Hello! And welcome to FridgeCam! If you eat food, then this
is the show for you. In the fridge today, Barry shows us how
to level up some tomato pasta sauce… …we have an electrifying cupcake
decorating competition… …but first! This is gonna suck. Gah! Maybe a little bit. What was that on? It was 30. Anybody who’s watched
a Sorted video knows that I get picked on more than most,
so today… my revenge. I’ve given the three boys
a spiced pumpkin pavlova recipe for them to follow. I’ve also hooked them up to
an electric shocking device. If they stray from the recipe,
make a mess, get things wrong,
or just generally irritate me, then they’re gonna get a shock. Right. So we have a written recipe here. Okay. Which is good. Right? First thing we’ve got to do,
preheat the oven to 200°C. Boys… I’ve got this. Peel and dice the pumpkin into
2×2 centimetre cubes and tip them into a baking tray, Barry. Don’t pass that to me. Go on, shock me.
See what happens. Don’t! No! Don’t! Needless to say, I won’t be
shocking them with a knife. But I am watching carefully; and if they get it wrong, it might
come back to haunt them later. Ben’s a nice guy, isn’t he?
He’s a lovely guy. I’ve always said it. I have done my job. Gah! God! What!
What did I do wrong? Barry said he’d finished his job,
but as far as I can see, all of his rubbish peel is still
on the chopping board. Ugh! That was horrible! I want to keep these pumpkin seeds, because I feel like I might get
electrocuted for wastage. Alright. Get (inaudible) out
and get rid of the pit. Gah! What’d you do wrong? I don’t know! I don’t know what do do anymore! Okay, right. Okay. Before I get electrocuted… Gah! Look at this! Having just said that we’re gonna keep
the pumpkin seeds for later on, Barry proceeds to throw it in the bin! British technique. -I have done chopping, and Mike is now up to play.
-No! No! As soon as you put the knife down… You’re an idiot! It’s now fair game! Right. Pumpkin goes in there. Pumpkin’s going in here. No! What’ve I done wrong! What’ve I done wrong? Why? Look at the difference between these! Toss with olive, brown sugar, allspice,
and a pinch of spice. Olives? Oil. Oil. Gah! That was just for
not being able to read. A bit of olive oil. Confidence. Nice. I’ve got a sweat on. You poured all of it onto
that one pumpkin! No I didn’t! Shut up! That is fine. Okay, right. Ah! What! I didn’t see that one.
Jamie snitched him out. So you got me? Yeah, for ratting out!
Stop being a little rat. Let me know if you want more
movement in that toss. Ah! Next, bake until very soft. Right. We’ve got to make a meringue. Three large fresh egg yolks. For the meringue? What the…! Gah! No! So here they are,
moving onto the next stage, having not removed the dirty knife,
dirty spoon, and pumpkin seeds from their board.
Clear as you go! Well, now we’ve got an egg
to clear up as well! -I’m gonna campaign against these things.
-Come on, let’s get rid of the dirty knife. Everybody, knife being held. The knife is clear and out of the way… what was that! Incredibly dangerous move with
a knife across a kitchen! Just confidence. Confidence. Come on. Confidence. Hang on, right now… Gah! -No, no, no! Barry! Barry! No! Pass it! Pass it!
-Pass! Concentrate! Concentrate! Barry! Barry! Okay, what? Concentrate. It’s gone. It’s gone. It’s gone. It’s gone. Nope, it’s gone. Eggs… pow! Good Lord, what’d I do wrong!
What did I do wrong? Whenever you mix up meringues,
you have to make sure -it’s a clean bowl you’re putting it into.
-I looked in it! If the bowl isn’t clean and it’s full of dust because it’s been on the studio
site for a number of weeks… Oh, well, who’s fault was
that for not cleaning it, Benjamin? Sorry. Sorry, Ben. Add castor sugar, corn flour,
cinnamon powder, then continue whisking until you
have stiff, fluffy peaks. A pavlova is all in the presentation, so what I haven’t told the boys
yet is whoever I deem to have done the worst job
will present the entire dish and construct it wearing
all three bands. Oh, look how soft that is. Wow, that’s so soft. Oh! Stiff! It’s holding itself! Yes! Fold the edge over, ’cause then it keeps
all the mess on the inside. I know. But I can’t fold the edge over that. That’s the whole point of that bowl,
so get out of my sight. Ah! That was just for bickering. Oh, J! What? Look, you’re getting it… Ooh! J! What! You’re getting it everywhere!
Concentrate! The thing is, you gotta
pipe down the domes… Ah! I’ve got scissors in my hand! They’re not left-handed scissors, J! What! What’s a big dome? It’s bigger than a small dome. “Onto a…” How many big domes? I don’t know how big these
domes have to go be. -Well, there you go.
-Well, look, we’ve got four corners. -Then do we do them circle-y and then go out?
-Just do it! I don’t know what a dome is. Blob and go. You had so much confidence in that,
and that is not right. Well, I’ve not been shocked, so therefore… Ah! I’ve been shocked! Yep. Yep. I’m getting shocked. Yeah! I’m done. I’m sick of this. I think that may… That looks absolutely…
-It looks like a Mister Whippy. One more poo emoji. Into an oven. -It should go into this one over here?
-For one hour. I’ll go. -And the oven was taken down to 125°C.
