So I know I didn’t publish anything since a looooong time But lately, I’ve been invited in a restaurant to make my very first sushi It was not really planned, but as I got my camera with me I thought it would be interesting to share with you the process of making this symbolic dish in Japan I hope you’re going to enjoy the experience so let’s go! Cheers ! * fried tofu * * Beef tongue * Step 1: Cut the head Step 2: Cut the fish in half Step 3: Keep the fish part for sushi and then peel the fish Step 4: Prepare the thin slices for the sushi Contrary to the sushi fish, the sashimi is thicker Step 5: Getting the sushi ready Step 6: Get your hands wet Step 7: Put a bit of wasabi on the fish Step 8: Make a ball with the rice and put it on the fish Step 9: Make a hollow in the rice ball with your thumb Step 10: Flatten the edges then put upside down the sushi *And here what you absolutely shouldn’t do…* I destroyed my rice * I have no idea of what the heck I’m doing* I’m so sorry! Here we are! This is the end of this video. So if you wish to make your very first sushi too You can take lessons anywhere in Japan, it’s not really difficult to find But for now, I’m leaving you here. Bye-bye! * Subscribe *

9 comments on “FAIRE DES SUSHI AU JAPON | Vlog”

  1. Jerome Jelios Hobbies says:

    OO ca fait longtemps les videos, me suis abonnés ya peu^^
    bon ben ….j'ai faim maintenant… merci lol ^^
    à bientôt

  2. Plagiste De Ré says:

    Je craignais de ne plus voir d'autres vidéos, merci et bonne pratique pour la réalisation d'autres sushis…

  3. Henry the 9th says:

    Hey, you’re alive!

  4. Mickaël Gazzano says:

    Et on oublie pas la pinte de bière, hein !

  5. Ryan Gaunt says:

    Well you cannot get more fresh than that lol 😛

  6. Enigma Dave says:

    I thought you did really well for the first time. Thanks for taking time to do the Subtitles, Lily. I know it's a lot of work, but it is appreciated!

  7. Matt Rose says:

    So pleased to see you're back 🙂 and thanks for the subtitles!

  8. Arnaud Amri says:

    Excellent !

  9. Scrublette says:

    "I destroyed the rice"
    Haha can relate.

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