(EN/日) 일본 초 강추! 회전스시 먹방 [소리]

Sori’s YouTube Channel I highly recommend this place! The price starts pretty low, at 130, and 160 yen! So this place is… out of all the sushi places I’ve tried in Japan, the best! Can you guys see the people lined up? This is the line formed way before dinner time hit. I highly recommend this place! I’m gonna join them on the line too. Even the people sitting way there are on the line. This line goes all the way down there. I have finally entered the restaurant. (After a long wait, the line has entered) Still there are tons of people waiting. I can see some people started digging in already. I’m going, i’m going! (Starts running~) I’ve got myself seated! Check out that watermelon, it’s huuuge! We’ve got some matcha powder here. Dear viewers of Sori Not Sorry!
How’s it going? Sori here! On the previous episode, where we looked at Chinese food in Japan, You probably noticed that I am wearing the same clothes. That episode was shot in lunch time,
and now you’re looking at dinner time of the same day. Since I came all the way to Japan, I believe I have to get my hands on as many delicious dishes as I can. This place is located in Meguro, and is very popular place. Every time I come to Japan, under my boss’ recommendation I have visited this place frequently since CoCoSoRi days. And this time around I couldn’t pass up the opportunity
and decided to make my stop here once again. Even though waiting in line is inevitable,
this place is way too delicious. It’s par for the course, for sure. I’ve set up the table, and now waiting for my sushis to come out. So on this episode, you get to vicarious one of the best sushi shops in Japan with moi! These cost 100 yen! some cost 130, and some 160… They have salmon for 130 yen! (So cheap, that price is unheard of in Korea…) They’ve got tuna for 200 yen… So that means, this establishment is cheap, delicious, thus popular. I’m gonna start ordering now. This is engawa sushi, which is a fin of a flatfish. Without soy sauce, this is plenty salty I’m gonna start with this tonight, I’m salivating already. I can taste some lemon juice at the finish. They also briefly torched the fish as well. So the taste profile can be a little greasy, but the lemon suppresses it really well. (Unusually detailed food review from Sori.) This is a must-eat if you come here. Otherwise you’d regret it.
This is miso shiru (miso soup) You guys must be wondering what is so special about this. (…of course it had a crab in it) You guys already know that I love crab meat. I’m called crab Sori for that reason… so Crab Sori ordered some crab miso soup. (This broth is so good!) This broth is to kill for! This is a quite generous amount of crab meat too. This is so good, no joke! This is torch trifecta, and they’re all slightly torched. As you can see, they use a small torch to slightly burn the fish. So this trifecta includes the fin that I had earlier and maguro (tuna), and salmon. I’m gonna try out salmon and tuna this time. These sushis are topped with thinly sliced green onions. Contrary to the quality of the dish, this was really cheap, 300 yen for all three of them,
100 yen a pop. Very cheap! They were so delicious. I can’t believe one of those cost only 100 yen. Guys Salmon is love! So, so good! This one resembles my hair color. I’m gonna show you guys another soup dish. (Another soup appears.) This one’s called sumashijiru This soup includes clams, It’s a very clear colored soup made out of clams.
Looks tasty, doesn’t it? Bursting with umami flavor. The taste of the ocean! (Is Sori trying to cure hangover?) This is a type of eel that can be found in Kyoto. (The white stuff on the top is eel meat, not rice!) (SHAKE IT) This yari ika (spear squid) that I’m eating right now is
so far my favorite of the day. (It actually was sode ika, another kind of squid.) The squid is really fresh today. It was very tender. Out of all the squid sushis I’ve tried, this one’s the best. (Two thumbs up!!) (A crab in her mouth) (when did she order all these?) (Anything crab cannot go untouched.) (So these dishes look a little bit pricier…) The actual mukbang starts now, you guys! (Mukbang mode: Fully engaged) This is fugu karaage. Many people think karaages are made from chicken, but these are are made out of fugu fish. This place is a seafood restaurant after all.
Fugu fish! We got some gambas here. Which one should I start with? eenie meenie miney mo I’m gonna start with this! (Starting with giant shrimps) Sorry, shrimp. (We’ve seen something similar at the Barcelona episode too…) (Check the paella episode) (Sorry shrimpie…) (You were so delicious though…) Bon appetit! (Shrimps are the best!) (The taste of the ocean!) I just cannot let go of you, crabbie! Crab Sori never leaves any crab behind. I am getting a little self-conscious now.. Especially now that I’m eating crabs voraciously Are you guys getting jealous at home? (Yeah, totally…) (…When was this tower built?) (Professional Mukbang-er wannabe) Did I end up eating all these? There’s no way! (Denial is real.) (Still have a room for dessert?) It is not just over yet, I still have to get myself a dessert! This shaved ice is popular in fireworks festival season. Even though this is mukbang, I feel like I forgot to describe what each food is like in detail… (feedback to herself) I just ended up eating… I seriously won’t be able to eat for a while after eating this. I might be lying right now, just like yesterday.
If something else comes out, I’ll probably eat more. Anyways, thanks for the meal, and if you get a chance to visit Japan, I highly recommend treating yourself with some tasty Japanese food and this is an establishment I would like to recommend, which is the reason why I’m sharing this video with you.
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  1. 탱구와효신 says:

    남자건여자건 잘먹는게보기좋음

  2. Tommy Jordan says:

    I genuinely fail to understand how Sori manages to make literally anything entertaining; I mean, I don’t even like sushi and yet clicked on the notification for this without a moments thought.

  3. Sushrit P says:

    I honestly didn't like mukbangs before but now I love them.
    SoRi when is the livestream?

  4. 파천 says:

    이거 마케팅 효과인가…번갈아 가면서 인물이 달라지니 소리씨가 더 빛나보이는 느낌적인 느낌이네요. ㅎ 오늘 저녁은 회전초밥이닷!!!

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  6. William Humes says:

    I love watching someone enjoy food. Especiaally when it's Sori. Thank you for the prompt subtitles. It means so much.

  7. 김지훈 says:

    11:48 음식을 찾아 안구 레이더망을 가동하는
    모습이 마치 아프리카의 미어캣을

  8. Beto M says:

    love you Sori thank you for give us a little of your time

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    조만간 초밥만 먹어야겠어요. ㅎㅎ

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    Sori ❤️

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    ソリちゃん食べすぎ~ (笑)

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    Best parts @ 8:37 …… 10:34 🍲 & denial is real. 🙈 Love the subtitles & subtle jokes inserted throughout. Add the name of the restaurant next time, the owner of the place might appreciate it.

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    Omg girl you look beautiful as always , and the food 👀 looks yummy , love your videos girl love ya . ❤️😊

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    we love you unnie ..❤❤❤ fighting!💪💪

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    👑SoRi the Mukbang Queen!!! Another Mukbang video! 😀 I enjoyed watching you try different types of food! 👌 When is the Q&A livestream??? Will we get a lightstick??? 💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    0:18 국물 마실 때 입모양 넘 귀여워요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    제가 갔던 곳보다 더 종류가 많고 맛있어 보이네요 +_+

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    So cheap and delicious ! This video makes me a bit annoyed though … because I can't go there and eat !!

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    超食べるね(^ ^)

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    i thought you shouldnt have taken the plate of sushi at the end of the video and then put it back onto the conveyor belt.. that was not very tasteful and could be viewed as unhygenic.

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    Loving see her eating sushi in Japan. Mouth watery

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