Epic Natto Taste Test (Unique Japanese Food)PART 2

hello, everybody welcome to part two of our epic natto taste test now if you missed part 1 check it out by clicking on the I, right up there And if this is your first time don’t forget to subscribe and press that Notification button so you don’t miss any one of our videos everything we have today is from company called funa-natto, located in the Miyagi Prefecture and all of these are very unique the first one is omugi funanatto which is natto with wheat. Love the packaging of this funa-natto, you know This boat shape is so unique you know they did tell us that there is a purpose for this boat shape it’s because you can use this as your Mixing dish and you can put all your condiments in here You don’t to use a separate dish and get it all dirty then add the seasoning packet Mmm. Smells like shiso. It does. It really does. I love that smell It smells so amazing I can taste something different from regular natto I like more mmm Really good stuff first of all the sauce is really nice if you like Shiso or the taste of perilla leaves you’re going to love this and I do notice a slight difference Because there is wheat in here the wheat gives it a unique flavor as well as texture these are really good I think so good the next one is also funa-natto, but made with black soy beans, so let’s open and this is the same packaging and let’s give it a quick mix and Look at how black these beans are These are definitely different Soybeans. You know what this doesn’t even smell like regular natto. It smells completely different It doesn’t have any pungent smell Mmm-hmm the only thing that’s similar to Natto is the sliminess, but other than that it tastes like Black beans like really good black beans This is much easier to eat. It is. The next one is called chachamaru So the first one was regular soybeans, second was black beans, and now we are at the red soybeans I wonder why this one. They didn’t make it into a boat shape because they don’t use Ibaraki local Soybeans Oh, I see so the boatshape ones are only for the local beans Interesting so this one is in a flat package so we just slip this off open it up and Take out that seasoning packet. This is so interesting like the beans are carefully arranged in a flat fashion Peel this off Woah, first thing you notice is that the beans are like really big. Right? Very big, but they look like the kind of beans that you used to make chili and here’s the sauce. The sauce looks darker than the first two, I’m going to mix this in and Let’s try them out. Yeah The beans is really soft. You try it. Thank you I feel like that my mind is playing tricks on me because you know visually they don’t look like natto Mmm you’re right. They’re like really soft, but I really like this one I’m a fan of beans to start with so I just love that They are all different in texture and taste. The next series all come from this round Packaging not all these are very special But the last one is very special so we’re going to be saving that one for last The first one is called wappa natto, and this is made with 100% Miyagi Soybeans. On the package I noticed this is very beautiful. I call it hmM You would notice that. Okay. Let’s open this one up wow, that’s a big package of Sauce or what is that, looks like miso, we don’t mix this one all right So I’m going to put the sauce to the side like this so that we can try the beans by itself and then with the miso. I think I want to try to bean By itself still. No miso. Hmm Nice. Nice natto. Usually I don’t like natto soybean. Oh, yeah I really don’t I usually need the packet, but this one is really really you know I think it’s because they were using good beans or something. We’re going to try it with the miso now oh That is amazing this miso is sweet. Treat. Just a little bit salty this is Perfect. I love it It’s just that you know eating it bean by bean, I feel like we’re eating something really expensive in like Caviar The next one is same type wappa natto with ume sauce. Ooh I love ume. So this one comes with the ume sauce and that’s the only difference right the beans are the same let’s give it a try Dip it in that ume sauce Itadakimasu I love this Ume sauce. This ume sauce Is the right amount of sourness a little bit sweet I can just eat this and be happy Mmm. Me too. This and the miso, they are blowing my mind this is no longer the natto that you have for breakfast and the next one in the same series is a Little different because they are using kuromame or black beans. Wow the sauce is really dark and yes, the beans are very black and Oh gosh you know once again my mind being blown because Once again, because it does not look like natto. Do you want to try the natto by itself