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  1. Peaceboneification says:

    Good video but why are you saying Nakano like that?

  2. cpunching says:

    Shinichi can be so sneaky! "No, you can only pick one!" Hahaha, I'm betting he set it up so he could have the azuki bean sweet all to himself.

    How cold was it that day? I always find it fascinating how people in different countries deal with the weather. I grew up in a place called "Cold Lake" (lol) that was -40C in winter, so when I went to Australia and it was 5-10C it was like spring for me. Does Japan get very cold or does it only drop really low in places like Hokkaido?

  3. Andrew Higgins says:

    That beer Satoshi had is really good! All this food looks amazing! We're going to need to have another food meet up!!

  4. Heather Banyay says:

    I've never seen a beer open like that before. very interesting. what is the best season to visit Japan for food?

  5. Daniel Lim says:

    IPL = Indian Pale Ale 🙂

  6. Lu Kubin says:

    You two are soooooo adorable and nice!!! I love when you take us out travelling 🙂

  7. shermich90 says:

    got distracted by the dogs having a photoshoot at the back. haha

  8. The Fifth Paw says:

    Did not get a chance to try Takoyaki when I visited Japan back in the late 80's. So want to try this 😉 Great Video.

  9. Joey Karate says:

    Osaka style okonomiyaki you can get noodles as well. Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki is more like a crepe.

  10. saynotoplastic 1 says:

    Tabi please try matcha cup noodles review!

  11. Capn_Mauru says:

    You guys are adorable! but please don't freeze yourselves again to show up awesome food xD

  12. Chris Johnson says:

    You looked so cold! Time for some soup. Great video though, I always love to see footage of the streets and local scenery. Everything looked delicious, but I think I would have gone with a hot drink in that cold weather.

  13. Anna012692 says:

    My mouth was salivating when you guys were eating the gekikara takoyaki. haha

  14. Shiv Silverhawk says:

    the video skipped when the policeman was passing by. Is it illegal to drink in public in Japan?

  15. Tara Finney says:

    Nakano was one of my favourite places! I wish we could have explored more. Spent too much time in the otaku area haha 😅

  16. Akai 赤い Bullet says:

    OK, now i'm hungry! and i love you so much guys

  17. David H says:

    Great video! I love the variety and descriptions you have for the food. Next time you need a little cooler with a hot water bottle in it to keep your food warm! Can't wait to see part 2! 🙂

  18. Chop Happy says:

    Wish I was there! Great video

  19. Shasta Lightfoot says:

    You two are so cute. I love all your videos.

  20. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    Oh yum!!! I am looking forward to more Street Food in Japan episodes!!! xD

  21. candycoated paw says:

    Imagawayaki seems sooo good. Especially the azuki one.i have loved what we call japanese cake that's being sold in the city. Filling is a choice of cheese or chocolate. Now i miss that.

  22. Sarina Long says:

    Thank you for enduring the cold for us! I love all of your videos ♡

  23. NellsBells says:

    That dog photo shoot going on behind you, sooo cute!

  24. Lindsay Evans says:

    That was so sassy!
    "I remember all the good ramen shops…" camera fades to black


  25. MvT says:

    'both? noo!' i love this guy! 9:36

  26. ニコール says:

    I got some of the choya plum wine at the international market in my city and looooooved it! Everytime I see anything with choya on it I get it now, its all so good.

  27. Benjamin Kueatan says:

    Hi, I am waiting to see the part 2 video from you guys!

  28. William Libby says:

    I love how passionate you both are about food! Love love love your videos! ❤ You should come visit Guam. It's close to Japan and very much like Hawaii! You'll love the food!

  29. Tokyo Comedy Network (Ru Laffin)東京コメディネットワーク says:

    Nice vid! When you guys bicker about food and 'good' ramen shops is so much fun!

  30. Elizabeth R says:

    I love when you show the streets so we can know a lot more!!

  31. J. Stormer says:

    Is the man in the background a japanese policeman? Or a military officer?

  32. L Slikk says:

    Street food in Nakano!!!!!! I love how passionate you guys are, love you!!!!

  33. Cat Z says:

    Great video. I found in this video the name of one of the best things I tried in Japan, imagawayaki. Was really good ^^

  34. Felicia Wong says:

    I was in Tokyo around this time 2 years ago and it was really really cold. Thanks for filming this and eating all those yummy food despite the cold!! Love ur channel 😍

  35. Sneak Chamber says:

    I'm just going on a tabieats video binge. 🙂 happy late birthday, shinichi!

