Exclusive Look at Singapore’s Newest Terminal | Eatbook Food Guides | EP 5

Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs. I’m Jiahui, and I’m Steph. And today, we’ll be bring you on a food guide to Changi Airport’s newest terminal, T4! First up, we’re starting at a public area. This is Ma Mum, a halal-certified cafe that sells Asian food. Since it’s the first meal of the day, we’re going to start off with breakfast. So this the very typical kind of Singaporean breakfast. Quite nicely toasted right? Ya, I like. It’s a bit like the Ya Kun kind of toast. Actually, the Kaya flavor is quite light for this one. Just very coconut-y. So moving on… We’re going to eat Rendang right away. I mean, it’s lunch somewhere in this world. The chicken is very very tender actually. There’s a very strong punch from the spices. It’s not super spicy. Like I can deal with it, anyone can deal with it. So moving up to level 2M, this place actually has quite a few well-known restaurants. We’re here at Sushi Goshin. This place has quite a nice view also, like you can look across the whole floor. Sushi Goshin specializes in 80 cents sushi. So these are some of their premium sushi okay. and I think the most expensive here is actually
their Aburi Foie Gras, with Uni (Sea Urchin)! How much is that? 12 dollars! Thank you Eatbook. So let’s start off with their sushi. Okay, so which is your favorite? I think it’s this deep-fried Shrimp Maki, with the century egg on top. I’m not a century egg fan at all, but I didn’t know it when I ate it. And it’s actually very good, like it added a different crunch to it. Also the prawn was quite nicely fried. All together, it was like, crispy, crunchy and very tasty. Onto the Gyu Teriyaki. Woah. I think they grilled it, you can taste that grill marks, a bit of that char. And it’s so pink in
the middle. Usually for tender beef it becomes very jelak (cloying) for me, but not this one. If you come here, I would definitely recommend this. Next to Sushi Goshin is Food Emporium. The first time I walked in here, it’s so Instagrammable. Also, if you walk all the way towards the
end, you can also see the planes taking off. For something a little bit more iconic, this from Ping Xiang Chicken Rice. From their stall, we got
their Set Meal Chicken Rice and you can have it as usual, the roasted or the steamed. For more variety, they also have this fried chicken rice, as well as curry noodles with steamed
chicken. Let’s go for the chicken rice first. Actually, I thought that the chicken was a bit tough. I personally liked it… The sesame oil right? Yes! This is pretty much drenched in sesame oil. So I think if you’re the more saucy kind of
person, you can go with this. But you can always match it with rice if it’s too much for you. This is our rooster bowl also, shout out to… ourselves. Additionally, we also got their signature Crispy Bean curd. The exterior isn’t as crispy as I thought it will be, but inside, it’s like silken tofu. So the second stall, Soon Kee Teochew porridge. And we’ve got quite a feast! I think there’s a lot to try. We’ll tell you which is our favorite at the end of it. I think my favorite… the Pork Ribs is quite nice. I really like that it’s very garlic-ky, with the kick of chilli as well. Your’s? I would say it’s the duck. The fatty and lean meat comes together very very nicely. Everything’s like, very clean tasting. It’s not like those, you know when you go out and there’s a lot of MSG, a lot of salt, very oily? This is not. Alright, next up we’ve got Chicken Rendang that comes with rice. And also a side of Nyonya Chap Chye (Mixed Vegetables). Woah, comes off so easily. It’s a halfway between Rendang and Curry, but the chicken itself is very well-marinated. Alright, try the rice. Hmm! A bit of coconut. Overall, I think it goes quite well with the chicken, but there’s nothing much about the rice. Alright, so now we’re done with the public area, and now we’re gonna head off to the transit! So after having a few drinks on the way, we’re now at Tiger Den, which specialises in beer and
bar bites. Let’s dig in. Not too bad. I don’t like satay that’s too fatty. But this is very lean, so it’s a bit tough but very well-marinated. Alright, next up is Keema Nachos and this one is a mutton curry with Papadoms. It’s super juicy! I don’t really eat mutton because it’s very strong. But this one is strong enough, but can be for
foreigners who are not used to it. I will definitely recommend this. I like it a lot. Alright, on to the Baos. Taste like vegetarian meat to me. I think the meat is too tough, and the sauce is also overpowering. Chilli crab one, hopefully better. Quite nicely fried. It’s not really chilli crab, it’s more like soft-shell crab with chilli. Alright, last but not least we have their Umami Fries. This is actually sweet potato fries which i
super love. It’s really Umami-like, it really screams the word ‘Umami’. I like this so much, this is a great combination I feel. Alright now onto the highlight of T4’s transit area, this is the Peranakan-Themed Heritage Zone. There are a few stalls underneath and we’re right now in Heavenly Wang. Heavenly Wang is quite a known brand, I would say. But this design is totally different from the
ones you’d see outside. Alright, so what do we have for tea now? There’s a lot of food! The prata is huge. Should we use our hands? Let’s go. Old-school method. This cheese is nice. Woah, what did they do to the cheese? It’s like they fried it in a way where it’s fragrant. Like they pressed it in and there’s a bit of that smokey flavor. It’s one of the better cheese prata I’ve had. Alright, now we are going to try their Curry Chicken. Oh, did you see how tender it is? The chicken itself is well-marinated. So you’ll eat the curry on itself and when you bite, you’ll taste the chicken itself. Yup, but the texture just wows me. It’s just so tender, I love. And the sauce is so thick, goes well with rice. Like it’s super comforting. Alright so on to our last stop, We’re at the International Food Hall which has quite a lot of variety, but more than that, it’s 24/7! And we’re trying 3 today. This is from Bowl Thai. Honestly, this is a terrifying bowl of noodle. It looks very spicy. But it looks like quantity, this one. I think if you’re super hungry right, this looks like it will fill you right up. You ready for this? I think she cannot take it. If you love Mala and you love spicy food right, ah yay! This is yours. Otherwise, everything would absorb all of that chilli. Onto the Japanese. This comes in one set, with Fried Karaage Chicken and Mochi. Their Udon is so special, it’s like very thin. Hmm! The noodles nice? Hmm! I ran out of vocab. It’s very soft, very silky. Shall we eat the chicken? Just look at the skin, it’s glistening, it looks so moist and sweet. It’s a lot tougher than I thought. I like the top more better than the chicken meat itself. But I think for this dish, the winner is definitely the broth. It’s like a light chicken broth, flavoured with kelp. I love chicken! We love chicken. How are we so excited even though this is the 20th dish that we’re eating? I’m so full. I cannot think. T4 is generally quite small compared to other terminals but in terms of food options, they are
definitely not losing out. So, we hope that we’ve brought you through a very quick guide on how T4 is like. If you have tried anything, let us know in the comments down below. Okay, so thanks for watching another episode. For more, you can check out over there. In the meantime, remember to like, share and subscribe! Bye.

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