Nobody offered you for free?
    Same like Pakistan, wherever you go in Pakistan every thing is free for you.

  14. kamyk wow says:

    jezus maryja egipt to terrorysci

  15. Me robaron La idea says:

    😱 me hungry 🤤🤤

  16. قناة منوعات يوتوب says:

    تحياتي للشعب المصري … اخوكم من المغرب

  17. Matt Connors says:

    Tomato, onion & cilantro, oh my!

  18. Mohammed Khaleefa says:

    I've watched his videos for so long that I know when is impressed or not just from him mmmm and hmmmm.. Lol.. Most certainly living his life..

  19. Shyed Rakib says:

  20. Nur aiman Muhammad jubir says:

    I cannot believe you eat alot and I'm still hungry

  21. Genius Roque says:

    Nice,, every hour eating 👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  22. Stacy Pow says:

    You need to try all the foods you order and talk about them. You only tried some and could speak only of those. That's rather anticlimactic.

  23. Sophie Khan says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  24. Gaz Murphin says:

    All those cost even 10-8$ i think lol i will go definitely to my brothers from another mother country Egypt

    Much love from 🇸🇦 احبكوو ☹️

  25. kami tv says:

    Come to Iran Enjoy Iranian foods, I'm helping to you, my number 00989158746256

  26. Kadumago História e Arqueologia says:

    Very good!

  27. lover life says:

    I love Pakistan's people

  28. Memo Z says:

    Woooooowwwww looks amazing .man you are blessed to have these amazing oppurtunities . keep up the amazing show

  29. MirYam Nal says:

    Only that plate of ful and i think i will not be able to move. I love Arabic food but ful is something so special unfortunately it is impossible to eat big quantity

  30. sun quan says:

    ماشاء الله الاطل المصري زوين هو كيشهي هو باينة فيه لذيذ تحياتي لخوتي حبابي من المغرب

  31. Sam Talukder says:

    This is to much food you going to be sick man.

  32. محمد ابراهيم says:

    نورت مصر

  33. waled haredy says:

    والله انتم يا مصريين العسل . وأحلى وأطيب واجدع ناس ورجاله في العالم . أعيش في امريكا . وسافرت لكل بلاد العالم. اجمل وأطيب وألذ اكل في أم الدنيا . مصر . والله مبارك فيها وفي أهلها . يكفي ذكرها في القران .
    I love you Egypt 🇪🇬 .

  34. Herson Ramirez says:


  35. BomBer Bhai says:

    11:38 inta asal= he is telling you. You are swt as Honey so he liked you 😊

  36. Migz Art says:

    donkeys on the street 😂😂
    that shocked him 😂

  37. Migz Art says:

    احنا ف مصر اكلنا كله طماطم

  38. Ashhad Cade says:

    I wish to come somalia and test our food

  39. Lil ray Animays says:

    Égypt food os rite👩🏽‍🍳

  40. Nada Mohammed says:


  41. Wandi 2376 says:


  42. Foxfried says:

    Let's EATTHH

  43. احمد ابراهيم says:

    نورتنا في مصر ومرحب بيك في اي وقت مرحب بكل الجنسيات عندنا في بلدنا مصر

  44. Aden Madi says:

    So nice got place to cook for our raw seafood straight! Would love to try one day!

  45. Nephatie Morley says:

    Excuse me but did u smoke some weed to boost ur appetite to handle all that yummy food its all heavy food wonder how u handle that or did u shoot these on different days? Thank u.

  46. Nancy rajab says:

    Egypt ❤❤😍

  47. ALL IS WELL says:

    Alexandria city is lovely clear atmosphere what a grand egyptian history

  48. ALL IS WELL says:

    I hate sea food

  49. ALL IS WELL says:

    3:00 looks like pakistani food lol . 3:00 looks ymmy creamy

  50. ALL IS WELL says:

    Moslim countries food is the best

  51. ALL IS WELL says:

    Egyptians have food variety but no nice food

  52. محمد الجوهرى says:

    خخخخ اكلة فول وفلافل زى دى 127 جنية لية

  53. Dr2006eg says:

    تحيا مصر …ام الدنيا … اهل الكرم

  54. Ahmed Elsayed says:

    Subscribe and like from Egypt

  55. Rabitah Moses says:

    Fish guy: aahgghjdnfiesonnxjeowow

  56. Mohamed Hamada says:

    العنوان فين ف اسكندريه

  57. moe003 says:

    Home Sick and need to go Back Home to Alexandria, Egypt

  58. Ahmed Mhmoud says:

    ضحكو عليك في مطعم محمد احمد 126 جنية لية 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  59. KAIDO SAMA says:

    Dont make lift hand.,

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