{Eng Sub} Sushi Nakazawa DC Review! 요즘 가장 핫한 오마카세 스시 나카자와 방문기 Washington DC

Hello everyone! We’ll be doing a review of my visit to Sushi Nakazawa DC today. The plates and utensils are very chic and minimalistic in design. While we wait for the omakase to start, the sous chefs are busy preparing for the table in the hall. At the bar, main chef Uchi is preparing to start the omakase course! Interesting choice for the first piece, salmon. What a flawless movement in hands. I can watch it all day. followed by smoked Alaskan salmon… Wow.. look at that color! And we finish off the salmon trilogy with torched salmon. That smoky flavor from the torch is just outstanding. Such a goofy personality chef Uchi=p Just mesmerized at this skills… My friends are just excited about great food and experience! Chef Uchi is explaining the differences between the DC location and the NYC flagship location which is run by Chef Nakazawa, trained by the great Chef Jiro himself. That was the sweetest Shrimp nigiri ever. Just wow… Can’t forget to take that Instagram pics.=p We move on to the Yellowtail. It was awesome to get the middle seat of the bar. I always get the first piece! Just melts away in your mouth. Now we move on to the main event. The bluefin tuna. We start with the akami (red meat). And then the chutoro (medium belly). And the highlight of the night! The otoro (fatty belly). You can’t eat too many of them because the fattiness gets to you but that one piece is better than anything else. The Sous chefs are preparing the Wagu beef pieces. As part of the omakase, you get to choose either Uni or Wagu beef for your intermediate course choice. I chose the Uni, and my buddy chose the Wagu Heres the torched Wagu now. He’s blown away=p This is honestly my favorite of the night. The Uni roll! The freshness of the Uni was out of this world. Load it up please! Load them up!! This is mine! More~ More~~ Man.. Chef Uchi playing with me!=p I need that Uni. We’re heading towards the end I see He is preparing the tuna toro roll. And we end with the Tamago (Egg cake). Looks super soft! I thought I would get a whole big piece=p oh man…. Look how cute that little piece is. So yummy! I hope you enjoyed the video. For more great videos like this, please subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to hit that like button too! Thanks!

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  1. 게임하는 서앤홍이 says:

    와우… 저도 다 때려치고 여기가서 스시 한번 먹어 보고 싶네요 ㅋㅋ 눈으로 호식하고 갑니다. ㅋ 영상 잘 보고 구독 등 팍팍 누르고 갑니다. 앞으로도 쉽게 경험할 수 없는 멋진 영상 기대할께요 ^^

  2. 코치J says:

    오와 장인의손길이 느껴집니다..부럽습니다~

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