  36. David Gibb says:

    Inarizushi is one of my absolute favorites. Do you have any tips to make it?

  37. Sue Baker says:

    Love it! I like visiting Japan in November! My birthday!

  38. Sami Edwards says:

    is the takoyaki dough savory or sweet?

  39. Justin Flynn says:

    Thank you guys for suffering for us viewers! The park looks very nice (just curious, are you allowed to play soccer there?)!

  40. Shahreen Sultana says:

    Are you guys brothers?

  41. MrHunadam says:

    Are you guys brothers?

  42. Alan Mats says:

    Looks tempting! 😩

  43. Just Stuff to Listen to says:

    oh god I miss Inari sushi I ate a lot of that when I visited kyoto

  44. Lucas Williams says:

    Haha "I'll have a bite of both" "No"

  45. Kurtney Lofranco says:

    This video makes me wanna visit japan for their food someday.

  46. LoneHero2 says:

    You guys are so pleasant. I love this channel. I have to admit, I listen to you guys sometimes when I'm ready for bed. Puts me into a nice calm before dreamland. Always good dreams.

  47. Pei Shan Low says:

    Looks good. I gonna check out nakano next time!!!

  48. feiyipq says:

    I wish I saw this video before my last trip to Japan…Cry…..I went exactly there but tried none of the food in the vid! Oh…

  49. Florence Leow says:

    I had been extremely busy with errands, work & cooking a dinner session for friends in the past week.😚 Now I can truly relax during this weekend, and the first thing I do is to quickly tune in to your Tabieats channel.

    You are my favourite Youtubers becos you're authentic, polite & very pleasant. Love this street food video of yours. I really like looking at the small alleyways as you both stroll down them. cheers! and have a great weekend, Shinichi and Satoshi!🌸🌸🌿☘

  50. SfVegasDad says:

    My wife and I love your channel! We are going to Japan next month and your videos are helping us a lot on where to go for yummy food. Gonna continue watching more of your videos! Hopefully we run into you guys when we are there! 👍🏼

  51. Rei Hayashi Lim says:

    Hi, I will be going to Japan. What time do the restaurants closes at Nakano? Do they open late after 8pm?

  52. tlcode says:

    I enjoy that I always learn something from your videos. 😊

  53. Martha Asami says:

    "I remember the good ramen shops" and que face of Shinichi makes me smile. Good video as always.

  54. Canice Tang says:

    IPL stands for Indian Pale Lager. It is relatively light and pretty refreshing with bar food and seafood items. This type of beer is made famous back in India for their Kingfisher with their famous Indian Pale Ale. There are many similar types of IPL all over the world.

  55. Cath Camp says:

    satoshi i love u

  56. Lily Vuong says:

    snuggles up in warm bed
    Time for another adventure with Shinichi-san and Satoshi-san. Nothing better to do in winter than to enjoy the scenic tour. Tanoshimou! 😄

  57. hairul78 says:

    Thanks guys for doing this review for us in the freezing weather. Been to Tokyo a few times but not been to Nakano before. Will go there this coming week. 🙂

  58. gangurogeisha says:

    For a second, I thought he said "loli restaurants", and I wondered if that was a different kind of maid café. @[email protected]

  59. Fisch says:

    Inari zushi easy to find in Hawaii growing up but hard to find on the US mainland.

  60. Crystal McKee says:

    It looks so good. Can you send me some in Oklahoma? I want some. Yum!

  61. tbonecorleone says:

    the bottle top of the beer is really cool! i wish we had those in America. would be so much easier.

  62. Abhi Foodie says:

    Loved it

  63. Kick The Ajummas' Face! says:

    When noisy ass dogs ruin a perfectly good video, wtf japan.

  64. K Mo says:

    Oh My Belly!
    I am laughing so hard my sides and belly hurt….first words out of Satoshi's mouth…
    "It is freaking cold!"

    I wasn't ready for that, too funny.
    I realllllly love you Satoshi!!!

