Hey guys! It’s Cathy Cat and today we have special
guests Maya Fennec and Endigo! Okay we need some water. We need 15 CC no, 150 CC. Nicely done! Dekimashita
Who’s a good boy? There you go. Oh, I have so much to live for. Okay, now I’ve pushed it in. I did it. Alright, now it’s locked in. Like that? That looks good. And the director is looking at us and laughing;
he knows we’re messing up. Oh no, wait guys. I think we need to uhm… There we go! Hey.
I am glad I could help a little there. Okay, first of all, we need something to get
this thing oily. Chopsticks or anything. Guys we need to move fast – this stuff is
gas. There is no fussing about with this. We do this too slow or we’re all going to
blow. That’s a bit much oil. I always do this, but I can spread it out. It’s compensating for having too much water
as well. That doesn’t make any sense, wait. Okay, then we’ll grease up the tops as well. The dough I’d say, Endigo. Already. Already? Yes. Okay. I’ve seen people do this on the streets
millions of times. Eh? Yeah, that looks about right. Yeah, that wasn’t too bad actually. Whew! Whew. Whew! Alright, I’m good at this. Yeah, we’re all like holding our breath. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh no, wait no it’s alright. I really appreciate the support. Oh wait, that’s too much. Dekimashita. Ii ne. So, the next thing is let’s put the tako
in the takoyaki. And the negi. Yes. Negi mo, hai. So these are getting hard already. Yes, we need to be quick. I’ll add some of this as well. How many pieces? Like a few, ish? Oh, it’s getting hard already. Let’s be quick. Oops, I missed. Let’s add some more fish over there. Quick quick! We’re running out of time. We’re running out of time! Throw all the negis in it! Quick! Now we need to take those and blargleblargleblarge! Blargleblargleblarge? Yeah, that’s how you do it. Nice. Oh, that actually looks tasty. Look at this. Wow, I am legit impressed. Wait, I want to shoot some B roll for this. I think we have the problem we’re gonna
have is we’re only going to get half a takoyaki at this rate. I think that wasn’t enough dough, Endigo-wise. What? Maybe. No, wait, no I was asking about that. We said fill in as much as you think is right.. I can add more now I guess. No, I think it’s a bad idea to add something
afterwards, probably. I don’t know. But hey, that looks good so far! So we’re in the middle of cooking takoyaki
right now. Hot! Ouch ouch! It’s hot and spicy! This looks pretty good but yeah, let’s see
what happens I think seeing it’s round right now I’m
feeling more confident about this. I feel slightly less confident because it’s
not filling up on the bottom. So the thing is when you go to takoyaki places,
they usually poor all over the thing. Yeah, should we pour more? Oh look, this one is almost round. Heh, yeah. You want to pour more? Okay, too late. Endigo added it – it’s too late. I’m on it. Okay. We’re going for a second serving of this. Yeah man, don’t you worry. Oh god. This is perfect. This is perfect. Trust me. I am an expert at eating takoyaki. -laughs-
Nice. Okay okay. Here we go. Just turn them over. Yeah. The director just silently said to himself,
“that’s new.” This is Swedish style. Swedish style. Okay. Okay, it’s round already. It looks right. It looks right! Okay, let’s pick the funniest looking ones
and put them on the plate. This one. Yeah. Nice. We have one pretty one. We can talk about how proud we are of that
one. Yeah. Okay. That’s like the one anomaly. That one is like.. It looks like clam. Yeah, it does look like clam! Also, we didn’t use this. Oh man, we keep seeing things we didn’t
use. I think this was supposed to be in it. Let’s add the sauce. And the katsuboshi. I think once we just slather everything in
mayonnaise and sauce, it doesn’t even matter No, that’s the Japanese way. Before we actually do it, we should try one
of each. Before we actually like totally drown them
in other stuff. Definitely. Let’s just taste them like they are, like
naked takoyaki. Naked takoyaki? Like nothing on them. Itadakimasu. That’s alright. It doesn’t taste like takoyaki. No, not at all. But we didn’t add these and didn’t add
the flakes on top and we didn’t add any sauce. But you know, it could be worse. We’d like to mention, one takoyaki looks
really nice. Yeah
That one over there. I think we should all like spice up our takoyaki. Pick whatever you like. Go wild. So the things that you need to actually get
the right flavor out there is a sauce called sausu which is pretty much-
-it translates to sauce. Yeah, pretty much. It’s like a bbq sauce but slightly different. It’s very nice and that pretty much makes
the the whole yaki flavor. Yeah. You have that with okonomiyaki. You have that with yakisoba. You have that with takoyaki. All kind of yaki dishes. Yaki sauce and then you add it up with mayonnaise. This mayonnaise is slightly different from
mayonnaise you have it home. It doesn’t have a vinegar taste to it. Japanese mayonnaise is very sweet. It’s very nice. And then you have this. Katsuobushi. Which is a fish actually. Dried and sliced very, very thinly. Oh yeah, now this is starting to look good. I mean, legit. You know. Will it taste though? Who wins that? I put on the sauce in the wrong order. I started with mayonnaise. I think that’s the way to do it. I think that’s the one I prefer to eat. We made it ourselves. Let’s eat. Yeah. Baby! So, if I bought this in store, I would give
it like 6/10. 60 maybe. Tops. Maybe 5. What now? Are we counting with 6 or 60? I’m confused. 6/10. 6/10! What do you say? I’m thinking that like it was good but with
the sauce and everything, if you just judge the takoyaki itself, like the ball-
-give it like 2/10. Mm, 4 maybe. But for being handmade, I’m gonna say 7/10. I would go with, because the thing is that
this isn’t quick gooey inside and isn’t quite crunchy outside, it’s probably a 3/10. Just look at the shape of this. Nooooo.. Oh shoot, that went on my dress. It spoiled my dress! The sauce is gone! I kinda burned by tongue. You know, one thing that’s really confusing
is we put in half of this, right? So we said it should make 40, right? That’s right. But counting this up, we only made 20. What? No. The entire thing should be 40, right? No, it says 80 on the package. It says 80! Oh! But how did we use half but only get half
of the half out of it. Maybe we should have whipped it more so it
got fluffier? Probably. Yeah, so what was that. So I guess we were supposed to have this inside
probably. Why didn’t we use that? I have no idea. We said it could be filling. So, if we smell it, maybe we can figure out
what we were missing. You can use it soba. You can use it for udon. You can use it for takoyaki. Yakisoba. And okinomiki. My Japanese is getting good right. You just know different food dishes. Shut up. Now that we had this and we figured out we
missed something, is the director going to cook for us now? Yes. Yaaay! Proper takoyaki! Fun! Damn, was this a challenge because we totally
lost because I have a feeling we did. Mentioning that, while we – oooh, we can hear
the sound of… Oh wow! That’s that. That’s the kind of takoyaki I love. Wheee! Oh my god.

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