Failing the Japanese TAKOYAKI food challenge: 1 DOUGH ☆ with BatAAr Endigo and Maya Fennec.

Exciting food! Oh my god!
Wait, are we gonna? We’re gonna make the oh.
And then we have (?) And aaaah
Wow! Ok. Wow! Ok.
Wow! Ok. Hey guys! It’s Cathy Cat and today we have
special guests Maya Fennec and Engigo. And today we got a challenge from Ask Japanese’s
director. He put all these things down in front of us
and you can see there is quite a lot of things. We have like crunchy flower bits we have bits
of octopus we have gas. Gas! All kinds of stuff around here.
And we have takoyaki mix So this could either sound like a very, very
bad explosive. Or something very delicious. All depends on who’s managing this. Hoping it’s not gonna be me. Nope! It’s probably gonna be us!
The director put that all in front of us and so we probably we have to handle it and make
some takoyaki. So can we just give a little background.
-Yes, first of all explain what are takoyaki. So first of all takoyaki is Japanese street
food. It’s very popular in Japan. It’s totally unavailable in Sweden where we are
from. I love it, it’s my favorite food in the entire world. It’s like small balls
of batter with a little bit of octopus inside with some spices and stuff. It’s really
good. Kinda looks like falafel but tastes very different.
– 100 points! Without the falafel. And some people in Japan like doing takoyaki
parties which means you have this mold in front of you and we all make takoyaki balls.
– Yeah. So, I gotta admit I’m not a great chef and
I’m even worse at baking and stuff and seeing this iron in front of me I’m a little terrified,
I’m not gonna lie but I’m still excited because I love takoyaki.
Good, let’s make this happen. So director, what’s the challenge?
Director: The challenge is I say nothing. You say nothing?!
What?! No way. Oh shoot. Nothing eh? Really? Oh my
god. Oh shoot. Okay. Wow. Okay so what I think we do half of everything
so then we end up with 40 pieces, that should be enough for us to eat.
But we can only do 20 at a time. So how many pieces do you think confidently,
like, not confidently but I mean are you confident about eating.
Oh, I haven’t had any breakfast. Like, I haven’t had breakfast.
Don’t break it before we start it. Oh no, it’s already going.
No!! Okay, so first of all, let’s find out if
these actually become edible. Yeah yeah yes.
So there’s one thing guys I have to tell you already.
The director of Ask Japanese is actually a good chef.
Okay, that’s reassuring. Uh oh. So, uh, please, uh.. Fail. You don’t have to ask. Don’t worry about it. That one’s on me.
Fail? Please fail? Okay. Okay, so we have four instructions here on
the package. Not sure if you can see them. Alright. Let’s find out.
Okay, so instruction number one. Please read it out loud.
No, you can’t ask you have to tell. Tamago mizu wo (mix water and egg) Mizu wa ni san kai ni wakette haereru to (add the water in 3 steps) I think the reading was already pretty good
so we can something like… Okay, number two, Endigo.
– Okay, but I didn’t understand… What was the header?
It’s “Seishitsukuro?” No, I can’t read it. “Sei. Sei….”
-laughs- WHAT?! I was gonna say seishi as well actually.
What would you read in Japanese? I just said seishi. That’s wrong. Seishi kind of is is not the word you should
use. What does it mean though?
Can the director tell them. Or is he gonna write it down now?
Okay. Okay. Okay. Not sure I’m following Ooooooh. Right. Now Isee. This will become a demonetized video! Don’t worry about it.
Number three. Okonomi no gu wo irete sara ni ue kara kyuji (add the ingredients and the dough) wo kakimasu.
I’m gonna be honest. I could read that one. I couldn’t read that one. You gave me the
hard one on purpose. Hey, it’s funnier anyway. Okay, try to get half of this out. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I’ll make it. Don’t
you worry girl. Whenever you say that, something bad is gonna
happen. Oh dear.
Go go Endigo. Go go Endigo. Go go Endigo. Go go Endigo. I’m going I’m going. Is this half? Maybe!
Okay. Does that look good? Maybe a little bit more. Okay, so then tamago. How many?
I know that. First of all, it also says…
Oh, we have a problem. We are gonna make half of this. Oh, so we need half an egg. But this
only has one egg. Let’s throw a whole egg and make it fluffy.
Or we just maybe, maybe, how about we make the entire batch at once and then pour the
first one in… But then the director doesn’t have any to
show how much better he is than we are. Oh that is true.
-evil laughing- Okay, we need some water – we need 15 CC,
150 CC. Okay, how much is that?
Wait, oh wait. We have 120.
There we go! WHOOP!
Is that alright? We already made a mess.
Oh, oh. Wow! Hey, the egg is in! Dekimashita.
I’m starting to stir this around. Endigo, do you want to try to measure again
150 CC. Yes, please.
Okay, so that’s one. So this is 120. Yeah. Do you have the water?
There’s smaller ones as well. Then this is 60.
Okay. So, a full of this and a half of this should
be fine. Okay.
Ooooooh. Mhmm.
Okay, that looks good. Bring it! Bring it on!
Whaaaaaah. Bring it on!
Yeah yeah yeah. I got this. Don’t worry. He brought it on.
Yes I did, however we still have the second part. I’m going to fill this halfway.
Don’t shake. Don’t shake. Don’t shake! Oh, that looks good! Nicely done. Dekimashita!
Who’s a good boy. I am an.. Okay boy. Okay, so that’s that. What’s next?
We need to heat the plate. Oh wow.
And then oil it good. And when we add the dough, it says what’s
very important is that we need to only fill it up ⅛ and not 100%. Now then, the scariest thing – and I might leave the table for this – I am freaked
out by gas. I was gonna say, this is the part I’m gonna
let you do. Noooo. No no no.
I am a dainty quaint little dame. And I have been raised to think that dangerous things
are handled by dark Swedish boys. Yeah, me too.
Let me tell you… Dark, dressed and tall Swedish boys.
Okay, so for the record. I have never seen gas in a can like this before, ever in my
life. I’ve never used it. I’ve never touched it.
It’s gonna be me doing it. I’m gonna blow up the house. Maya, you do
it. Maya, you have the can now. You gonna try
it? Cuz neither of us want to touch this. I guess, if you take over. I’ll be the stirererer. Okay, okay.
-whimpers- Okay, okay.
So first I remove the cap, right? Yeah, I think so that’s right.
Okay. Okay. And then.
There you go. Screw it onto this thing.
Oh god I’m scared. And now I pushed it in. Oh no. It’s alright. This is perfect.
Trust me. Yeah, that’s yeah
Just look at the shape of this. Nooo… It’s right. It looks right.

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