  65. Shaneca René says:

    LOL..I thought the wine with the plums were green olives and juice for the beer lol

  66. Giggles says:

    I enjoyed this video very much, and it made me want some takoyaki, mmmm. Made me wanna visit Nakano, but that's something I would have to plan and $ave for. Good thing we have Little Tokyo here in Los Angeles for when I want my Japanese food fix. 🙂

    That last comment…. Shinichi throwing shade…. I love it! 😀

  67. Roshan Dhali says:

    I like Shenichi because it rhymes with kenichi

  68. Maha Kali says:

    There are so many interesting foods with rice in Japan 🙂
    I wonder if you know rice pudding? It's made with rice (round grains), milk, sugar, a little salt and sometimes vanilla. You can eat it like that or with cinnamon/cocoa powder/berries as topping. Do japanese people eat something like that? In Germany it's very popular.

  69. supr_ says:

    Satoshi looks like filthy frank to me

  70. K Kim says:

    I now live walking distance from Nakano and love it!

    Loved seeing the places you guys highlighted in the video

  71. LumpySpacePen says:

    You can drink alcohol in public spaces?

  72. Callie Hughes says:

    I swear, Satoshi is aaallllmost an alcoholic 😂

  73. Brittany B says:

    Are you guys brothers?

  74. John Karavitis says:

    I LOVE anko bean desserts! DEE-LISH! (BTW, I think they use a lot of brown sugar in the mix, but that's okay.)

  75. Jim Ellison says:

    LOVED IT……..

  76. shiro kuro says:

    Hope you were able to get warm after shooting this video. 😊
    And I would really love to try that inarizushi and those takoyakis!

  77. Toteododorora says:

    I'm visiting tokyo soon – ish (1st week November) Nakano is on my list! What was the udon place called? 🙂 is it close to the park?

  78. Bill Blinky says:

    At 12.56 I saw the Australian flag. Now I MUST visit Nakano. By the way, thanks again for your efforts in making another brilliant food video. I will now try these myself next time I visit Japan.

  79. Brenna sharp says:

    What flavor of taiyaki are there? I'm super interested in trying it

  80. Nyesha W says:

    Great video love the ppl in the back taking pictures of their dogs lol

  81. Hardrockfan21 says:

    ¥630 for 10 balls of Takoyaki!? That's amazing! I went to a Japanese restaurant here in the States and they charged nearly $9.00 for 4 balls that came nowhere close to looking half as good as this.

  82. Seren Dipity says:

    Hope to visit Japan some time, let my son see some of his heritage 😁
    I made yaki soba today

  83. Mladen Vidic says:

    2:00 Beer, cops and alcohol dont mix in Japan I see . Lol🤣cut and re-try filming without drinking in front of the government officer.

  84. Nama Japan says:

    Otsukaresama for enduring the cold weather!

  85. lavendermemorylane says:

    I could feel from the screen how cold it is there. ..but glad everything you guys had there was very tasty!

  86. Cammie Garrison says:

    Thank you for this video

  87. Karla Hartzell says:

    what is Dango? Mochi that is grilled?

  88. khaunleper says:

    You broke his heart when you said you wanted both.

  89. Bigbadvoodoodaddy says:

    belated happy birthday Shinichi thank you guy for making me hungry but in a great way can't wait to get there for my vacation bless you guys always in my thoughts and prayers

  90. EmaLee Noggle says:

    Thank you for braving the cold to make us this video!

  91. sailorfan86 says:

    Will definitely go in October 2018

  92. 88DoMiNoE says:

    Omg I was so looking forward to going to Hitokuchi Chaya on my next trip but google maps says that it has permantly closed! TzT is it true?

  93. Misty Zuniga says:

    just saying but i could eat inari allll day long 🙂

  94. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    you guys are completely mad. you are having a picnic in the park freezing your nuts off. I give you 24 to 48 hour to catch a big cold .

  95. Kristen225 says:

    lol hearing Satoshi say "freaking" made me laugh

  96. Sibernethy says:

    2:56 – That almost looks like a Cornish pasty based on its shape.

  97. S M says:

    The dogs having a photo shoot in the background 😹🤙🏻

  98. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    Why are you sitting and eating in the cold and sitting in the cold

  99. Suzannah Chirgwin-wade says:

    I hope that both of you do not get a cold . Now it is WORLD CUP RUGBY AND THE ENGLAND TEAM Vs FRANCE TEAM HAS BE CALLED TODAY THE TIME UK IS 01 :32 am. Date is Friday 11th of October and the reason is you have Really bad weather now

  100. Pei K says:

    Thanks for taking one for the family, Shinichi…looked very cold! the desserts looked yummy, I'd love to try the apple cream, since I have no idea what it would taste like…even though I love anko!

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