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  1. Ichi says:

    Incredible 💪 like #66

  2. brahim bourhou says:

    Very nice fish We hope that the communication between us lasts

  3. Judo Racquinghem says:

    Bonjour mon ami . Super délicieux bonne cuisine japonais nous aimons tous au judo 🍀👍Merci du partage! Salutations du judo🥋🥋🥋🥋Abonné à votre canal

  4. Siham faouzi says:

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  5. Maria Kalinowska#Polska says:

    Hello and best regards 🙂 yum yum … tasty recipe,
    great presentation – thank you for sharing!

  6. Avazbek Ramazonov says:

    Like good ++++ okey

  7. Avazbek Ramazonov says:


  8. Syreen's kitchen says:

    That looks so delicious.👌 Great recipe. Nice preparation and presentation.👍👍

  9. شهيوات ام عمر oum omar says:

    ما شاءالله ايه الشطارة والجمال ده ممتازه تسلم ايديك

  10. 기분 좋은TV says:

    tender tender tenderloin delicately

    I really like it.

    I want to taste it. Thank you.

  11. My Joy Of Cooking says:

    Delicious salmon bowl.

  12. Taste And Travel says:

    Very nice

  13. Vatrena Kuhinja / Fire Kitchen says:

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  15. Tanya Таня says:

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  17. Uzisvlogs says:

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  18. The House Wife says:

    Yummy salman fish

  19. MaviTUBE says:

    wow! nice food my friend~!
    thanks for the share!

  20. acho oraha says:

    This dish looks so good

  21. Sultanar Rosoighor says:

    Delicious recipe.

  22. Kinnari's Kitchen says:

    Very nice share. Well explained.

  23. Music H2O says:

    I like Japanese food, especially sashimi

  24. Angel As94 Channel says:

    Nice video, thanks for sharing my friend , new friend here ♥️

    فيديو رائع ما شاءالله شكرا لمشاركته معنا اختي الغاليه ، صديقه جديدة لديكي♥️

  25. Tasty & Delicious says:

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  26. cook with Rubbi Hassi says:

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  28. Jorge Mendez Tol2 says:

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  29. Kuda Concrete Jungle Spirits says:

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  30. Uroosa's Kitchen says:

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  31. Food-craft -tamil says:

    very nice look delicious

  32. Gavarmma mades says:

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  33. Hanae channel says:

    Hi nice video and work are you still here

  34. CitizenOfTheYear says:

    Great video showing this recipe! Looks very tasty

  35. Matlhogonolo Damme says:

    The rice looks well cooked to, wow that meal looks so tasty.

  36. El flako gameplay says:

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  37. Bright Spot says:


  38. Brick Fan Builder says:

    Great Exquisite Salmon sashimi! Awesome Video … Big Like :))

  39. Ruci Guoer says:

    Salmon sashimi.
    That looks delicious..

  40. Berlin Dhaba says:

    82lk an other great food

  41. Recipes Desk says:

    Wow.. its so awesome and nice dear..

  42. Qd vdozone says:

    Food looks so deliciouse..

  43. Vedics says:

    Wow I love japanese food thanks for the share worth watching dear loved it

  44. Sirisha's Kitchen & lifestyle says:

    Nice upload dear 👍

  45. ยู่ยี่ peebaa says:

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  46. Play With Me says:

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  47. Glitzy Games says:

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  48. Marmr Oor says:

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  50. vaigas world says:

    Yummyy delicious recipe 👌👌🏼😍


    Looks really delicious salmon sashimi , Big like , Thanks for sharing my friend !!!

  52. Tsanel Juan says:

    This is what i love to eat! So healthy! New friend here. Stay connected!

  53. amorous 96 says:

    oh sashimi very delicious, i love it, tks you for sharing cooking recipe sir

  54. Chloe edz Concepcion says:

    Wow yummy salmon,one of my favorite😉

  55. مطبخ فاطمة الزهراء says:


  56. O REALISTA Notícias says:

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  57. Elisandra Nascimento says:

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  58. Beautiful Life / Життя прекрасне says:

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  59. E LEARNING & Cooking says:

    Delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  60. Kaye Anette says:

    Love this salmon sashimi with seaweed recipe..simple and easy .thanks

  61. Tattoo Studio18 says:

    amazing and looks so good, thanks so much for sharing!

  62. Alina's Cooking and Blog says:

    Healthy food

  63. Janica Pantollana says:

    Omg salmon sashimi 😍🤤

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  65. เด็กบ้านบ้าน ของแท้ says:

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  68. Maria Paz says:

    Salmon is nice food. Success friend.

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