-125. Like you did earlier. To mix things up, we’re gonna
move the buzzers from their arms to their legs and
double the percentage. What? What! No. -Oh, no. That is…
-No, no, no, no, no, no. Blitz three quarters of the pumpkin
with the orange juice and the double cream until you get a smooth puree that
just holds its form. Blender. That’s specific. Ah! I thought they were supposed
to be working together as a team. This is the stupidest
video we’ve ever made. I’ll go chop up some dry cranberries and some pistachio nuts
and some pecans. Mike, do you want to grate
some chocolate? I would love to. And Baz, do you want to whip
the double cream with the icing sugar? I don’t, but okay. Okay, good. We are prepped. Are you prepped? I am prepped. While the meringue continues
baking and then cools, why don’t you show us
a pasta sauce, Barry Taylor? Okay! Can I please take this off? Yes. Gah! Oh! Oh! Welcome to Level Up, where
we use a few tips and tricks to take an everyday recipe a level up. Because we’re not chefs… we’re normal. We are normal. -I’m not normal.
-Today: pasta sauce. So level one, you got onions. You need jammy, beautiful onions. And to get that, get them
in a pan with a shot of olive oil and a pinch of salt. That salt will draw out as much
of the moisture as possible, and with a lid on, you can steam
them and make them nice and juicy, and (inaudible) and jammy. And this is what you’re looking for. Then add in a chopped
garlic and a glass of wine. Reduce this by half with the lid off and then add in a tin
of chopped tomatoes. Let it bubble for about 10 minutes until
you have a thick, saucy consistency. Now, for the most important level,
a pinch of sugar and some vinegar, with some seasoning at the end,
helps bring out the flavour of the tomatoes
and everything else. And of course, no pasta sauce can
be complete without the basil. And you have to do this last minute, otherwise it all melts and
you lose the basil-ness. I’ve got a little Italian deli downstairs. -Oh, yeah.
-Boom town. And that’s my way of taking
pasta sauce a level up! Right! (Inaudible) in. Oh! It’s tangy. That’s… Flavoursome. Can we just stay here now? We’re gonna need to go back
to the kitchen and find out whoever’s the selected to
wear all three shockers. This is a travesty. We need to go through
some ground rules. I just still want a really
nice looking pavlova. All I’ve ever wanted. That’s gonna be a problem for me, Ben. I’m gonna treat mine like a lie detector. If I think you’re lying or making stuff up,
you’re getting shocked. I was going to say that if you don’t deliver the recipe in French,
you’ll get shocked. But I think that might be a bit harsh, so what I’m going to do is just
repeat what they do. So, in order to construct our pavlova, we are going to tap these with the back
of a spoon to break them up. You take your thumb off of that. Okay, well, these are broken up
enough, I think. Pure… If you can’t use pumpkin, (inaudible),
what else would you recommend? I would recommend mango
and passion fruit. Maybe a combination. So what does pavlova translate to? That I do not know. But I’m not telling a lie, though, am I? Oh, he knows. Ah! Cream, which was really,
really well-whipped. I think you’ve done a great job with here,
and you’re a top bloke. Gah! Oh, I know that’s a lie. -That’s definitely a lie.
-That was a lie. I know. I was being nice! Dollops of our cream on top of the puree
and in and around the meringues. Okay, now it’s just the garnishing exercise
with some pistachios and pecans. Oh… Ah! What’s that for! Well, I don’t think it’s entirely your fault,
but the cranberries didn’t need chopping. There’s no need! Stop! I can’t hear him when you’re
shocking me, you idiots! It looks brilliant. Really good. Gah! It’s a lie. Just get yours over. Do yours now. Just do it. Did you do it? Yeah. Did it not work? Ah! Yeah, it worked. Gah! I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. We’re just gonna put
them shaven chocolate. Which you grated so well. Was it supposed to be
a coarse grate, then? Mike… I think it’s up to the artist’s decision. No, look… But I’d have done coarse. Ah! No, the f**k! Mike… your final challenge is to lift
your pavlova up to camera and basically give us
an outro to the sexies. One take. So, this is a spiced
pumpkin pavlova, sorted. Over to the sexies. Gah! Got a little bit of everything on the spoon. That’s delicious, guys. We did a great job. All the textures from the nut and the meringue
and your very soft pumpkin. This is the most un-worth it
recipe we’ve ever made. If you wanna make this recipe,
then you can get it at… well, I won’t even say the name
’cause it’s a bit too blatant. Yeah. But we’ll put a link on the screen. Good. Back to the fridge. Well, I hope you enjoyed that!
Comment down below and let us know if you’ve got any questions
about cooking or about electrocution. ‘Cause we have all the answers to that. And remember, do subscribe as well,
’cause we will make you hungry. Well, I think that FridgeCam had everything. A surprising amount of guilt every
time I pushed that button. Really? It had Mike getting shocked
quite a lot, like this. Gah! That is up so high! And stay with us while we decorate
some cupcakes with the rest of the team
and a few more shocks. Otherwise… …we’ll see you next time! Ciao! Bye! Guys, welcome -You’re not allowed to swear, even if it’s (inaudible).
-to the After Taste. That show took a wrong turn. ‘Cause I started off that episode really
down in the dumps and terrified, but watching other people
get shocked is really funny. That was on 40! Was it really? I thought that was the vibration one. I’m so sorry. Oh, yeah, yeah. I’m so sorry. I think it’s a trust exercise. So now it’s time to up the ante
and pass the shocking over to these guys as we try
and decorate some cakes.


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