Ep 4. Japanese Egg Sandwich | たまごサンド | Tamago Sando

Recipe in description! this is my favorite shirt is that a jojo reference? kind of peaceful for a soft boiled egg with runny yolk for a medium boiled egg with orange yolk a regular hard boiled egg and shy Slippery, ‘scuse me, please me~ you must use kewpie mayo! that close up tho you can use other breads too but milk bread is best texture wise the reason for cutting off the crust is for the texture this is for the thumbnail, very pretentious looking haha tastes very eggy, sweet, soft, just perfect~ I don’t have much extra content today, so here are my beautiful cats~

5 comments on “Ep 4. Japanese Egg Sandwich | たまごサンド | Tamago Sando”

  1. Min Soo Film 민수 필름 says:

    Tried it and all my friends loved it

  2. Alvin Yang says:

    Thanks for sharing this to reddit! Simple and easy.

  3. PdawgUltimate says:

    This looks good. I might try it

  4. alldatalost says:

    always wanted to try one of these, trying this soon.

  5. gmchilehead says:

    Why not cut the crust off the bread BEFORE putting the egg in there, so you're not throwing away so much egg?

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