first? By itself first. Hmm, so tasty. Soft and it tastes like black beans so if you like black beans, I think it will be a fan of this one Little bit roasted like flavor. Yeah, and this series You don’t mix it up. The package says no mixing you just eat it one by one like this So you don’t get too much slime. Now to try with the sauce I’m very very looking forward to eat it. Me too. What is this? I don’t know I was expecting soy sauce but it tastes like molasses like Molasses and soy sauce the first two was the one with the ume and the miso has a lot more flavor though This one is a lot more subtle in flavor I thin. The next one is called Seijin Ichiryu Ok this one comes in two packets of seasoning and Look at the beans. They’re green oh green well greenish. The kanji for the character of Seijin whatt does Seijin mean? I don’t know. This is our mystery natto, so let’s pour the sauce on half of it again and once again let’s try them now without sauce This one once again has a really nice bean flavor. It’s a little on the bitter side Mmm. Yes, more flavorful than regular natto. Definitely Now to try it with the sauce Hmm. That’s nice. Nice That’s nice. This one has a more pure and cleaning taste than the other one. And the last one are you guys ready? Actually are we ready now this one Immediately we’re going to say this one is expensive. Yes, very expensive. This container of natto was 800 yen, that’s like 8 US Dollars Which is actually very expensive for natto. This natto is using matcha. Yes. Isn’t that exciting? Matcha natto. Oh look at that. Fancy packaging There are soup and matcha. Salt and matcha. The salt is from the sea, it’s sea salt. And the matcha is from Fuji in Kyoto And the black beans are tamagoro. Oh, yeah, the most expensive black beans in Japan Open this Matcha up and pour it over because that’s what the package says Immediately you can smell the Matcha is amazing. Ya, this is no cheap Matcha and then we’re going to put the salt on to the Lid because that’s what the packets in and we’ll use this special Toothpick, very expensive toothpick and pierce one bean Look at that matcha. Look at that green matcha I love that contrast of black Bean and the Matcha Green. Me too Visually it’s amazing and then we dip it into the salt and we’re ready to eat Here look why don’t you try first really yes? I made one for you. Dozo. Itadakimasu. Is it over the top fabulous? This is the natto caviar Really? More than the other ones? More than more than the other ones. Really yeah, oh matcha flavor I did not know but matcha flavors matches so well with natto black beans interesting interesting ah Sugoi Whoa mind blown. Wow matcha and natto, who would have ever thought? Wow That’s amazing. I mean. Oh, you need that salt because there’s no saltiness in the matcha or the soybeans whatsoever so that sea salt give that Saltiness that you need but that matcha, the aroma, the aroma of this matcha Are we still eating natto? No wonder they want you to eat it one bean by one bean eat one bean. I mean you have to get your 800 yen worth, people Okay guys, so we have gone through all the natto from funa natto Satoshi-san which one was your all-time favorite? for today’s selection. Do I have to say? You do. Do I have to choose? Today’s one is different though because once again everything was amazing It really was. Some Over-the-top amazing this one is my favorite hmm. Are you are you sure you’re not just choosing because of the price No, the flavor, matcha flavor combines black beans. Oh my God. I know it’s pretty amazing I want to say matcha. You guys know how much I love Matcha I really want to say matcha, and this one is fantastic, over the top crazy but There’s something I like more and that is The Natto with the miso. Miso? It’s the one with this miso I know. I-I it was a toss-up between the ume and the miso but this miso one, guys, oh my God, it’s so good I can eat this every day It’s that good. So hope you guys enjoyed this part 2 of our epIc natto taste test once again if you missed part 1 check it out by clicking Right up there And if you missed our video on the natto factory where we purchased all of these make sure you check that one out by clicking Right up there, please like this video and subscribe And also share this video with your friends. Thank you for watching see you soon. Bye

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  100. succeed tribal says:

    ็ด่ฑ†ใฏ็™ฝใๆณก็ซ‹ใคใพใงๆททใœใชใ„ใจใƒŠใƒƒใƒˆใƒผใ‚ญใƒŠใƒผใ‚ผๅŠนๆžœใŒๅๅˆ†็™บๆฎใ•ใ‚Œใชใ„ใ€‚ไป˜ๅฑžใฎ้†คๆฒนใฏๆทปๅŠ ็‰ฉๆบ€่ผ‰ใ ใ‹ใ‚‰่‡ชๅ‰ใฎ้†คๆฒนใ‚’ไฝฟใฃใŸๆ–นใŒไฝ“ใซ่‰ฏใ„ใ€‚
    ใใƒผใ ใญใƒผไฟบใ‚‚ๅ‘ณๅ™Œ็ดๅพ—ใŒ่‰ฏใ„ใจๆ€ใฃใŸใ€‚ไฝ•ๆ•…ใชใ‚‰ๅ‘ณๅ™Œใฏๅคง่ฑ†ใ‹ใ‚‰ๅ‡บๆฅใฆใ‚‹ใ‹ใ‚‰ใญwww

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