Fast Food Mashup Roulette • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

– Woo! KFC and Wendy’s need to get together. You guys– – [Man] Sign a treaty. – Make a baby. Live and direct from Hollywood, – It’s your girl Freddie. – It’s your boy,
(record scratch) Freddie made me say that but I can’t. – We’re going to go to
one fast food restaurant. – Get our favorite food from there. – And then we’re going to go to another fast food restaurant. – Find a food that best compliments that food that we chose before. – Weld them together,
and make a masterpiece. – How are we going to choose
these fast food restaurants? This bad boy. Mad restaurants on the wheel. We’re going to spin them, – And choose whatever lands first. It looks like we’re going to Maydonalds. – One more thing, we need our lab here. – Swagged out. – Let’s go to McDonald’s. – Let’s go. Okay. – [Steven] You like chicken nuggets. – Yes, I’m into chicken nuggets. – I love chicken nuggets. – What kind of sauce? – Buffalo. What do you like? – I usually get ranch or BBQ. We got it! – 50 McNuggets. Spin the wheel, and stop. Chipotle. – Chicken McPotle. – [Freddie] Lets do this!
– [Steven] Lets do it! – All right. Let’s go! – What do you like from Chipotle? – I don’t know, well
we gotta find something that complements the McNuggets. – Okay, what’s (laughs) – What makes the mashup good? – Is that a word? – Does it look cool? – Does it look fly? – Fly – Like Freddie. – And taste. – Now we’re gonna try this. Let’s do this. All right, rice first. – Rice and beans, yeah. Cuz that comes before the meat. Place the Chicken McNuggets inside. – Are we gonna dice them up nicely, or are we just gonna throw them in there? We gotta be classy. – [Steven] No.
– [Freddie] We’re gonna put a little bit of ranch in here. – [Steven] Double sauce? – [Freddie] Yeah.
– [Steven] Alright. Double sauce?
– Should we double team? – And there you have it. The Chicken McNugget Chipotle Burrito. Cheers. – (laughs) Cheers. I think it’s outstanding. – You know what I do like about this? Is the ranch and buffalo sauce. It provides a new element that I’ve never had in Chipotle burrito. – Rubric. Six out of 10 on originality, Complementar-ianism? I think is on point. – 10. – I mean who would’ve thought to put guac, buffalo
sauce, and ranch together? Aesthetics. The food
baby looked impeccable. Taste was an eight. – 30/40 is the final score. That was pretty good. So we’re going to go to our next place. Ask the Wheel of Steddie. – Wendy’s. – All right so we’re pulling
up on Wendy’s right now, and we’re gonna find our
favorite Wendy’s item. What do you like? (laughs) I was thinking the same thing! – I’m so nervous, if we
end up at Panda Express and I have to eat, put a
piece of orange chicken in this Frostie, Imma be pissed. – Thank you so much. What do you say when
something tastes really good? – I say Flames. I brought Flames back.
– [Steven] Flames? – Figure out where we going next Steven. – All right so we’re goin’ Mr. KFC, Colonel Sanders. That sounds delicious! – Sounds amazing. – Fried chicken? – Biscuits! – Biscuit you know that biscuit. – We’re gonna dip the biscuit in the Frostie. – We got the Frostie. – We got the biscuits. – Let’s get to work. Feast Mode
– [Freddie] Hunger Squad. – [Steven] Let’s go.
– [Freddie] Woo! – [Steven] Cheers. – [Freddie] Cheers. – [Steven] Dip. Woo! – [Freddie] Woo boy! – Whoa! – Hold up, hold up, hold up. – That is so good! – The biscuits are the perfect texture This though, Flames. I just think we should
call it Colonel Wendy. – All right, rubric. It’s pretty original. – This might kind of
give chicken and waffles a run for its money. – Complementar-ianism? Off the charts. Aesthetic? As you dip it and you get, like that coming off, it looks so good. – Taste? – Perfect. Perfect 10. Alright so total score we got 39. – Ok that’s literally– – Almost perfect. Masterpiece. – It’s pretty good actually. – We’ve done it.
– [Freddie] Woo! – Spin the wheel! – Next spot. – Subway! – [Freddie] Subway, subway, subway. – Eat fresh! (sigh) Getting a little bit sick actually. – I usually get the
Italian sub with salami, and cold cuts.
– [Steven] Cold cuts! I’m all about that cold cut. – So Steven’s in the car
’cause there’s no parking so I’m gonna go do the dirty work. Think I’m gonna get the spicy italian with pickles. Let’s go! Got the goods! – A spin of the wheel. What do we got? Taco Bell!
– [Freddie] Taco Bell! You know what I really like? Crunchwrap Supreme. What are we gonna name this baby? – The last hurrah. – We’ll go back to the
office to put this together. – Back at Buzzfeed headquarters, What are we making here? We have a Crunchwrap Supreme, – And we have an Italian sub. Let’s go. Get dirty. – Italian sub. – [Steven] Woo! That’s strong. – [Freddie] What kind of meat’s on it? – [Steven] And then we got
the Crunchwrap Supreme. – I think we should just
put this whole thing in. – Whoa! – Why’d you take your glasses off? – Oh! I’ll take a bite from this end, you take a bite from that end. – Not at the same time. – I know that Freddie. – This is not Steven (laughs) Is it a range of emotion? (laughs) Too much bread and dough. I don’t even taste the flavor. – Mm. Still pretty good. I feel like it’s one of
those things where I’m like, No, no, no, ok. Rubric. Originality? – Super super duper original. – Nobody would ever do this. – Yeah. Complementar-ianism. I just wanted more crunchwrap. I think this looks pretty (bleep) awesome. Alright, and then, – [Steven] Taste.
– [Freddie] Taste. I give it a three. I’m sad, you know, I thought we were gonna end on a bang, this was supposed to be the last hurrah. How do you think today went? Ol’ Stevie, ol’ pal. We went to six places in – Three hours. The biscuits was probably– – The biscuits with the
Frostie was my favorite too. – I feel like a mad genius. – Okay. So until next time? – What do you want us to do next? It’s your boy Steven signing out. – (laughs) God.

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