[ENG SUB] BTOB Making Sushi Rolls haru*hana Vol.34

haru*hana VOL.34
BTOB Series “Granting Melody’s Wishes”
Sushi roll (Ehomaki) Making Film I’m gonna start making kimbap I’m just… using some seaweed I think it’ll be better if I leave it open, so I’m gonna add the rice right next to the seaweed Staff: Sungjae tell us what you’re making Staff: You’re placing your rice to the side instead of the middle Is it ok if I start mine from the beginning again? Is mine coming together? (Proud Sungjae wwww)
Hahahaha~ (They’re working hard on their sushi rolls…) Fresh salmon! (Are you filming a salmon advertisement? wwww) (The members continued to prepare their food with pure determination) (Ilhoon is the first one to finish!) This gives off such a Japanese feel I put eggs in mine so it can look bigger (It’s an outbreak! The insides of Ilhoon’s sushi roll are starting to fall out!) (Changsub stealthy comes closer to Sungjae from behind…) (He smiles with the seaweed in put his teeth)
(But, Sungjae completely ignores him wwww) (All the members start to taste their sushi roll!) I put 3 things of hams in it I put a bunch of of stuff in mine My sushi roll is really delicious! The ingredients are delicious so, of course (the sushi roll) turned out good The kids like ham so I ended up putting a lot of ham in mine but… It’s pretty gross… I didn’t even use carrots, that I hate I only put in ham, pickled radish and cucumbers But, it’s not good The balance (of the flavors) is really important I didn’t put that many ingredients in mine The only point, is the ingredients you use but mine is really yummy I’m just gonna quietly cover mine up and leave it here… (←Ilhoon hid it with some seaweed) It’s delicious! (Peniel starts to cut the sushi rolls for his members & the staff) Bonus Do you want to eat it?

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