EXTREMELY hot halal chicken flavour ramen challenge 🔥 ft. my sister|Ervina Devinta Putri|#2016

hi! hello people … today will be doing this samyeong challenge which is also called as the hot chicken ramen we already cook the noodle now we will be adding the sauce it is SPICY!!! now mixing to combine the sauce together with the noodle It’s time to add the sesame seeds into the noodle The noodle is so RED !!! IT IS TIME TO EAT THE NOODLE !!! IT Is SPICY! *suffering from the spicy pain* happily continuing eating the noodle hahaha can’t take it with the heat *omg* not *fair* she can get a sip of the drink still a lot more to go ! *BLOOPERS* *HAHAHA* recommend some drink *haha* comparing *haha* ok bye2

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